3 Top Color Trends For 2019 Mother Of The Bride Dresses

3 Top Color Trends For 2019 Mother Of The Bride Dresses 1

If you are helping your daughter plan her dream wedding, the last thing you probably want to worry about is figuring out what color is on-trend or out-dated! Unfortunately, if you'regoing to make sure you look your best, avoiding looking old-fashioned, you might need to do a little research before you embark on the search for the perfect mother of the bride dress!

We're here to help you avoid a bit of that headache by getting straight to the point about the hottest 2019 color trends for mother of the bride dresses!


​Graceful Pastels

How can you go wrong with soft, beautiful colors that remind you of the first flowers blooming at the beginning of spring? From dusty roses to light lilacs, pastels are making a comeback in for 2019 mother of the bride dresses!

​One of the best things about pastels is how they work for just about every skin tone on our beautiful planet. The biggest decision will be exactly which pastel color to choose as there are so many! Ballet pink and sky blue are very popular choices, and they do not tendto go in and out of style as much as other colors.

​Pastels are the safest choice when you are looking for color but don't want something that stands out too much, taking attention away from the bride, groom, or bridal party. If you are comfortable in your own skin but don't like dresses that scream out to be noticed, soft, pastel tones might be your best bet.

​Marvelous Neutrals

Neutral tones are one of the most stylish color trends to continue into 2019, with beige, champagne, and gold mother of the bride dresses at the top of many lists when shopping for gowns. The main reason neutral tones remain ever popular is simple: the focus is on the wearer of the dress!

​By wearing a dress in these tones, you can focus on ensuring the design is absolutely perfect for your figure, and worry less about whether shoes or accessories will clash with the gown color. These shades are perfect for mother of the brides that don't want to spend a lot of time worrying about their look as it's simple, suits most skin tones, and doesn't tend to clash with other things.

​Breathtaking, Deep Shades

If you are looking for a color that pops a bit for your mother of the bride dress, never fear - dark, vibrant colors are also trendy for 2019. Think stunning, eye-popping, sapphire blue or deep red mother of the bride dresses if you want to stand out from the crowd.

​These darker tones are great for ladies that aren't comfortable with lighter colors,which can have a tendency to show those little lumps and bumps we all prefer to stay hidden from view. They tend to suit women who prefer black, but don't want to wear this color to a wedding. They also have a bit of dramatic flair to them, so if you have the personality to match, then why not!

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