5 Summer Sandal Trends You Can Wear Into Fall

5 Summer Sandal Trends

Just because fall weather is almost here doesn’t mean you have to put away your favorite summer sandal trends just yet. This year a lot of trends are transitioning into the fall with ease and that means you can get a little more wear out of your favorite warm-weather shoes. There are a lot of fall trends that are building on popular looks from this summer. 

If you’ve embraced some of the more popular summer trends you’ll be happy to see them mimicked and updated for fall looks. Even looks you might not expect to be as versatile have made it through the seasonal barricade this year. If you love your Viakix platform sandals, or your minimalist strappy look, don’t put them away quite yet. 

If you’re wondering how to make your sandals last a little longer, there are some great fashion tips out there for you. Some of the looks might take a little planning to try out but they’re so trendy you’ll be dying to try them. It’s time to make that summer pedicure last a little longer because here are five summer sandal trends you can wear into the fall. 


1. Platforms

Open-toed platform looks are still going to be sticking around for the​​ fall weather. Some of the platform looks will be updated for fall weather, of course. You can expect to see high heels with a platform on the sole as well as the chunkier versions of platform sandals that have been popular all summer. 

These new fall looks will be a little more office-friendly and you can manage to change up your current sandals for this look by pairing them with chunky knit socks when the weather is just too chilly. In the past socks with sandals may have been taboo but this year the look is all over. Pairing a chunky heeled platform with a chunky sock will be trendy and keep your feet warm. 

You can dress the look up by wearing the platform sandals with more fall-appropriate colors like neutrals and jewel tones. You’ll even be able to find platform sandals in those actual tones and in materials that are more fall-friendly like velour or matte metallic looks. With these options out there platform sandals won’t be going anywhere for at least a few more months.

2. Minimalist Straps

Minimalist sandals are sticking around and they’re another option you’ll be able to pair with socks this fall. The minimalist look is going to be hot all fall and it looks like it’s even sticking around for some winter outfits too. You can keep those thin straps around for quite a while this year if you’re really loving the minimalist look. 

If you want to wear your strappy sandals with bare feet that’s entirely plausible this fall. Many of the summer fashion looks are just begging for you to brave the colder weather and let your feet breathe just a little longer. 

If you don’t want to go entirely bare with your sandals this fall that’s fine too. With minimalist sandals, you can wear dark nylons or metallic socks. Either option would be a great way to pair this summer look with fall trends. The option to wear these barely-there shoe looks with longer skirts is still going to be around and you’ll be able to pair them with hot fall pants looks as well.

3. Animal Prints

Animal Prints

Mock cro​​codile leather sandals are still pretty popular this summer and that is another look that’s carrying over into fall and winter. While you’ll still be able to wear your sandals if you want, you can also find this look migrating into cold-weather friendly looks like mules and slingbacks with closed toes. 

The animal prints or mock leathers will look great in fall accessories like purses too. If you’re going to keep wearing your summer sandal animal print looks try to aim for the looks that are already carrying over into fall. You can wear crocodile prints with thin strappy sandals or chunky platform sandals to really pull both fall and summer looks together into one.

4. Shearling With Sandals

What if you could pair your favorite part of fall/winter boots with your sandals or strappy shoe looks? Shearling shoes are going to be all over this fall and pairing them with sandals is no exception. Fuzzy straps covering the outside of your foot are going to be everywhere you look. 

This isn’t exactly something you’ll be able to do to the sandals you’re currently wearing but they are a sandal look you can find in the store that will last you well into the cooler months. You can also find shearling adorning other fall trends like slides, mules, and other accessories too. Whereas years past have kept the shearling on the inside of your boots, this year it’s out and exposed for the world to see.

5. Chunky Soles

Summer sandals that were more rugged in feel were pretty popularly found with chunky soles this year. That look is transferring over to the fall too. You can wear your chunky rugged-looking hiking sandals this fall with jeans or even a long denim skirt, but that’s not your only option. 

Just like with the shearling look chunky soles are going to be their own fall trend too. You’ll be able to find boots that mimic looks of the 90s with super chunky soles and a very durable design. Try to think of these chunky soles as a combination of the way you can enjoy the comfort of hiking sandals and the joy of a nice fall boot all gathered into one shoe.


Summer Sandal Trends

Even with cooler weather around the corner, you aren’t going to have to give up those summer sandals just yet. As you can see there are a lot of great trends this fall that keep your sandals out and about for months to come. You may have to invest in some socks or tights to pair with them but the looks will remain the same. Enjoy the chance to wear your sandals a little longer and show off those feet with pride.

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