Catch The Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

"Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap". It was the wedding season going on and one of my best friends was going to get married. Muskan has always been one of my best friends with whom I shared everything possible. She was so adorable and very pretty. Since it was my best friend’s wedding day, I indulged myself in every possible preparation.

 I was helping her and her family arrange everything necessary for the wedding. I also designed a beautiful Bridal dress and bridal jewelry for her. But that was not enough, we required someone to adore her and make her look more beautiful. For that, we needed to have one of the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi.

​Since she was eldest sibling in her small nuclear family, all her relatives were present there to shower the blessings over her and her groom. She was very happy and so was her family. Everyone was busy preparing the things for her D-day.

Since I was managing her bridal attire and bridal makeup; I was supposed to arrange one among the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi. She was so much concerned about her looks and wanted to look beautiful and charming in each and every possible ceremony.

​I respected her wishes, after all, it was her marriage and she had full right to ask for anything; she felt was good enough to make her happy. To bring her the best bridal makeup artist, I indeed made a lot of efforts but all went to vain. The bridal makeup artists whom I went to were not good enough to bring the charisma to her beauty.

I was too much confused and was unable to get someone perfect for her D-day. Even I went to the artists whom their relatives suggested, but they too were not having any good portfolio. Few of them asked for the amount which was much higher than the normal prices despite their work portfolio was pathetic. I was already restless as Muskan’s wedding was just a week away and I already had wasted a lot of time.


UrbanClap Was The Wolution

Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

After a lot of market research, I was tired of going from one makeup studio to the other. I even went to the Lakme Salon, to enquire about their services. But thanks to my luck, they don’t provide home services. The bride had to visit the Salon to get ready and I was not comfortable with the same, neither she was.

 I already had lost the hope to get anyone who will do the makeover of Muskan. She was also much tensed. Both of us were sitting in our room, watching the television; we saw one advertisement streaming. The advertisement was an app named UrbanClap which laid down a platform bridging the gap between the service seekers and service providers.

I and Muskan looked towards each other and I took my phone. We both sat together, opened the Google Play Store on my android device and searched for the UrbanClap app. We found the app and started downloading the app. It just took few seconds to download and install the same on my smart phone.

 I opened the app and found the app easy to use. The user interface was so smooth and using the app was really satisfying. I entered few of the details which they asked for registering me as the service seeker on the platform. Soon after registering as a user on UrbanClap, I searched for the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

​As soon as I clicked on the search button, there flashed a huge list of bridal makeup artists on my device’s screen. I and Muskan sighed, as we thought it was also not going to be easy. She asked me that how I would be able to find the best among these thousands of service providers.

Well, the same thing was running through my mind too. I sat down on the bed closed my eyes and thought that I should do now to filter them. Then, I checked the ratings and reviews of few of the service providers which were on the top. I compared the ratings and sent personalized messages to few of them, asking their price quotes along with the services included.

Within few hours, I was able to get e-mails from them. They sent their portfolios along with their price quotes, which indeed was very helpful to finalize one among the rest. We went through the portfolios carefully and decide over one professional whose work seemed perfect and the price he demanded was also very decent. We called the person and asked him to come to place to have a face to face meeting, in order to finalize the remaining things.

Why I Chose UrbanClap?

Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

​The professional we finalized came to our place to have the face to face meeting. Muskan had a lot of doubts in her mind which needed to be cleared.

After all she was the only person who was going to get the makeover from him. She confirmed about the products he will use and the look she wanted. Both of us were assured by him that we will get the best and whichever look he will give to Muskan will suit her.

​All our doubts vanished when she got ready on her D-day; she looked amazing; just like a beautiful fairy. I was thanking him for the look he gave her. Both of us were very happy with his efforts. My eyes glued to Muskan and I was sure the groom was going to fall once he saw her. All the promises were kept by him and he didn’t let the bride feel bad on her wedding day.

The Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

The Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

​Getting the best bridal makeup artist from UrbanClap was very easy. The app already became apple of my eye since Muskan’s wedding. You just need to find the good ones by going through the reviews and ratings carefully.

You need to compare each of them and mark the negatives of each professional. The negatives will help you to point out their mistakes and you can ask them to avoid those mistakes.

​It was our good luck that we got Mr. Edward D’souza and his team as the Bridal makeup artist for Muskan. He and his team were just amazing. He made Muskan look most beautiful in each and every wedding ceremony. He had got the top ratings on the UrbanClap. He had the 5-star rating from most of the people who hired him.

Also, the reviews he received from various customers told everything about his perfect work. There was hardly anyone who complained about his work. His professional hands were enough to bring the charisma over the bride’s face.

​Muskan thanked me for using the UrbanClap app to get him such an amazing bridal makeup artist. Edward and his team made themselves the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi. The whole team is highly recommended by us to anyone who is going to get married in near future or a bit late, they are just best at their work.

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