4 Reasons A Daily Facial Cleanser Is A Vital Part Of Your Skin Care Routine

Permanent Skin Lightening

When time is at a premium, it's easy to neglect simple steps in basic routines on the premise of "It won't matter." And occasionally, it won't matter, but dropping the daily facial cleanser from your skincare routine will have unwanted consequences.

Facial cleansing is the foundation of all good facial skincare routines, along with moisturizer and sunscreen. So, let’s take a closer look at why the daily cleanser is part of that foundation.

Removes Dead Skin

As gross as it sounds, it’s unavoidable that skin cells die off and (ideally) fall away to let new cells through. However, sometimes those dead and dying cells want to stay with their friends and forget to fall away.

When this happens, they can block the skin’s pores, create patchy areas, and make a face appear dull. Using a daily cleanser gently removes any build-up of dead skin, leaving pores unclogged, even skin with an even tone and a bright, fresh glow.


Why are blocked pores bad, you ask? Blocked pores lead to blackheads and acne, which can damage the pores and be painful. Clogged pores often appear larger and noticeably visible.

When they’re chronically clogged, the pore structure becomes damaged, meaning they can't reduce in size after cleaning.

This damage leads to a vicious cycle as larger pores are more likely to collect dirt and build up, creating more damage. Rice bran oil skin cleanser lifts debris and dirt from deep within pores, allowing them to stay in good condition.


As mentioned, moisturizer is also part of the foundation of a good skincare routine, and this is because well-hydrated skin is healthier skin. But for moisturizers to work effectively, they must reach healthy new skin cells.

Using a skin-type appropriate cleanser every day ensures there’s no build-up of dead skin, allowing the moisturizer to target the living ones instead. Your sunscreen will also work best, as dead skin cells need no protection, but those fresh new ones underneath do.

Sleepy Time

Ideally, you should wash your face twice daily, morning and night. First in the morning, to set your face's skin up for the rigors of the day and to provide a fresh base for makeup. At night-time, it removes said makeup, plus any accumulated dirt and oil from the day.

Going to sleep on a hastily rinsed face can lead to damage from blocked pores and being pressed against a pillow all night. Thoroughly removing makeup and cleaning your face before lying down for the night will minimize the effects of bedding against the skin.

Sleep is essential to the body and mind for regeneration, and a lot of repair and regeneration occurs during the hours of sleep. Going to bed with a properly washed and moisturized face will allow the face’s skin to rest and repair at its full ability.

As we can see, there are many reasons for ensuring you include a daily facial cleanser in your daily routine. The most important being your skin will thank you by looking fabulous.

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