6 Qualities You Need to Become a Stylist to the Stars

Qualities You Need To Become A Stylist

Being a make-up artist is exciting. Being a celebrity make-up artist is a dream.

Think about it. You get to travel, mingle with stars, marvel in the glitz and glamour, and no- it doesn't hurt your pocket!

Not so fast, though.

To get there, you absolutely have to bring your a-game and be an all-rounder. What exactly does it take to join this exclusive group of professionals? Here are the top qualities of celebrity make-up artists.

They Have Wide Networks

Celebrities tend to be wary of strange faces. Thus, they tend to be more open to recommendations and referrals from people they already know.

One thing most celebrity MUA's have in common is that they network a lot. An excellent place to get started with this is internships.

Internships with stylists, fashion magazines, and PR companies can help you meet people a bit closer to the exclusive clientele you want to work for.

They Value Experience

You are unlikely to clinch a top client soon after getting into the business.

Why? Celebrities have a lot riding on their looks and are therefore keen on ensuring to hire the best professionals in this field.

For you, this means getting as much experience as possible. To get an edge, begin sourcing for internships while in beauty school. This means you will already have some experience by the time you graduate.

Similarly, look for opportunities to shadow established make-up artists, take up internships, apprenticeships and any other opportunities that can provide you with hands-on skills.

Are Certified

Aside from equipping you with new skills, certifications can increase your credibility.

Similarly, if you want to charge a premium for your services, certifications help support your pricing.

As you begin working in the beauty industry, take the time to find the most sought-after skills and learn them.

Eyebrows and lashes have been big in the beauty industry, and this trend is unlikely to die down soon. You can take advantage of this by taking eyelash extension courses to wow your clients.

They Broaden Their Scope

While celebrities can afford a glam team, having a smaller group of people who can get the job done is more appealing to some.

Top MUA's are well-versed in different aspects of beauty. Broaden your reach by learning as many beauty related services as possible.

Aside from make-up, look into skincare, hair care and styling, nail art and so on.

You then become the preferred candidate for celebrities that want to keep a lean team.

Have an Extensive Portfolio

A portfolio is a resume for the creatives. While people in other professions can get by with a written text document, this won't do in the beauty industry.

Clients will need to see what you can do as opposed to hearing about it. This is where a portfolio comes in.

Start thinking about your portfolio as early in your career as possible. This way, you will have time to create a diverse collection and tweak what you have along the way.

Exhibit Professionalism at All Times

Professionalism means a lot of different things.

Punctuality is one of them. With celebrities running around to meet different commitments, you must keep time and meet your obligations within the stipulated timelines.

The other aspect of professionalism is discretion. As you can imagine, you are likely to come into some personal information about the celebrities you will work for.

Selling stories to blogs can earn you some quick money. However, being known as a discreet, trust-worthy make-up artist will open you up to a long, lucrative career as a celebrity make-up artist.


If this is your dream, it's indeed possible to achieve. However, before you get there, consider taking up other roles in the beauty industry to help you earn and hone your skills in readiness for the big leagues.

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