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Dress To Impress: Tips For Buying The Perfect Dress For Your Body

All women are created equal. Well, that’s not true, at least not when it comes to body type. Women have a wide variety of body shapes and sizes which makes buying the perfect dress arduous. Trying to lose weight to fit a dress is an option but not necessary. You need to pay attention to your every curve to see which body type you fall under. This is when you need to be very honest and accepting. Remember, there’s no “perfect” or “standard” body type. Whether you’re plus size or an extra small size, places like The Volte Dress Hire always has a dress that’ll look great on you. You’ll just have to know your body type to get that perfect dress.

The different body types are:

Apple - an apple-shaped body is having bigger measurements on top. It’s accompanied by broad shoulders, full bust, and wide torso. Arms, legs, and hips, may be thinner or smaller for apple-shaped bodies and weight tends to be heavier in the waist.

Pear - a pear-shaped body or sometimes called a “triangle” is quite the opposite of the apple. Women with a pear body shape have a hip size larger than the bust. They have proportionately slim arms, shoulders and an elegant neck. The biggest measurement is on the hips.

Hourglass - is perceived to be the most traditional female body shape in the fashion industry. It’s when the bust is proportionate to the size of the hips and have a smaller waist. Compared to the other body types, hourglass type body is easier to dress up.

Straight - or sometimes called rectangle is the most common. Almost half of the women in America have a straight body shape. It's when the hips, waist, and bust have nearly the same sizes. The waist isn’t very defined. Body fats tend to be distributed well on all the body parts and not just on the waist.

​When buying a dress, you must:

Can Natural Skin Care Products Really Be Effective?

The short answer? Absolutely, yes!

The long answer—which you’ll love if you’re a skincare geek—involves diving a little deeper into the world of natural beauty and the ingredients within natural beauty products.

As you probably know, natural skin care productscontinue to boom in popularity as people are becoming more and more conscious of what goes in—and on—their bodies. Seeking alternatives to synthetic ingredients is no longer a “hippie dippie” move since there’s a growing body of research that shows certain skincare ingredients may be harmful, toxic, or even potentially cancer-causing. (And even if research hasn’t substantiated some of these claims, the mere controversy turns people off.) There’s also a growing body of research showing the extraordinary benefits of plants, minerals, and other elements of our Earth.

There’s no doubt natural skincare products have come a long way. Even only a short five years ago, the jury was out on the efficacy of natural ingredients. Could they really work? Were they as effective as man-made ingredients?

An increasing number of plant-derived ingredients are proving to be highly effective in skincare. Over time, these natural ingredients may even eclipse synthetic ones and take center stage in the beauty industry.

Now let’s dig deeper.

IPL Laser Machines – Optimising Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

IPL Laser machines for the beauty care sector have been commercially available from the 1990s. Since then, the industry has seen exponential growth in world-class beauty treatments.

Consider the scenario before that. Doing away with unwanted hair meant the regular use of tweezers, epilators or razors. Today, it is a permanent process on an IPL hair removal machine. Skin rejuvenation treatments and removing fine lines and wrinkles were treatments that required surgical intervention, followed by downtime and long recuperation periods. Now, a few sessions on an IPL machine, each taking less than half an hour is enough. Even tattoos can now be removed on state of the art Q-switched laser machines.

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