Best Flat Irons According to Celebrity Hairstylists

Best Flat Irons

Find out the best flatirons on the market, my top picks for the best flat irons. This list is categorized to address the different types of hair or preferences you may have with a flat iron.

New to the hair industry or want to style your hair? Whether you're a beginner or expert in styling and caring for hair, you will need to make sure that you select the best flat iron for you.

But even the amount of experience you may have will still make it tricky to choose the one suitable for you or your clients. With the hundreds of brand names and models suitable for different hair types, you may end up feeling frustrated or confused with what you should get.

With our top selections on the best flat irons, we make it easier for you! Through our careful reviewing and testing of products, we save you the time and effort of having to test ALL the types of flat irons yourself. We categorized our reviews on flat irons to help you get the one suitable for your hair type, also basing it on strength, power, size, and durability.

What Is The Best Flat Iron For You?

Flat irons help straighten your hair quickly and efficiently, without the risk of hair damage. To get the smooth and sleek hair you want, you'll need to make sure that you get the flat iron suitable for your hair and where you'll use it in. 

Best Flat Irons - Top 7 Favorites

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron

For those who are always on the go and traveling to foreign countries with different outlets and voltages, these flat irons are suitable for their dual voltage feature to withstand any power and electricity when plugged.

Best Titanium Flat Iron

Titanium plates are versatile, made for both fine or thick hair. Many of them also have the advanced technology to keep your hair smooth and free from damage and burns.

Best Mini Flat Iron

Just like dual voltage flat irons, mini flat irons are suitable for traveling, may it be in your bag for quick touchups or going to different places. They are small enough to store while still straightening your hair efficiently.

Best CHI Flat Iron

CHI is a reputable brand known to offer the best flat irons with advanced technology to make your hair styling sessions both easy to do and safe from any burns from your hands and hair.

Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, it may be difficult to create multiple passes. With stronger and wider plates, you can still have the straight hair without the hassle.

Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair

Worried about the frizz when attempting to straighten your curly hair? In this category, you can find the quality-plated flat irons suitable for even the curliest of hair.

Best Flat Iron For African American Hair

African American hair is beautifully thick and curly, requiring powerful and wide plates to straighten it without the risk of hair damage. Check this category to find the hot flat irons that make your hair sleek and amazingly smooth!

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