Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you won’t need anyone to tell you that it can be a drama trying to keep them looking sleek, but not frizzy. If you don’t have curly hair and you’re trying to add volume and create waves, the whole process can be time-consuming. There is one piece of equipment which will help you massively in either direction – a hair diffuser.

The market is packed with different hair diffusers, but there are certain ones which are ideal for helping anyone with curly hair, or indeed those who are trying to achieve this coveted style. We’re going to check out the "best diffusers for curly hair", but first things first, why do you need to use a diffuser? And how do you use a diffuser?

You might never have used one before, you might not have the first idea what it is, but this article aims to give you all the information you need, whilst also giving you some ideas on the best diffusers to look at buying, before you jump in and make a purchase.


Top 5 Best Diffusers For Curly Hair Reviews

There are countless diffusers out there on the market, but we are now going to review five of the most highly rated around. Always shop around to find the best choice for you, before making a final decision on your purchase.

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks 6


This is a big named brand in the hair world amongst professionals, which gives you peace of mind when looking at making a purchase. Again, this particular diffuser has many reviews which are positive amongst those with curly hair.


  • Low price
  • This diffuser puts extra effect into holding the nature texture of the hair, whilst also cutting down on the chance of frizz occurring
  • Adapts to most type of hairdryer models, so this is a flexible and cost-effective choice to go for
  • Collapses down to fit into your bag, making it the perfect choice for anyone who travels/mobile hairdressers – the diffuser is made of silicone
  • Extremely lightweight, at just 2.2oz


  • The diffuser is made of silicone and this means it isn’t really compatible with very high heats – this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as curls should really be dried on a lower heat anyway

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks 2


This particular diffuser is a great all-rounder, and has many advantages if you choose to go down this avenue. Great reviews follow this product, which gives you large amounts of peace of mind, and at a very low price too.


  • Low price, makes this product much more accessible to all
  • Available in two different colours
  • Has ionic nano titanium technology which cuts out the chance of frizz and reduces drying time
  • Dries hair evenly, protecting your hair from overdrying and excessive heat
  • The base of the diffuser is designed to move, which helps to distribute the air flow better
  • Lightweight, at only 8.8oz, so good for those who move around a lot, e.g. mobile hairdressers


  • Again, not compatible with all hairdryers, so you need to check before you buy, to see if it fits your particular dryer.

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks 8


This stylish diffuser has some fantastic reviews, which gives you peace of mind when looking to buy a new piece of styling equipment. The name is also quite famous within hairdresser circles, and up and coming on the market overall.


  • Available in two colour choices, black or white
  • Low cost means it isn’t a huge investment for the quality
  • 360-degree airflow helps to minimise frizz
  • Quick drying, which also helps cut down on frizzing, thanks to the extra large bowl
  • Easy to clip on, securely stays in place
  • Ideal for curling, waves, or for adding texture to hair which is difficult to style or stay in place


  • Not compatible with all hairdryers; only the Xtava models can be guaranteed to fit.

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks 9


If you’re looking for a highly rated diffuser, which fits onto many different makes and models of hairdryer, this is a fantastic and very cost effective choice for the level of quality.


  • The diffuser locks onto the hairdryer with buttons, which means it isn’t going to fall or slip off
  • Looks great with a shiny and black appearance
  • Bigger than most other diffusers, at 6”, which means more hair can be fit inside, and therefore faster drying and styling time overall
  • 3D prongs and 211 air holes, which means all the hair gets the heat
  • Compatible with most models of hairdryer, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new hairdryer


  • Not the cheapest diffuser on our list, but it is highly effectively and quality, so you should weigh this up when considering whether you purchase it or not
  • Those with shorter hair will probably find this particular diffuser a little too big

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks 10


BaByliss products are legendary in the hair and beauty world, because they are known to be fantastic value, whilst offering low-cost alternatives to higher priced products. This particular diffuser continues that vein.


  • Big named brand gives you confidence in your purchase
  • Plenty of good reviews to further add confidence
  • Diffuser designed to lift the hair with infrared heat technology, which gives faster drying time – this protects the hair and cuts down on the amount of energy you use also
  • Designed specifically for curly hair, helping to avoid frizz
  • Universal diffuser product, therefore fits most hairdryer models, without you having to worry about replacing your hairdryer
  • Lightweight at 6.4oz


  • Not the lightest product, despite it still being quite light – if you’re travelling a lot, or you’re a mobile hairdresser and weight is important to you, this could be an issue
  • The diffuser slides onto the hairdryer without locking – whilst this is a secure slide-on mechanism, the chances of it sliding off are still there

Why Use A Hair Diffuser?

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

A hair diffuser works by helping to avoid frizz, and send air where it is needed. When you blow dry your hair, it’s all too easy to blast the life out of it, and that means that heat can be blasted here, there, and everywhere.

When you have a head of curls of waves, this process can create frizz, which is something you need to avoid, if you want to create beautiful curls or waves. You might be in a hurry of course, but with a diffuser you’re focusing the air where it is needed, and that cuts down on the amount of drying time.

The diffuser basically reduces the velocity of the air which comes from your hair dryer (fitting neatly onto the end of the nozzle), and therefore allows you to control your styling. The other advantage is that if you don’t have curly hair, but you want to dry quickly without frizz, you can use a diffuser and get the same effect, boosting volume overall. This is how a diffuser works.

Diffusers do not upset the natural pattern of curls, or upset the clumping of hair, need for curls or waves to form. Diffusers also give you quicker drying, without adding in frizz. A diffuser is, therefore, a safety feature for your hair, avoiding intense, direct heat from making contact with your locks.

How To Use A Hair Diffuser On Curly Hair

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

Before we get onto discussing the best diffusers for curly hair on the market, we first need to know how to use one.

>>> Step 1 – Apply your usual styling products whilst your hair is wet, avoiding over-usage.

>>> Step 2 – Blow dry your hair until it is around ¾ dry. Check out this useful video for advice on how to dry your hair properly. So many of us don’t do this right, and we are damaging our hair in the process! When drying, be careful not to overdry it, because you will end up with frizz, and that takes away the whole point of using a diffuser.

>>> Step 3 – Change your hairdryer to a medium or low heat setting.

>>> Step 4 – Angle your head sideways, or you could hang it upside down. To use the diffuser place large sections of your hair curls into the diffuser and allow it to dry. Move the diffuser towards your hair and right into the roots, to give volume. This is not dangerous because the heat is low and the diffuser works to distribute the air more effectively.

>>> Step 5 – Continue until your hair is around 90% completely dry.

>>> Step 6 – Now you need to scrunch your hair to set in the curls; you could use a curl defining cream to give more definition and staying power at this point.

>>> Step 7 – Shake your hair out and gently try and fluff up the roots, but don’t overhandle your hair, otherwise the hair will flatten and so will the curls. If you’re trying to create waves, overhandling your hair at this point is what will make them prematurely ‘fall out’, and you’ll end up with straight hair again.

Check out this video for a visual pointer on how to use a hair diffuser.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Hair Diffuser

Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

If you’re on the look out for the best diffusers for curly hair, you’ll want to know what to look for, so you make the best purchase. There are a few things to bear in mind, however not too many so as to complicate your choice.

  • Price - A diffuser shouldn’t be an expensive purchase, so you need to look for a piece of equipment which fits in with your budget. The hairdryer should be the most expensive part of the deal, not the diffuser.
  • Size – Some diffusers allow more hair to be ‘diffused’ at any one time, so check out what size it is, according to how long your hair is/how much hair you have.
  • Compatibility – Does the diffuser you’re looking at fit onto your current hairdryer, or do you need to buy a new one? It’s best to find a diffuser which fits your current hairdryer, to cut down on expense.
  • How it fits onto the hairdryer – Does the diffuser clip on securely, or does it slide on? Clip on diffusers are more secure, but many slides on diffusers are equally as effective, because they slide on quite tightly.


These five diffusers are all fantastic for anyone who wants to control and take advantage of their curly locks, without sporting frizz in the process. In terms of the winner, this is hard to pick, because they all have major pros and very little in the way of cons.

Whilst splitting hairs, the winner for all-rounder use, without having to resort to purchasing a new hairdryer to actually fit the diffuser onto, the winner would be The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser, with the Segbeauty option coming in second – this isn’t compatible with all dryers however, so this is what has prevented it from coming first in the race.

The BaByliss option is certainly a high quality option, and if you’re concerned about the slip on mechanism, this isn’t a huge downside, as it is a very tight and secure fit. Whilst locks are always desirable, the BaByliss option makes up for that slight problem with its overall quality and quick drying time.

Whichever diffuser you go for, this has to be because it fits in with your particular requirements, and it’s important to shop around for the best product for your hair and your budget. 

Whilst none of the diffusers on our list are overly expensive, the Hairizone Universal option is the most expensive, albeit by a small amount – if this is important to you, then you should probably look at the other options on our list first.

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any more reviews on the "best diffusers for curly hair", then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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