Five Valuable Tips for Beauty Industry Newcomers

Beauty Industry Newcomers

Entering the beauty industry comes with its set of challenges. Newcomers might find that working in the industry is not as easy as it first appeared.

However, for someone who is passionate about beauty, it should be a matter of time before they find their footing and establish themselves as respected professionals.

The transition to real work can also be made smoother by incorporating certain ideas into your approach. If you are looking for valuable tips as a newbie beautician, consider the information below. 

Market Yourself on Social Media

Finding clients is one of the biggest obstacles that newbie beauticians can expect. Even if you join an established beauty salon, you should not expect customers to line up and ask for you instead of someone with more experience. 

Sure, you will get some work, but the amount might not be to your liking. At times like these, it is recommended to take a proactive approach and persuade customers to come to you. How? Use social media.

Right now, it is common to create video tutorials on makeup, hairstyles, and other beauty procedures and share them on social media. You can create content and post it in relevant groups or create a personal page and advertise it. 

As soon as people see your talent on social media, they will be eager to see you in person and ask for your services.

Improve Workflow With Available Applications

Newcomers could focus on a particular demographic and target them as their customers. For example, younger people who are tech-savvy and use smartphones for their everyday needs.

Old-fashioned beauticians still rely on notebooks and phone calls to book their appointments. However, as someone who is new and has a modern approach, you could use an appointment scheduling app and simplify the process for your clients. 

Instead of forcing them to come in person or make a phone call, let the clients know that they can book an appointment by accessing your smart calendar. Such applications also send text reminders so that customers do not miss their appointments.

Other than taking a more modern approach to managing your appointments and becoming reliable to younger demographics, you also benefit from an automated workflow.

Keep Up With Beauty Trends

Beauty Industry Newcomers

Trends come and go, and this is especially true in the beauty industry, where new trends appear virtually every season.

For someone new to the beauty industry, it is even more important to keep up with the trends. If anything, being one of the first to adopt a new product, technique, or work tool will put you at an advantage over beauticians who are not as quick to react to and take action themselves.

The problem with trends is that some of them are temporary and could prove to be not worth it. Determining whether a particular product or a style can survive enough to justify implementing it comes with experience.

At the same time, it is important to use reliable sources that know what they are talking about as far as beauty trends go.

You can also do some research yourself by going on social media and relevant beauty platforms to see what the latest trends are. Perhaps something catches your attention. For instance, influencers advertising new types of makeup or new hairstyles that go well with a particular set of clothes. 

Look for Opportunities to Improve

There might not be that many opportunities to improve, but you should still seek them actively. For example, a local course for beauticians that you can attend would be a great way to learn techniques and industry secrets from well-established professionals. 

Such courses tend to last for as long as a few weeks, and they usually end with a graduation-like ceremony during which participants get a certificate.  

You can then hang these certificates on your walls at work and show them as proof of your effort and achievements. The more courses you finish, the better your qualifications are, and they help you establish yourself as someone who is a true professional. 

Work on Interpersonal Skills

Beauty Industry Newcomers

Newbie beauticians are unlikely to avoid certain mistakes when they are starting out, but it is important to learn from these mistakes.

Other than the actual work, you could run into some problems with your interpersonal skills. If you have an outgoing personality and like to talk to customers, remember that not everyone comes to a beauty salon to socialize.

Some people are introverted and would rather avoid unnecessary conversations if they can. Do not force them into small talk if they send you a cue that they would rather remain silent while you do the work. 

Of course, you will first need to meet a client before you can determine how talkative they are. The important thing to note is that you should not presume what your customers are like.

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