How To Find A Best Eyelash Extensions Salon

Best Eyelash Extensions

Finding your ''the one'' lash salon or your beauty esthetician can be challenging. Seems like nowadays everyone's a pro and everyone is opening their own business. This means that finding a quality service is no longer easy.

However, if you pay attention to some clues, signs, and little details, you will end up choosing the right place. Want to know what you need to watch out for? Just follow these 8 steps!

Find a Best Eyelash Extension Salon By Watching Out For These 8 Steps

Best Eyelash Extensions

1. Proper Research

Whenever you are getting into something new make sure you do your research. This rule applies to your nail salon, hair salon, and definitely your lash salon.

You should find some places that are nearby with the help of Google maps or Facebook. Check out if they are still open, how well does their website look, do they post often and stuff like that.

If they don't post a lot, they are probably not that reliable since they are not proud of their work. Make sure you find some before and after pictures and see if they look good. If they don't, then you should probably search elsewhere.

2. Read Reviews

Clients will often leave honest reviews. Most of Facebook pages have got a review section where everyone expresses their thoughts.

If your chosen salon does not have a Facebook page, make sure you find them on Yelp, Tripadvisor, or some open blogs or forums. Your research should be in depth and know that it will be time-consuming.

But remember, it is for a good cause. If you end up choosing the wrong salon, you will be stuck with your unflattering lash outcome for an entire month. Better safe than sorry.

3. Know What To Ask For

Finally, once you've picked out your place, make sure you know what to ask for. Some women prefer classic lashes, other prefer minimalistic ones and some love a good Russian volume.

If you are not too sure what might suit you the best, have a consultation. Don't be shy to speak openly and express your thoughts.

You can even bring a picture and show your lash lady what is it that you want. She will tell you whether those lashes will suit you or not, so just be open to suggestions.

4. Know Your Materials

Not every fabric is the same. Lash extensions can be made out of natural or synthetic hair material. Natural lashes are mink lashes which can easily lose their shape when coming in touch with water. All of these extensions come in different shapes, sizes, and curls.

The size B or C usually looks the best. If you are not too sure about this eyelash feature (as many women aren't) then let the esthetician do as she pleases.

5. Know Your Eye Shape

Best Eyelash Extensions

It is pretty hard for you to know what eye shape you have, or what eyelash pair will look the best on you. If your esthetician knows what might suit you the best and they explain all different kinds to you, such as the cat eye, open doll shape etc, you will know that they are qualified.

They will help you choose your perfect lash shape and will show you some other examples, as well as before and after pictures. However, if they don't know any of these terms then they are not well informed and you are probably at a wrong place.

6. Their Prices

Every certified technician will come at a price. Why? Well, they've invested all of their money and hard work into their education, and as a result of that, they are pricey.

If you are seeing some sort of a discount, or ''bring your friend and the third one gets a treatment for free'' sort of deals, you should get out of there. Fishy looking places and super cheap ones are never a good idea.

7. Working Environment

Once you find yourself at your chosen place make sure you look around. You can also do this step online if the salon provides pictures or videos of their place. A proper salon should have:

  • Good lighting
  • Sterilized equipment
  • Gloves and a face mask
  • Massage/beautician’s table
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment

All of these requirements are a must for your satisfaction.

  • Good lighting is crucial during the process since they need to see what they are working with.
  • Sterilized equipment is a must due to eye infections that should be avoided.
  • Gloves and a face mask will help since the esthetician will not breathe on you during the procedure, plus they will not spread germs over your face.
  • A massage table is crucial since you will have to lay down during your 2 hour period.
  • And a humidity controller is important since the glue only cures properly at around 23 degrees Celsius and between 50-70% humidity.
Best Eyelash Extensions

8. Proper Maintenance

In the end, maintenance is an important factor that is entirely on you. Your lash esthetician will tell you how long they need to last. A well-done extension appliance will last anywhere between 3-5 weeks (nothing less, or more than that).

Since your natural lashes shed, be prepared for your extensions to shed as well. This means that you will lose a lot of lashes after a certain period of time.

However, if you don't maintain them properly you might lose them sooner than expected. You shouldn't wash your lash during the first 24 hours after getting them done, and you should avoid applying makeup or any creams on top.

Also, make sure you use a lash cleanser every night before you go to bed. Clean them thoroughly every day.

If your lashes fall off even after you took proper care of them, you can blame it on the esthetician. However, if you are clumsy and you misbehave, don't be shocked if you lose them sooner than expected.

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