3 Best Medical Aesthetic Treatments in 2019


Medical treatments have come a long way from invasive facial surgeries that required weeks of recovery. Scientific innovations have rendered aesthetic treatments to be as simple as a prick of a needle. Cosmetic industry has become one of the top-grossing industries in 2019, and the world has seen a 40-50% increase in non-surgical procedures.

Styles and beauty trends evolve year after year. With the popularity of social media, everyone wants to look like their favorite celebrity. This has been the top cause of numerous treatments in the last five years.

However, not all medical aesthetic practices thrive. To stay on top of the other, aestheticians and clinics anticipate customer demand and continuously bring new services that catch their eye. So, let’s look at the three best medical aesthetic treatments that are making waves in 2019.



It is regarded as a dermatological procedure that is used to treat different skin conditions. This technique involves the use of tiny needles that puncture the skin. It prompts the derma, the deeper layer of skin, to rebuild and rejuvenate it. Conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne, alopecia, loose skin, and many more are addressed by microneedling.

When performed by a specialist like the ones over at www.aptmedicalaesthetics.com, microneedling can be as effective as laser treatments. Also, professional dermatologists use special techniques to ensure that there is zero to minimal pain and no side effects. If the procedure is done improperly, it has the potential to cause severe scratching, burning pain and even bleeding.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injected in the skin to restore skin volume and enhance facial features. More than 1 million people go for this treatment as it is the best and safest way to look younger and have a skin free of any aging signs.

While these fillers are mostly used to rejuvenate skin, they are also used to enhance cheeks or temples, plump the lips and improve symmetry among facial features. However, these fillers can have some allergic reaction to people.

So, before going for the treatment you must consult your surgeon and choose a filler that won’t cause any allergic reaction to you. These treatments require a lot of skills so you should also make sure that your surgeon has lots of experience and training to provide you with everything that you need.


Right now, Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, with over 6 million people administering the treatment each year. Much like dermal fillers, it is used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines. But, on top of that, it is also used for a variety of medical treatments such as eye squints, migraines, sweating and leaky bladders.

The main difference between fillers and botox is that the former freezes up the muscles and stop their growth to cease wrinkles, whereas the latter uses a filler to plump areas that have lost volume to achieve smoothness. Both cosmetic treatments are given through injections and require a skilled aesthetician to make sure that there are no side effects.

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