Arrest Hair Fall with Amla Oil – Benefits & Ways to Use

Amla Oil

Amla oil is one of the most important Ayurvedic oils in the world. Made from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry that is also called amla, it is a storehouse of nutrients and benefits.

While earlier only the Indians were aware of the benefits of amla, now the entire world including the Westerners has begun to appreciate them. Amla can directly be applied to your scalp in the form of a paste.

You can also apply amla oil to your hair directly. This will help in better hair health and will also ameliorate the condition of your scalp. While many people have heard about amla oil, not many people know about the fact that it can help you arrest your hair fall.

This article tells you about the different benefits of ayurvedic amla hair oil. First, we tell you about how amla hair oil helps in arresting hair fall.

Then we go on to the other benefits that can be achieved through amla hair oil. In this way, you can get a comprehensive and all-around view about how amla oil can benefit your hair.

Read on to find out how you can arrest hair fall with the help of amla hair oil and the other benefits that can also help you in this regard.

Amla Oil Reduces Hair Fall

Reduces Hair Fall

Amla hair oil contains large amounts of Vitamin C that can help in providing your hair with the proper amount of nutrition. Vitamin C has many benefits and stimulating hair follicles is one of them. Once these follicles are stimulated, they release more hair strands daily that results in more hair growth.

While discussing the concept of hair fall, one important thing that must be kept in mind is that our scalp normally loses 50-100 hair strands per day. A healthy scalp has the ability to regrow this hair back. However, sometimes our follicles are not able to regrow this hair. This is when we start losing hair and later on, even baldness can set in.

Amla hair oil helps in supporting these hair follicles by stimulating them to grow more hair. If you apply ayurvedic amla hair oil to your hair every day, then you can definitely witness a higher level of growth than seen before.

While amla hair oil alone may not be enough for you to get cured for baldness, you can definitely use it in conjunction with onion juice and black coffee for getting back your lovely locks. For this, all you need to do is apply a blend of onion juice and black coffee every night before you go to bed.

You must leave it on overnight and then go to sleep after it has dried from your scalp. Then you can take a bath in the morning so as to rinse off the blend completely. Then apply amla oil to your hair and stay energized all day long.

In this way, amla oil can keep your hair in tip-top position all through the year. It may take some time, but your lovely locks will most certainly bounce back with time!

Thus, we see that one can arrest hair fall by a considerable margin using amla hair oil. Now that we have discussed this aspect of amla hair oil, we can move on to the other resultant benefits that it provides to your hair.

Amla Oil Prevents Greying of Hair

Prevents Greying of Hair

In contemporary times, many people are suffering from premature greying of hair. This may be due to environmental factors like excessive pollution or even due to adulteration in food that can cause your hair to turn grey.

For this, the best amla hair oil can be the perfect remedy. The high levels of Vitamin C that are found in this oil can help immensely in retaining the black pigmentation that you normally had.

However, for best results, we suggest that you use a hair mask for giving your grey hair a natural dye without using any harmful chemicals.

For making this hair mask, all you need to do is take some henna or mehendi powder and then add a cup of black tea to it. You can even add an egg for added measure.

Mix the henna or mehendi powder well with black tea and the egg and then apply it to all the sides of your scalp. Leave this pack on for an hour and then take a bath with cold water. After this, you can apply amla hair oil to your hair and see it glow and shine.

You will see that the grey hairs have been dyed dark brown and the natural black hair will appear lustrous and have an ebony color. The overall effect will be like as if you have put brown color streaks in the middle of overtly black hair.

With time, you will see that the new hairs which sprout will naturally be black whereas the grey hairs will fall out slowly. In this way, amla hair oil can help immensely in preventing the greying of hair.

Amla Oil Excellent Hair Conditioning

Amla oil also helps in expert hair conditioning. The herbal properties of this oil help in providing the required conditioning for your hair. You can even add it with coconut oil for added effects. Just apply it on your hair after having a bath and then leave it for 15 minutes.

 Then you can comb your hair so that the conditioning properties of this oil reach all corners of your scalp. In this way, amla hair oil can help in excellent hair conditioning.

Amla Oil Reduces Dryness of the Scalp

Reduces Dryness of the Scalp

Many of us are plagued with the problem of dryness of the scalp. This can lead further to more complicated problems like dandruff. We can use amla oil to reduce this dryness of the scalp and the other problems like dandruff will go away too.

You can even apply a curd mask to your hair twice a month for added measure. The combined benefits of amla and curds will hydrate and nourish your hair and it will become soft and moist. This will definitely improve the health of your hair substantially.

From the above, it is clear that one can arrest hair fall by a large margin with the best amla hair oil in India. So grab your bottle of amla oil now for best results!

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