5 Ways You Can Use Manuka Honey

Honey and man have been in a relationship for over 8000 years, and throughout history, various civilizations have profited from its therapeutic benefits.

After war, Romans utilized it to treat wounded wounds, while Egyptians used the antibacterial miraculous jelly in royal beauty regimens (Cleopatra literally refused to go anywhere without her honey and milk bath soaks).

You've certainly heard a lot about Manuka honey, but if you're wondering what makes it unique from conventional honey, you're not the only one. What was once a traditional treatment is now one of the most studied and sought-after natural superfoods.

How Is Manuka Honey Unique From Other Types Of Honey?

Some varieties of Manuka honey are more potently antibacterial than conventional table honey and are referred to as "active" or "bioactive." Methylglyoxal, a substance found in Manuka honey, is responsible for this (MGO).

Dihydroxyacetone, an organic substance found in the nectar of several Leptospermum trees, is the source of MGO (DHA).

It's crucial to remember that not all Manuka honey is regarded as "active," so when buying Manuka honey, pay attention to the label.

A versatile natural resource with only one constituent, manuka honey has many applications.

You can glow from the inside out all year long with the help of this unique golden wonder food, which is rich in texture and unrivalled flavour and supports strong immunity, healthy digestion, and natural energy.

To learn from our forefathers, we've put together a list of five excellent methods to include Manuka honey into your daily routine.

A Heaping Teaspoon

Straight off the spoon is the simplest (and tastiest) way to get your Manuka fix. Take a teaspoon and try to hold it in your throat to build a coating that helps to relieve those annoying, scratchy throats as a calming cure.

Additionally, it tastes great as a quick afternoon pick-me-up when you're rushed and on the go!

In Warm Liquids Like Tea

Throat pain? A soothing option to take some time for yourself is to add a squeeze of Active Manuka Honey to a warm beverage.

Within Smoothies

Blend it in after adding it. Anytime of the day, a smoothie is a convenient way to obtain your daily serving of Active Manuka honey.

You can boost the nutritional value of your smoothie by adding a generous squeeze of our high-strength manuka honey. While also assisting in masking the unpleasant flavors of any additional greens you may have included.

DIY Skincare Procedures

Manuka honey's health benefits extend beyond food and beverages. Use it in homemade facial masks, lip scrubs, and bath infusions to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

The honey's active components can increase regeneration and retain moisture. It's also all-natural.

Cooking Without Baking

Refined sugar can be easily (and healthily) substituted in no-bake dishes with active Manuka honey.

Why not add a squeeze to muesli bars, bliss balls, and other superfood foods to increase their nutritive qualities while lowering your overall sugar intake?

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