6 Upscale Boutiques With Outstanding Design

6 Upscale Boutiques With Outstanding Design 1

Unless you spend all day browsing upscale online boutiques, you might be missing out on some of the amazing and innovative jewellery designs that are available at the moment.

To save you time, here is a quick look at some of the best boutique designers in the business and what sets them apart from the crowd.


Dana Rebecca

From teardrop opal earrings to dazzling diamond eternity rings, these Dana Rebecca designs break the mould in a number of ways. Organic shapes, unusual cuts and the highest quality materials define the brand, blending the contemporary with the traditional.

Another feature of many designs offered in the current Dana Rebecca range is that they are not afraid to embrace asymmetry. This allows them to be eye-catching and impressive while not conforming to any tried and tested templates.


It doesn’t get much more boutique or decadent than Arunashi, a design house that serves high profile clients from its Beverly Hills store while also selling selected works online.

Its earrings are perhaps the most impactful of its offerings, with some emulating the look of coral reefs by combining diamonds and rubies on branching arms, while others resemble opulent glass flowers, or even gem-studded eggplants!

Eva Fehren

While both Dana Rebecca and Arunashi have tended to favour soft, supple curves in their designs, Eva Fehren is all about the angles. Sharp lines and crisp edges are present across almost every piece, including diamond collar necklaces and suitably stylish Sputnik earrings.

Even the rings, whose banded shape might usually necessitate a more flowing look, are available with the signature jaggedness of this designer.

Buddha Mama

There is something innately earthy and tribal about the delightfully diverse array of designs that Buddha Mama brings to the table. There is also liberal use of enamelling, providing a wide selection of colours and patterns to be offset by the precious stones which are also present.

Perhaps the most interesting pieces to consider are the coin rings, which feature a flat disc-like upper surface that displays some of the most intricate and unusual work you will see anywhere in the world.

Federica Rettore

While rings, pendants and earrings are all offered by this designer, it is the wrist wear that really allows them to shine alongside their rivals.

Creations like the gorgeous ebony wood bracelet, with its chunky links and deep black finish, are enough to take your breath away. Meanwhile the jasper cuffs create a less ostentatious but no less luxurious look as a counterpoint to some of the showier pieces.

Gemfields X Muse

There is something incredibly kitsch about a lot of the designs produced by this brand, which can range from art deco-inspired earrings to quirky anchor and evil eye pendants.

With diamond prices dipping at the moment, now may be a better time than ever to invest in one of these boundary-pushing pieces. It’s just a question of whether you can justify the cost and are ready for all the attention you’ll get!

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