Baltimore’s Best Dispensaries 2019 Review

Baltimore’s Best Dispensaries

The use of cannabis is slowly becoming more acceptable to people around the united states. There are multiple reasons for this, most of the medical studies proving the usefulness of the drug in the treatment of chronic pain and other ailments.

In Baltimore, this business is still growing into what it will become. Dispensaries are still figuring out what their client wants and how they can best give it to them.

There are several things that make for an amazing place to buy your cannabis products. This can range from the number of strains of marijuana carried, and whether it is the one you use, to pricing and the number of different products they offer.

A growing selling point is also the use of technology within the business. Many are using high tech systems to help move people from a purchase back out to the real world with ease. It makes reordering your medical marijuana as easy as a couple of mouse clicks. Though the top product most dispensaries sell is their own customer service.


A good establishment will not only have knowledgeable employees but will provide excellent help and feedback to new and returning customers. Finding the right place is not always easy, but below is a list of some of the best dispensaries to visit in Maryland as of 2019 or visit



At Maggie’s dispensary, technology is one of their greatest assets. They have their entire menu online which makes it easy for you to order and pick up and pay for it in the store. It makes the entire process quick, easy and convenient.

The location of the store in Baltimore makes it easy for residents to swing through throughout their days and if you cannot make it during the day they have special later hours and a well-lit street to make your purchasing safer. They also offer daily deals as well as veteran and senior discounts.



Starbuds was the first dispensary to open in Maryland when the rules and regulations changed and they are still one of the best dispensaries in Maryland to visit for your marijuana.

They offer daily discounts on select items by the day of the week. Since opening, they have done so well they have expanded around Maryland have over a dozen amazing locations. They offer online ordering for their products and in-store pick up to help reduce wait times and their menu has grown to include a wide selection of products from edibles to gummies.



The Storehouse offers a very extensive menu of items for you to browse through. They also have a long list of items categorized by the experience you need. Their team is their greatest advantage. They are trained and ready to help you find relief from pain and help people on their own unique journeys.

They believe that cannabis has its own unique way of healing the mind and body and are dedicated to staying on top of the latest research and trends to keep you informed. The store also offers a long list of deals on their many items and they also offer the ability for online ordering for in-store pickup to make reordering your medical marijuana very easy.

Greenhouse Wellness

Greenhouse Wellness

Greenhouse Wellness is run by a trained group of nurses and staff. These people believe what they are doing helps people get the better way of life that they need. Each new client gets matched to a member of their team who will help you find the best products to alleviate symptoms and help you track the progress of your illnesses or your pain.

The director is as dedicated as the staff and assists in everything to make sure you get the right products, in the right form, to make this experience the best it can be.

Zen Leaf

Zen Leaf

At Zen Leaf, your quality of life is their top priority. They have a team of dedicated professionals on hand to help you figure out what strain and form of medical marijuana you need to treat your illness or pain.

The offer an extensive menu of items that have been specifically crafted to help heal. They can be found in multiple states across the United States making it easier for you to travel and get your prescription without having to reapply at each location.

When it comes to buying medical marijuana at a dispensary in Baltimore, there are many to choose from and only you can make find the strain that works best for you. Each location is a possible chance for relief and there is a multitude of ways to get that relief.

The dispensaries located around Baltimore are run by caring adults who know their business and will do everything they can to establish what works for you.

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