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5 Things To Know About What Is Silk Press

vWhat Is Silk Press

Do you wish that your straightened hair will not go back to its natural curly state after a day?I have a friend who used to come to gatherings with her gorgeous Afro. Then one day, she made our jaws drop when she met us with her shiny, straight mane. Her secret? The silk press.

It is quite a fresh idea, so we asked more than the simple “What is silk press?”. If you are eager to know its meaning as well, you may read on to understand the whole process.

How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil In Just Four Easy Steps

How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

Many are the times of I have walked down the street, met my friends and I just couldn’t seem to be able to take my eyes off their hair. For a long time, I have said the words “I like your hair, what do you use?”

And I know I am not alone in this, am I right?

Well, the thing is, I recently stumbled upon the Wild Growth Hair Oil Product from the Wild Growth company, and I unearthed a secret I want to share with you; how to use the Wild Growth Hair Oil in as much as four steps! After all, sharing is caring.

Here it goes.

How To Get Toner Out Of Hair In 3 Proof Ways


Has your new blonde hair gone greyish or purplish after the application of a toning solution?

Yep, I know what it’s like as I was in a pretty similar scenario several months ago when I wanted to remove the orange tinge in my locks. It isn’t really a matter of life and death, yet you can’t help but feel frustrated once you remember that you’ll be meeting your friends or potential boyfriend with coloring that does not satisfy your taste a bit.

Before you make a rather drastic move, however, you can simply learn how to get toner out of hair. I will explain three techniques for you later on – two I did by myself and the other with the help of someone else – so you may resolve which method is right down your alley.

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