7 Common Reasons To Have Rhinoplasty

7 Common Reasons To Have Rhinoplasty

As the International Society of Plastic Surgery reports, over 700K rhinoplasty surgeries are conducted annually in the world. This procedure takes the 5th place among the most popular esthetic operations across the globe. So, why rhinoplasty (or nose job) is so highly-demanded? In this article, you will consider the most common reasons why it is worth getting rhinoplasty.

Become more confident

Some people may feel embarrassed because of big/unproportional/crooked nose. They can even get depressed thinking that a nose shape spoils their appearance. In this case, getting rhinoplasty is a real way out. However, surgery solves a problem only when a person estimates a defect adequately. Rhinoplasty is barely helpful for people who are obsessed with plastic surgeries, and their problem is phycological, not physical.

Problems with breathing

A nose job can be performed not only for esthetic purpose. Often, people who have difficulty breathing caused by congenital nose defects or other deformations, do a nose job to get rid of these problems. In this case, rhinoplasty can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.

Crooked nose

common reasons to have rhinoplasty

If your nose has been fractured, and now you have an inconvenient esthetic look or feel shortness of breathing because of the injury, rhinoplasty may be helpful for you. During surgery, a doctor will correct the nose shape and its internal structure. After an operation, you will forget about esthetic and functional problems related to a crooked nose.

Proper shape of nostrils

If the shape of nostrils bothers you — they seem too big or too small — a nose job will help to fix this esthetic problem. Moreover, the rehab period after such an operation is short, as far as only soft tissues will be involved and corrected.

It is not always surgery

Rhinoplasty is considered a quite complex plastic surgery because a doctor must change the shape of internal bones during the procedure. However, if you do not have any functional nasal defects, you may try non-surgical rhinoplasty.

This is a procedure when a specialist corrects your nose shape by fillers with hyaluronic acid. The result is temporary — about 2 years. However, you can correct your nose any way you want and even get the previous shape back (if you do not like the result). 

Affordable price

Rhinoplasty is helpful in many cases. However, people may postpone the procedure or refuse it at all, thinking that rhinoplasty is expensive. The cost depends on the place where you are going to have it. For instance, rhinoplasty in the USA will cost you from $5,000, but nose surgery in Turkey — starting from $1,500. Click to find prices and the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world, and it will continue to be demanded. The deal is that a nose job solves both esthetic and functional problems related to the nose defects.

As a result, rhinoplasty allows solving the issues helping people to be attractive and healthy again. But to achieve the desired effect, you have to entrust your appearance to an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. Always carefully check the doctor’s CV, read the patients’ reviews, and see before-after photos to be sure a doctor has enough experience to manage the operation for you.

The low price must not be a decisive criterion. Only a qualification of a plastic surgeon is the main factor that must determine your decision. Remember, that surgery performed by a layman, may cost you money and even health.

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