4 Exciting Beauty Trends for 2021

Exciting Beauty Trends for 2021

2020 has been quite a year. Coronavirus forced nations into total lockdown, putting everything at a standstill. Therefore, many did not have the reason to spice up their looks by wearing makeup or through other beauty treatments.

Most interactions were happening through video calls. However, despite all these, you can be positive about everything and choose to look the part as we head into 2021.

Makeup might have been the last thing on your mind as there were bigger things to focus on. However, the 2021 outlook trends are making you even more eager and excited, especially with your stressed-out skin. The team at Your Beauty Review assures us that 2021 is set to be quite an exciting year in the beauty industry and to celebrate they’ve brought us their 4 most exciting and innovative beauty treatments to keep an eye out for!

With everything held at a standstill for an indefinite time, hair and makeup companies had plenty of time to try out and explore many different ideas they may have had stalled for a while.

Keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and trying as much as possible to maintain a natural look is a big trend prediction. This is because most individuals during lockdown were wearing little or no makeup at all. This is including those who were working from home.

To keep your skin looking fresh and young, apply a minimal base with natural finishing. You do not have to overdo it if you want to pull the natural makeup look.

1. Eye makeup

Since the face is covered with masks, the eyes will have the moment. Choosing the right eye makeup for the occasion will come in handy and you will realise that you will be spending very little money on purchasing your makeup kits since you do not show your whole face.

Again, eye makeup like the smoky eyes will be back in full swing since half of the face is covered in masks, the smoky eyes will reveal the dramatic look in you.

Since you will be wearing face masks, it does not mean that you forget about your lips. If you cannot pull the bold lipstick colours, a cherry lip bum works best. Also apply mascara so as not to overdo the eyes, because little is more. 2021 will be the ultimate year for the eyes and lashes.

Furthermore, there will be lots of playfulness and creativity. Therefore, you need to be creative with your eyes and try something bold and unique. The rainbow has so many colours for you to lack ideas.

2. Lips and lipstick

The matte lipstick will also take a hit. Of course, people have been applying matte lipstick but not the majority. With the face masks, a lot of ladies will opt for a lipstick that does not stick on surfaces like the masks.

Applying a coat of your favourite stain and bloat between each application will prevent the lipstick from smearing all over your face masks. Do not be reluctant in wearing bold, bright colours like red, pink, orange, mauve, and purple. The right type of lipstick formula will make your lips feel amazing.

3. Eyebrows

In 2021, try to keep things light and natural. To achieve the full feathery brows, fill them with upward strokes that are light to help you create a look that mimics your natural brows and achieve a more realistic finish. Have a healthy skin routine that will enable you to maintain your real and natural skin. That is the coming trend in 2021.

4. Facials

Scrubbing your face while massing it and keeping keen focus around the nose, eyes, shin and forehead since that is where there is usually a lot of product build-up. Before washing off the scrub and rinsing your face, apply a layer of detox mask to aid in nixing impurities, thus leaving your complexion soft and hydrated.

Always remember to be applying hydrating face oil on top after scrubbing your face that will help stimulate blood flow and absorption. You can do this twice a week to achieve the best results. This way, there will be no point in using makeup at all.

Ever since the pandemic kicked in, people at home were pushed to do their makeup since they could not book appointments at the beauty parlours. People came up with at-home styles that they either found online through tutorials or by reading to feed their curiosity. At-home treatments are expected to continue being popular in 2021.

In a Nutshell

People also focused on taking care of their skin. Supplements and reliable skincare products will continue to be the key element in 2021. Beauty products such as heavy foundations and contouring are more likely to fall off due to the wearing of face masks.

Beauty is controversial; it is not contained and encompassed in one judgment. You should be able to express yourself in your understanding of beauty. In 2021, if the eye makeup is not a go for you, you do not have to blend in with the trend.

Minimal makeup does not have to be the thing for you, because the reason why people should apply makeup is to enhance their beauty not to make them [look beautiful; because everyone is beautiful in their own unique and different way. In 2021, find balance and accommodate yourself with products that suit you best.

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