5 Myths About Botox Treatments

Botox Myths

The battle against wrinkles is not new. This war has been going on for centuries as people tried to hang onto their youthful skin for as long as possible. Cosmetic treatments, once assumed for celebrities, have slowly found their way into many households. In 2016, more than seven million Americans sought cosmetic procedures, including botox tampa. Undoubtedly, the number would be higher were it not for the myths surrounding botox injections. 

Only celebrities can afford botox treatments.

Botox injections are not cheap. However, the cost is not so prohibitive. Anyone who wants one can save for one. The cost is one of the reasons this cosmetic treatment has for years been assumed to be celebrities. However, those who have dared find out how much it costs have been pleasantly surprised. The cost is influenced by how severe the aging lines are, so the earlier you seek treatment, the cheaper it will be. 

The results are instant.

This belief has left many seeking botox treatments disappointed because they expected an instant change in appearance. While botox works relatively quickly, changes can be observed within a few days, not immediately after getting the injection. Botox works by relaxing and inhibiting the movement muscles, which ultimately reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In some cases, one may need more than one injection for a visible effect. 

Botox leaves permanent results.

This is a common misconception about botox. Although it is an effective cosmetic procedure, botox provides temporary relief, and one needs regular treatments to keep wrinkles away. The results of a typical Botox treatment can last between three and six months. The duration depends on how many injections one gets and how bad the wrinkles were. 

When the treatment starts wearing off, muscle movements begin, and ultimately fine lines will start appearing. This is why doctors recommend a schedule for the botox treatments even after an impressive outcome. 

Botox is for women

Many men have missed out on botox treatments because they falsely believe it is for women. Today, both men and women yearn to slow the aging process. For men, it is not just about keeping the silver hair strands away but also having younger-looking skin. Fortunately, more men are today embracing cosmetic enhancement treatments, including botox for vibrant, youthful skin. 

Botox can only be used when fine lines appear.

While Botox treatments can be used as a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, it can also be used as a prevention measure. One doesn’t have to wait for the skin to show signs of aging before going for a botox treatment. If anything, it is easier to keep the skin smooth and firm, over trying to smoothen it out again. 

Additionally, going for botox before the appearance of fine lines helps to train the muscles against making certain facial expressions, such as frowns, which often contribute to the fast appearance of wrinkles.

While it is easy for a 20-year-old with smooth baby skin to tout anti-botox opinions, this non-invasive treatment has been a life-saver for most people in need of a facelift. These myths have kept many people from seeking botox treatments to delay the visible signs of aging skin.

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