3 Skin Care Beginner Tips for Men

3 Skin Care Beginner Tips for Men

Men’s skin care is not a new thing. It may seem to be a new or emerging trend, but it has been around since the days of Anthony and Cleopatra. It could be said that the queen of the Nile first developed the “guy liner” with her heavy use of black and thick lines that surrounded her eyes. Along with her facial decorations, she also promoted a skin care regimen to combat the hot, dry air of the desert.

It was imperative for the people of the Nile to bathe often with bath oils and special treatments in order for their bodies to stay healthy and hydrated. Because only Holy Men were allowed beards, hair removal creams were established to help the common men remove excess hair from their faces or heads.  This kept their body temperatures cooler in the Egyptian sun, while body oils helped moisturize their skin. 

The trend continued forth to the Romans and their baths and grooming secrets, to the Victorians with their discovery of soap and its anti-aging formulas, to the dawn of today in Hollywood with the emergence of safety razors, toothpaste, shampoos, and sunscreen. And in the modern times, there are multitudes of assorted products that help with acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and blotches.

Men’s Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Beginner Tips for Men

Skin care has actually been around for centuries, but the general focus has not been targeted toward men until now. With more of the population realizing the importance of taking better care of their bodies, men’s skin care products such as those from letsdisco.co is becoming a necessity for everyday life.

Developing a skin care routine does not have to be difficult. No one has time to sit before a mirror for hours applying face masks, conditioning creams, or faltering foundations—and most men don’t want that anyway. They want something simple. They want something easy. They want something natural. The answer lies with these three skincare beginner tips for men for healthy and hydrated bodies.

These steps include:

1. Cleansing

A man wakes up in the morning. His routine is generally the same every day—shower, shave, and brush his teeth. There’s not usually much time for anything else. However, a basic cleansing product for his face can be applied right after his shower. The warm water has already opened the pores for all that dirt and grime to come out. He can apply the small amount needed, then gently lather it up on his face for about 30 seconds in a circular motion. Then, he can massage it into his face, especially around the eyes and forehead. The whole process can take less than a few minutes. Once finished, he can rinse it off with invigorating cool water for a fresh and healthy glow, then pat his face dry with a clean towel.

2. Moisturizing 

Once his face is clean, it’s time for this man to moisturize. This is a vital step in men’s skin care for primary hydration. A cleanser, such as soap, can dry out the skin quickly. It’s not recommended to apply on the face for such reasons. A good moisturizer, applied daily, will revitalize the skin, keeping it supple and nourished. It keeps the face from producing excess oil in the pores and helps prevent aging.

The secret to applying moisturizer is to massage a few drops onto the face with circular and upward movements. This helps prevent unwanted, premature wrinkles or saggy skin. Apply the moisturizer over all parts of the face and the neck. For better results regarding wrinkles on the forehead, use an anti-aging moisturizing cream. It will tighten and smooth the skin out easier.

3. Protecting

The final step for men’s skin care is protection. What is the sense of cleaning and moisturizing if the skin is not protected for the long term? Protection is important due to the ultimate damage just the sun can produce on a day-to-day basis. This doesn’t even include the dirt or debris in the air, or smoke and bacteria of the workplace. Simple protective shields, such as a sunblock, and lip balms are perfect for preventing ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

Just remember, too, that lip balm is not a lipstick, and it's not for women alone. Many lip balms come with or without color or flavor, and only a small amount is needed. It can be applied in the morning directly after brushing the teeth. Not only will it keep the lips supple, but it will moisturize as well as protect. The best choice for a lip balm, however, is either a medicated or specialized formula. Commercial brands are convenient, but they’re known for drying the lips instead of hydrating.

Things To Remember

Simple is always best when it comes to developing a new habit or routine. That includes a skin care regimen as well. These three beginning steps to men’s skin care are just a guide for any man who wants to take better of his body. There are so many skincare items to choose in regard to personal style and skin type. Whether you have oily or dry skin, or a combination of both, it’s imperative to find the correct product. Look around and research what works for you and what works for your day-to-day schedule.

Women have been inundated with a multitude of glamorous and basic skin care merchandise, and now the men’s line is also increasing. With all the choices offered, there’s no need to only do the bare minimum of showering and shaving anymore. Try a few products to test on your skin first. Keep track of any irritations or allergies that could appear. If the product works, and you see positive results, investigate the rest of that men’s skincare line.

Final Takeaway

Our bodies are the only temples that we have to live in. Shouldn’t we be honoring them with the best care? This isn’t new. This isn’t a trend. Men’s skin care needs to take priority for a long and happy life. It isn’t the skin care program that takes time, it’s what you do with the time to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

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