The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

As a woman your hair is your identity, it’s a symbol of your pride, joy, and beauty. Styling hair dates back to Ancient Greece many years ago and now people simply couldn’t live without it.

Braids are one of the oldest hairstyles around and they’re a big part of many cultures from all around the world including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Whilst braiding start out as a social event for women to do each other’s hair and talk, it’s now become a ritual in many women’s life to do their hair every day.

Depending on your hair length you will be able to do different things to your hair, braids for long hair are always common as they look beautiful and most of time can keep hair away from your face and body during the hot days of summer.

There are also many different styles of braids, from the viking braids to fish plaits, you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas after reading this.

Even if you’re not normally into doing your hair for nights out, a braid is so diverse and wonderful that you can rock a braid look no matter the time of year, where you’re going or even what you’re wearing. Even though the tradition is old, they still hold a firm spot in every trendsetter’s agenda.

Every style and pattern you can ever imagine is possible for you to create with your own hands and if that’s not magical then we don’t know what is! Here is a list of 8 styles of braids for long hair.

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

1. Braided Bun for Thick Hair

This up-do is perfect for any occasion as it speaks a volume of class and elegance. If your hair is thick then during special times you’re going to want it off your face and up in a beautiful braid like this one.

It’s slightly more on the vintage side as the braid does take you back to the 1920’s when everyone was wearing flapper dresses and kitten heels, but this hairstyle although it’s old, is still a classic.

2. Super Simple Crown Braid

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair 1

Another up-do for you to try out on your long hair is this beautiful one. Whilst this look wouldn’t really do for a formal party, it is perfect for a day at the beach or a girl’s day with your friends.

 It’s looser and a lot chicer then the bun as it won’t be perfect and that’s the point. A crown braid is one that runs along the crown of your head and creates a beautiful design out of your own strands of hair. If you want it to be super casual just pull out some strands at the side, it does make it a lot more edgy too.

3. Waterfall Twist Braid

This one might be more of your style if you love elegance and want to keep your hair down. The best way to achieve this look is to go to a beauty salon but you can create it at home if you’re particularly skilled too.

After your hair is curled the braid is incorporated into the wavy locks on a downwards angle (kind of like a waterfall – that’s where the name comes from!) Rocking this look is great if you like to keep your hair down but don’t want it just wavy or curly, it adds dimension to your hair.

4. Tight Dutch Braids

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair 2

Dutch braids for long hair are perfect, they often don’t work on short hair as they’re so intricate and must be tight to get that ultimate look and only long hair can achieve this.

Many women and girls tend to go for this sort of look on a casual day but you can make it formal and funky for a night out by adding some sparkly jewels or even adding glitter!

These braids are great if your long hair gets tangled all the time as they keep everything together and looking wonderful until you take them out.

5. Faux Fishtail Braid

If you’ve never see one of these then you’re definitely living under a rock as they’re plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest all the time. They’re the ultimate bohemian look and if you’re one to dress in indie clothes then this hairstyle is going to be your best friend.

It’s probably the most casual out of all the braids as there isn’t a lot of effort or thought put into it but it looks so beautiful. The point of this hairstyle is to look like you’re not trying when really you are.

6. Side Braids

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair 3

A very diverse braid is the simple side braid, many have this style for very formal occasions or even their wedding as it has an aura or not only beauty but chic and elegance too.

 They’re not easy to do either so if you want it to look the best it can you should go to a professional beauty salon. Wearing a gorgeous pair of your favourite earrings will finish your look as this hairstyle creates a sense of wonder and doesn’t leave anything to be imagined.

7. Viking Braids

The viking braid has become popular due to the rise in television shows that show viking in. It consists of two braids on the side of your head and then a simple French braid in the middle.

They add a lot of texture to your hair and are something different to try if you’re feeling adventurous. The trend on social media has led them to becoming so popular that so many beauty salons these days with offer to do a viking braid.

8. Casual Ponytail Braid

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair 4

This hairstyle works for braids for long hair and also short hair. It’s a twist on the simple Dutch braid but it’s more suitable for any occasion.

Summer is the season a lot of people rock this braid type as it looks good but doesn’t take too much effort and keeps all your hair away from your face. Sunglasses also go extremely well with this look which is probably why it’s so popular in the hotter months.

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