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Quick Tips About: How To Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

Quick Tips About How To Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

Nobody is born with the ‘perfect’ appearance, because we all have a totally different idea of what perfection is – who wants to be perfect anyway?! Having said that, sometimes there are parts of our appearance which we simply want to change.

When we look in the mirror, we see imperfections before perfections, this is just human nature. The trick, however, is to find ways to minimise our perceived imperfections and change our appearance into something we enjoy and like, to boost self-confidence and body image.

If you have always felt that your eyes are too big, the good news is that there are many ways to change this, and we are going to talk about how to make your eyes look smaller in this ‘how to’ tutorial. Through eyeshadows techniques, eyeliner, and carefully choosing your makeup colors, you can easily reduce the size of your eyes visually, which tricks the people around you into thinking you have smaller eyes than you really do!

So, if you’re ready to begin, let’s check out what you need, and how to achieve this considerably reduced eye size look!

What Is The Difference Between Concealer And Foundation? Get To Choose The Right One

What Is The Difference Between Concealer And Foundation

A lot of things go into making you look and feel beautiful. Some of the things you would need include the use of a concealer and foundation. These two are important with the foundation being one of the most common methods used for applying the makeup. Before you can go ahead to choose either foundation or concealer, you have to understand the difference between the two.

So, what is the difference between concealer and foundation? The two are both parts of applying makeup to your face, but there are a few differences.

The foundation will be applied all over your face to act as a base before applying the other types of makeups. It is able to even out the different skin complexions in different places so that you have a flawless finish on the face.

The concealer is different from the foundation in the sense that it can be used for multiple applications. The concealers would be used to cover the dark circles or other blemishes that you might have on your face. The concealers would come in different colors and consistencies so that you can always choose what you think works great for your scenario.