Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know

Best Clear Mascara

Were you born with naturally long and thick eyelashes? You are lucky because sporting black mascara for a dinner date or a party is not a problem for you.

But if you have to deal with daytime affairs, it can make you look overly made up and even exude a fierce or high-maintenance aura, which does not work on all occasions. In times like this one, you need to have the best clear mascara that money can buy.

I often hear the three Ws and one H whenever I mention it to people. In case the questions regarding what, why, where, and how to find this essential beauty product are hanging about in your mind as well, we have arranged this guide for your convenience.

There are also five clear mascara reviews for various brands below in hopes of helping you narrow down your search.

Top 5 Best Clear Mascara Reviews

Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know 6

The Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara is a cosmetic product for women of all ages. It can be a great mascara for pre-teens and teens who are just starting to show interest in makeup or want to use it at school.

This is a must-have too in case you wish to cut down your expenses by going for a cheaper alternative that works as well as your former high-end one.


  • The ingredients do not include oil which is sometimes a cause of skin irritation for people.
  • The mascara can separate your lashes that may have clamped together when you slept.
  • It will work even when you curl or straighten the eyelashes first.
  • Your brows can maintain their excellent shape with the help of this product.
  • Because it is water-based, you will not have to use a special makeup remover to wash it away when you get back home.
  • It comes at a very affordable rate.


  • This mascara is not meant to last for more than a couple of hours.
  • You may have to re-apply it several times a day to keep your eyelashes in place.
Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know 7

If your eyes get irritated fast when you put on your current beauty product, then perhaps it is your cue to get the Zuzu Luxe clear mascara. The ultimate benefit I have personally experienced from it is that my lashes seem to elongate every time I apply it.

You may also admire how polished its overall packaging is and how it does not flake off after a few hours, which is a problem that we may have all encountered before with others.


  • The mild chemicals mixed in each tube of Zuzu Luxe natural mascara can make you overlook the sensitivity of your eyes as they will not trigger an allergic reaction.·
  • The brush is another fun feature of the product. Because the bristles are nylon, you may achieve the desired thickness with a single application or two. In addition to curbing the amount of time that the applicator becomes exposed to the environment, it can ensure as well that one tube can last for months.·
  • It is acceptable to use even in case you have your contact lenses on.
  • It does not smudge or feel heavy.·
  • This mascara forms no clumps once you apply it on the lashes or brows.


  • The product is not waterproof.
Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know 8

When the appearance of the product is among the things that you consider before purchasing something, the cosmetic from CoverGirl may suit your standards.

The size and the rounded container of the mascara are also highly appreciated by adults like me who like to have a lightweight tube that is easy to store in a purse in case we are in need of a quick retouch anywhere.


  • This clear mascara has a curved brush, which means that the application will be a breeze regardless of how straight or curly you have made your eyelashes.
  • It has a great set of components that permits you to wear the product for a whole day.
  • The packaging design looks chic. The uniformed dots near the mouth of the tube gives off a cascading effect along with the cap of the same color.
  • It is handy as the mascara only measures three inches by one inch.
  • You can apply the cosmetic on your lower lashes and not worry about smearing it onto your skin.
  • It dries nicely, so if you wear glasses, for instance, this product will not leave a stain on the lenses.
  • The vessel is transparent, that’s why you get to see immediately when you are running low on mascara.


  • It is not paraben-free.
  • The mascara does not help in making the lashes appear longer.
Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know 9

Do you fancy using a mascara that has already been tested and proven safe by an ophthalmologist?

How about something that will not smear when you are training at the gym? If you have an affirmative answer to both, you may like the CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara.

This cosmetic gives off a natural finish, so your eyelashes can look amazing with a little effort. It happens to be water-based as well, so taking it off during the night can be effortless.


  • As a hypoallergenic mascara, it lacks irritants which can make your eyes or skin itchy.
  • It does not cause an adverse reaction even if you wear contact lenses.
  • The product can become an excellent adhesive when you want to meld your real and false lashes together.
  • You can utilize it to set your eyebrows in a beautiful arc.
  • The mascara does not disintegrate into small fragments when completely dry.
  • The plastic container ascertains that this product will not break and create a mess in case you accidentally drop it from a high elevation.


  • It cannot thicken or draw out your lashes.
  • If the lashes are long, it may not be able to hold a curl for hours.
Best Clear Mascara 2023: All You Need To Know 10

When we talk about the Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara from E.L.F. Cosmetics, the first thing that you may come to realize is the level of sensibility that it can offer.

Eyelash mascaras are often used to define the eyebrows, but the brand seems to want to increase the value of their product by attaching two different applicators on both sides of the cap.

It is an excellent feature because now you can use the right brush for your lashes or brows.


  • The effectivity of this item has not been tested on animals.
  • The chemical formulation for the mascara is composed of simple ingredients. Your teenage daughter or niece can wear this too.
  • The evenly spaced bristles of the brushes can allow your brows and lashes to stay in an attractive shape without clustering together.
  • Its ingredients also consist of moisturizing agents to ensure that your eyelashes will feel hydrated and look glossy throughout the day.
  • It is easy to change the brush from lash applicator to brow applicator, and vice versa, since you simply have to turn the cap to do it.


  • The mascara can be too gentle that people with naturally long eyelashes may not find it helpful in making them stand out.

What Is The Point Of Using Clear Mascara?

Best Clear Mascara

The ultimate purpose of wearing mascara in clear gel form is to look fantastic without appearing as if you have spent a whole hour perfecting your makeup. It lacks pigmentation that can darken those lashes of yours, that’s true.

However, the best clear mascara may be the visual product you need to make the windows to your soul exceptionally striking even when you are sweating off at the gym or playing in the pool.

What Can The Best Clear Mascara Do?

Best Clear Mascara

Here is a detailed breakdown of the benefits that can be gained from choosing an exceptional mascara.

1. Prevent Smudging

The best product can eliminate your anxiety about ruining a morning’s worth of beautification with a wrong flick of the mascara applicator. As it is transparent, it will not create unsightly smudges around the eyes or any part of the face.

This is something that non-professional makeup artists like me can appreciate, and probably you will too.

2. Avoid Flaking

One simple truth that you may want to hear about the best clear mascara is that it will not turn and fall into bits and pieces when you least expect it.

A mascara flaking off is a sign that you have purchased a cosmetic which has been poorly crafted. The best one, however, does not disintegrate into embarrassing white specks which can be a source of concern for the unaware individuals whom you may be transacting with.

3. Become a Primer or a Top Coat

What you may consider is a great clear mascara has a moisturizing effect and a glossy finish. For these reasons, even if you head out at night, you may still utilize it as a primer or top coat for your pigmented mascara.

It should not do anything to the eyelashes other than uphold its healthy glow and define them even more.

4. Hold Curled Lashes

Another advantage that the best clear mascara may deliver is handling your newly curled eyelashes.

Assuming that you like to make your eyes more expressive by curling the upper lashes, the cosmetic should be able to hold this style for several hours and keep them from going back to their original droopy or messy state.

Furthermore, there is a reliable technique for applying mascara. Check out what it takes to do it here:

5. Outline Lower Eyelashes

If using mascara on your bottom lashes has always been a source of frustration to you, know that the deed can be done quicker and easier with the clear type.

The benefit of getting the best one is that it can make the lower eyelashes seem longer and increase the attractiveness of your eyes.

When your gal pals look at you with this mascara on, they may notice a great difference with the look and bombard you with questions as to how you have accomplished it.

6. Tame Unruly Brows

The best clear mascara can demonstrate its versatility by being able to tame your eyebrows which may have gone rogue over the course of the night.

It typically happens when you have brows which are curly or grow in different directions. In case you wish to maintain its natural beauty and forget plucking, threading, or waxing, you can brush each side with a coat of mascara to put it in style.

7. Seal False Eyelashes

A high-quality mascara can prevent you as well from experiencing the most embarrassing thing that can happen to wearers of false lashes: not having a seamless finish.

Since it has no color, you are allowed to apply a thin layer of it on top of the roots to seal the fake eyelashes. This can offer people a pleasant illusion that you have come to the world with those lashes.

8. Handle Colors

When you feel free-spirited, you can add colored shadow to the mascara to achieve vibrant lashes. It is advantageous for you if you want to have fun with makeup without having to use flamboyant yet fake eyelashes.

Similar to what we have said above, the cosmetic can work as a sealant for the eyeshadow in loose powder form. The result can provide a pop of color that is easy to pull off even during the day.

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The Verdict

The best clear mascara in my eyes is the one from Maybelline Makeup Great Lash Clear Washable Mascara. The nylon brush that comes with it can hold more of the product than its plastic counterpart; that’s why a single stroke may coat your lashes nicely.

It can, therefore, prevent you from applying several layers of mascara and needing to purchase a new tube soon after.

I hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any more reviews on the best clear mascara, then do comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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