3 Myths About Plastic Surgery You Need to Stop Believing

Plastic Surgery

There are a lot of misconceptions about plastic surgery. It is a topic that has garnered a lot of strong opinions from people all over the world.

With that, we debunk some of the common misconceptions about them and shed some light on what plastic surgery is really about.

It is purely about vanity

When people hear the word “plastic surgery,” they often think about boob jobs, nose jobs, breast implants, and so on. While these most certainly fall under the plastic surgery category, there is much more to these surgeries than meets the eye.

People are willing to go under the knife to get a boob job or nose job because of past accidents and even traumas.

For instance, a number of people get a nose job because of the previous accident they suffered; some moms also get a boob job to offset the side effects of childbirth.

There are many underlying reasons why people feel compelled to undergo plastic surgery.

It is not just about vanity and pandering to society’s beauty expectations. Everyone has their own reason and everyone has a unique way of dealing with their own problems.

Thankfully, for these people, plastic surgery is an option or a path that they can take. Rather than mindlessly looking for ways to solve their problems, plastic surgery is a quick and convenient way to deal with them. It gives these people a semblance of hope and provides them with a quick relief from their problems.  

So the next you hear the word “plastic surgery,” do not think about people’s vanity. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see the world from their perspective.

It lasts long

As we have mentioned earlier, plastic surgeries are sometimes an easy patch to your problems. Since it is a patch, a quick remedy, you have to maintain and replace them eventually.

That is why many plastic surgeons in Dallas, New York, Boston, LA, and so on recommend that you are 100% on board and ready for the entire plastic surgery journey. Oftentimes, these surgeries are not a one-time thing.

Depending on the surgery that you choose, you might be required to drop by the clinic a few times, have them checked every once in a while, and even touch them up or redo them when necessary.

With that, the key takeaway here is that you should always remember that plastic surgery is a journey.

It can help you deal with your problems, but it is not a long-term solution to your problem. Eventually, you would have to get them checked and make sure that all the surgeries are still working for you.

It solves everything

Although plastic surgeries are a great remedy for your problem, you still have a big role to play.

For example, if you are looking for the fastest and most convenient way to eliminate fat, then there is no harm in getting a tummy tuck or liposuction. It is perfectly fine to fast-track the weight loss process and just simply undergo plastic surgery.

However, what is not okay is to overly rely on plastic surgeries to do everything for you. Always keep in mind that plastic surgeries are not a magic bullet that would solve everything.

So going back to the weight loss example we just mentioned, you still have a role to play after your surgery. Besides visiting the clinic every once in a while, you need to make sure that the result of the surgery lasts long.

In this case, you cannot simply go back to your old lifestyle before your surgery. You need to make some changes in your eating habits and lifestyle if you want to have a flat tummy or sexy body for a long time.

Plastic surgery can give you a head start in your weight loss journey but you still should not be overly reliant on them.


Hopefully, this article made you better understand why people would voluntarily and willingly undergo plastic surgery. For some of them, plastic surgery is the easiest and most convenient fix to their problem.

Although it is not a long term solution, it would surely give them a boost and a temporary resolve. 

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