Top 5 Best CHI Flat Irons 2023 – Our Top 5 Picks

Best CHI Flat Irons

"Best CHI Flat Irons". Technology is constantly evolving, whether we are talking about telephones, computers, games consoles, or household items, but this also stretches as far as beauty items too.

 Once upon a time a hairdryer was simply that, a fan which blows hot air to dry your hair when you’ve had a shower or a bath, but these days there are countless more features on a hair dryer, such as hot shot, cold shot, cordless etc.

The same can be said for other styling tools which came after this first innovation, and probably the latest and most innovative of them all is the CHI flat iron.

If you want super sleek styling with zero frizz, this is the item for you. Of course, you need to find the right items for your needs, and we are going to be reviewing five of the best CHI flat irons on the market, to help you make your decision.

Of course, you first of all need to know exactly what makes a CHI flat iron different from a regular flat iron, or pair of hair straighteners as you may know them more commonly.

You also need to know how to use them safely, to avoid breaking or damaging your hair too, whilst then moving on to what to look for when making your first purchase.

Let’s explore the world of the CHI flat iron a little more deeply, and by the end of it you should be in a much clearer position to be able to pick the right product for your needs, and your hair.

5 Of The Best CHI Flat Iron Reviews

Best CHI Flat Iron

If you have ever had a GHD classic hair straightener then you will instantly recognise this type of style – this choice of best CHI flat iron looks exactly the same in many ways, but the high quality results are certainly the main seller.

Ideal for regular hair, i.e. not too thick and not too thin, the 1” plate will help you straighten, flick, curl, or wave your hair with ease.


  • Not that expensive compared to some of the other CHI flat iron products on the market
  • Uses infrared heat to reduce the amount of frizz or static you have in your style
  • Easy to use in terms of different styles
  • Lightweight at 1.3lb
  • There is a limited warranty on the floating plates for two years


  • Those with particularly thick hair may find the size of the plate to be a little too thin
Best CHI Flat Iron

This choice for the best CHI flat irons is a little more expensive than our first choice, but it has a few extras which make up for that downside.

The flat iron comes with a free carry bag, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go on your travels, and the digital display makes it easier to select your heat level and see when the product has heated up to your desired amount.


  • Digital display makes using the flat iron much easier
  • Lightweight and easy to hold when styling
  • Titanium infused ceramic plates are designed to eliminate any dragging when styling, and allowing the hair to glide through the plates
  • Goes up to a high 425 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The price is quite high
Best CHI Flat Iron

This best CHI flat irons product is red for serious style! A little lower in price than the last three products we have reviewed, this is a classic design, which means it is simple, sleek, and seriously does the job when it comes to regular straightening, curling, flicks, or waves.

The heat is evenly distributed across the plates, which means better styling for you, and the high number of negative ions also means no frizz and no static.


  • Attractive, sleek, and simple design
  • Lower price compared to some of the other products we have reviewed
  • High number of negative ions means no static or frizz when styling
  • Variable heat settings, from 180-410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great choice for all different styles


  • 1” plate is standard, but if you have quite thick hair, this means it will take you longer to style how you please
  • Not as many extras as the higher priced products
Best CHI Flat Iron

If you’re looking for luxury when it comes to the best CHI flat irons on the market, this is the one for you! In a delicious shiny gold shade, this flat iron looks the part and this particular set also comes with a few free products too.

Of course, the price is higher, but you are getting major quality for your cash here.


  • Keratin coated 1” ceramic plates for smooth hair styles, without frizz or static, and to help keep your hair soft and smooth at the same time
  • Comes with several free CHI products as gifts, including thermal active smoothing treatment and hairspray
  • The appearance is literally divine


  • Quite heavy compared to some other products, at 3.1lb
  • Obviously, the price is high because of the quality
Best CHI Flat Iron

This cute and styling contender for the title of the best CHI flat irons is an ideal choice for those on the go, because not only is it lightweight, at 1.75lb, but it is thin and easily portable too.

Again, you’re looking at a higher price for these extras, but the styling capacity is equally as high. The thin plates, at 3/4” makes this product ideal for those small pieces of hair that just won’t behave, or for people with thinner hair.


  • Thin plates for easy styling in hard to reach places, or for thinner hair
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight at 1.75lb
  • Easily transportable for travel
  • Great for curls and flicks


  • Higher price tag
  • If you have thicker hair, the thin plates may not be large enough for your hair

What Are CHI Flat Irons?

Best CHI Flat Irons

CHI flat irons are considered to be one of the best products on the market, and the reason for this is because they combine both ceramic and tourmaline technology to create smooth and sleek styles, with zero frizz and zero static.

The large amount of negative ions that the plates produce is responsible for this. You could say that CHI and GHD go toe to toe, and it’s down to personal preference in terms of which one wins. 

The price of both product ranges is quite similar, and some of the designs are too, but the different in styling is down to the plates and the added extras which come with each one.

The choice between the two can be difficult for many, and it is usually because most people have heard of GHD, as a household name, whereas not everyone has heard of CHI, probably because it is salon focused on the whole, rather than targeted solely for household use.

CHI flat irons use the latest innovations in technology to combine tourmaline and ceramic with even heat distributions which produces a very high amount of negative ions and far infrared, which works to reducethe amount of static electricity that builds up as you style, giving you a final look which is literally perfect.

 CHI flat irons are made for professionals, targeted to be salon-ready, so if you purchase one of the best CHI flat irons on the market, then you are literally getting salon styled results every time you use the product.

For that reason, mastering how to use this product is imperative, to get the most out of your product, and the most value for your cash.

How Do I Use CHI Flat Irons?

Best CHI Flat Irons

Using a CHI flat iron is not much different to using a regular pair of hair straighteners, but it is the outcome which will differ to a degree. Whenever you use any heat styling tool you should always think about protection for your hair.

Using a good quality heat protection spray or cream is a must do, because this gives you a layer of protection between the high heat of the flat iron, and your hair itself.

If you don’t do this, over time you will notice burning, irregular ‘kinks’ where damage has been done, and also easy breakage – none of this looks attractive!

You can use CHI flat irons on damp hair, but not wet hair, because this when you are likely to notice damage and burning. If your hair is mostly dry, just a little damp, simply use your hair protection product and you can begin to style, drying off the ends as you go.

The best CHI flat irons will create several different styles; check out this video for a pointer on how versatile this product can be.

If you have thick hair, perhaps hair which simply doesn’t seem to want to do as it is told, the high heat and negative ions which CHI flat irons product will help you create a more manageable style.

Similarly, very curly hair can be made poker straight with this product – have a look at this video to see how you can go from ultra-curly to sleek using a CHI flat iron.

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best CHI Flat Irons

Best CHI Flat Irons

If you’re convinced that you want to purchase a CHI flat iron, then you need to know what to look for – not every product is the same! These are the main areas you need to take into account:

1. Budget

The best CHI flat irons are not cheap, but if you shop around you can find them a little less in cost from time to time.

2. Ease Of Use/Versatility

Is the handle ergonomically designed? Does it have a non-slip section to help you grip the flat iron, and lower the risk of dropping it, burning yourself, or making it harder to style?

3. How Many Heat Settings

Is there a variable heat setting? A one setting flat iron can be fine for thick hair, but for those with thinner, fragile hair, the high heat can damage the hair itself.

4. Safety Features

Does the flat iron turn itself off after a period of not being used? Is the cable and long and swivel? Does it have dual voltage? These are safety features and extras you should look for when you are deciding between different products in the range.

And The Winner Is …

Every single one of the products we have reviewed during this chat are all worthy winners of the title of best CHI flat irons, but they are also very different from each other, in terms of what they offer.

The first and last products are classic in design, and these are perfect for regular styling, with ‘normal’ hair. On the other hand, if you travel a lot and you want to style on the go, the CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Titanium ¾” Volumizing Iron is the best choice. This is because of the easy portable design, and the lightweight nature of the product.

So, we have to pick a winner, and which one will it be?

For general use, the classic design is the best one to go for, and because of the variable temperature control, the regular plate size, and the attractive appearance of the flat iron too, our overall winner of the best CHI flat irons title is the CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Whilst there aren’t a huge number of added extras with this product, it does the job and does it extremely well; the variable temperature control also means that this will suit most people’s needs, without having to spend a lot more money that isn’t really needed.

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any more reviews on the best CHI Flat Irons, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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