Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now?

Best Hair Clippers For Fades

When it comes to styling your hair, you will want to make sure that you use the right equipment, especially when you plan on cutting it yourself.

There are many types of tools and products you can invest in to achieve the hair style you want, such as shampoos or clippers. For men who want a fade cut, you can find the "best hair clippers for fades" that will efficiently give you the ideal style you've been eyeing.

But with the many brands and models of clippers, what are the best hair clippers for fades, exactly? Read on as we show you everything you need to know about hair clippers and what to purchase!

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades Reviews

Based on our reviews, tests, and overall customer reputation, here are our top five best hair clippers for fades:

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now? 6


Another great product from Wahl, their 5-Star Hair Clippers are designed to offer the best and sharpest performance for that fade cut. We love how sleek the body is, with a shiny and dark red handle that can easily be gripped.

It has zero-overlap 2161 blades for sharpness and speed, as well as a taper lever to easily fade and blend your hair. Plus, you have the choice on whether you want it corded or not. When running on cordless, it can last for up to 90 minutes, ideal for those who have no outlets to plug the clippers in or want more freedom when styling hair.

It comes with eight strong attachment combs, the complete maintenance materials, as well as an instruction manual. But its main feature would have to be its zero-gap, which performs amazing and will get the first line out when doing fades.



  • Great packaging, with eight attachment combs
  • Cordless and adjustable
  • Lightweight and easy grip
  • Sharp, zero-gap blades
  • Blades are VERY sharp and may cut
Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now? 7


OSTER, though a bit pricier than most hair clippers you see, provides one of the most accurate and sharp cuts you'll experience! This hair clipper set is one of the more affordable yet quality ones you'll see.

It can cut through ANY type of hair, may it be wet or dry. We also love how its body offers an easy grip and a sleek design that looks great in barbershops or bathrooms.

With four hair combs and a complete set of cleaning materials, it's worth what you're paying for.



  • Durable and built to last
  • Sharp performance
  • Handy and compact design
  • A bit heavy
Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now? 8


What caught our eyes when we tried the Sminiker would be its sleek body. It's a beautiful silver known to catch eyes. It also has a tube-like design for an easier grip. We also appreciate how it has a rounded edge design for an added safety feature.

Its blade is made out of titanium, which helps provide a very easy and efficient cut. You are also assured that it won't rust or break anytime soon. I love how sharp it is and provides durability, no matter how long you use it for.

It's great for both professional or amateurs. With a user-friendly design and complete package, anyone will be able to begin using it with ease.

At an affordable price and awesome features, it's definitely something you should consider investing in.



  • Very sharp blades
  • Lightweight and quiet motor
  • Long battery life
  • No need for oil
  • Cordless
  • Sometimes cuts skin
Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now? 9


Oster offers a powerful and single speed motor. You might think that a single speed motor isn't "State-of-the-art", but it has the heavy-duty and efficient performance you'll appreciate. It has detachable blades and comes with all the maintenance and cleaning materials you need for a better lifespan.

It's a corded hair clipper but comes with a long nine-foot power cord with ultra-durable and break-resistant housing. You're assured a set of hair clippers known to last for years. It can cut through any type of hair and create any style you want.

While it may seem more expensive than other types of clippers, you'll love the upgrade and shape speed and cut it will be able to offer. Some people have complained about overheating, but just make sure that you have them oiled before using.

All in all, it's a set of hair clippers that are worth the investment!



  • Sharp performance
  • Even and consistent cutting
  • Easy to change blades
  • Does not overheat
  • Body is a bit clunky
  • Useless plastic guards
Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2022: What Should You Get Now? 10


Wahl Professional Senior Clipper is one of the most popular brands you can rely on. These are meant for professional use only, so expect speed and sharp performance without the risk of overheating or damage.

This is an electromagnetic clipper that will run cooler and quicker than any usual brand-name, which is why it's a popular choice for many stylists.

The hair clipper comes with three attachment combs, cleaning and maintenance materials, an instruction manual, and a blade guard. It also features an eight foot wire for better distance and less hassle when cutting hair.

When using it, you'll like the fact that it works for hours without it overheating or breaking down. It's usable and known to last for over a year. With a strong motor and durable body, it's a great choice for those who want to style their hair with ease.



  • Durable body
  • Strong and quiet motor
  • Sharp and comfortable cuts
  • Professional look
  • Not a lot of guides available
  • Plastic guides rub against blades

What Are Hair Clippers?

Best Hair Clippers For Fades

When cutting your own hair or visiting a hair stylist, what do you use? Of course, scissors! But you may have also heard of hair clippers. These handy pieces of equipment are known to create better and more precise cuts than scissors, offering speed and efficiency.

Hair clippers come in a small body, resembling a shaver. They have blades, or clippers, at the front-end to cut through hair and efficiently remove any loose strands to make that clean cut look. It's easy to use and only requires slow or swift passes to get the haircut you've been eyeing.

It is powered by a small motor with various options to personalize your hair styling session. Though they may be small, hair clippers are a very popular tool for both hairstylists and men who want to save up and cut hair themselves!

What Are Fade Cuts?

Best Hair Clippers For Fades

If you're looking for a great hairstyle, then you may want to check out the fade cut. This type of cut has been popular for men since 2014, with thousands donning hair that is thick on top, but begins to be thin when going down the sides and back.

The thick hair that gradually moves down to a cleaner cut with less hair is the reason why they call it a fade. While there are many variations of it, the concept is still the same.

Why is it popular for men? That's because it's very easy to maintain! Also, it gives off a clean and masculine look, making it great for just about any event, may it be for work or a date.

The fade cut can be obtained through scissors or hair clippers, but the latter is preferred because of its precision. Also, while you'll be able to have a hairstylist do it, you can cut your own hair and get the fades from home!

How To Achieve Fade Cuts?

While hairstylists don't tell their secrets to getting the perfect fade cut, we share you some tips on how you can use the best hair clippers for fades:

#1. Figure out what kind of fade you want:

  • Caesar fade is short in the back with better length at the top.
  • High and tight is a popular military style haircut where the sides and back are shaved with buzzed hair on top.
  • Princeton is the typical fade, where the top is about two inches long and becomes a shorter length as it goes down.
  • The Fauxhawk is like a Princeton, but has a sharper fade, with the back and sides either buzzed or shaved.

#2. Begin the fade in the area where your hair texture changes for a better blended look. Use the #3 guard, switching to the #2 and finishing with the #1 guard.

#3. When making passes around your sides and back, do it slowly but surely, ensuring that there are no loose hairs and you won't need to keep going back for touch-ups.

Benefits Of Using Hair Clippers

Best Hair Clippers For Fades

You're probably wondering: Why should I use hair clippers? Isn't it possible to use scissors or to cut the hassle and visit your local hairstylist?

While those are possible options, we definitely prefer using hair clippers for fades because of these benefits:


The first advantage we can think of is how much money you'll save as compared to constantly going to a salon or barbershop for touch-ups. All you need to do is to purchase one set of hair clippers, and you'll be able to style your hair to however you want it for years to come.

You also save a ton of time having to schedule an appointment and go out of your way to visit the barbershop.


Through your own set of hair clippers, you have the freedom to style your hair however you want it. You get to experiment yourself and hone your skills in hairstyling.


As compared to using scissors, hair clippers will achieve a more accurate style without you having to waste energy constantly snipping. Simply pass it neatly, and you shave off a ton of time when cutting your own hair.

How To Choose The Best Hair Clippers For Fades

Best Hair Clippers For Fades

Once we've got you hooked to using hair clippers for fades, the question is: How can you choose the best hair clippers for fades?

Here are some tips and factors you should consider to help you make the choice:

#1. Motor

Choose a motor that isn't only powerful, but something that would run smoothly and without the noise or chance of overheating. Test it out to see if it would run for a long period of time.

#2. Durable Combs

The guide combs should be strong and do not vibrate loudly, as this shows a weak set of hair clippers. Find one made out of hard and strong plastic.

#3. Sharp Blades

The sharpness of your blades will determine how precise your cuts will be. Fortunately, many blades are self-sharpening, but make sure to watch out for blades that rust quickly!

#4. Maintenance

Many hair clippers come with maintenance materials that help prolong its lifespan, such as cleaning brush and oil.

#5. Advanced Features

Today, there are many hair clippers which have advanced features that help make your cuts more precise and safe. We recommend those that come with rounded clippers to avoid cutting through skin.

In Conclusion

Your hair is an important asset that will help you look great and enhance your sense of style. For men, fades are the trend today that makes you look cool, with its clean cut making it popular among many people today.

The awesome part is, you'll be able to style a fade cut right in the comforts of your own home with the help of hair clippers!

Out of the five hair clippers we've reviewed, the winner will have to be the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148. It has the professional precision you need to style your fade, all without the risk of overheating! Its comfortable and sleekly designed body is what makes it one of the best hair clippers for fades.

Hopefully, this article on the best hair clippers helped you know what you need to invest in when looking for an efficient and useful tool to style your hair. So what are you waiting for?

Invest in the best hair clippers for fades today and get the hairstyle you've always wanted.

We hope you found the article informative. If you have any other questions or reviews on these "best hair clippers for fades", then comment down below. We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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