Best Hooded Dryer For African American Hair On 2023

Best Hooded Dryer For African American Hair

When it comes to maintaining and improving on your beauty, you need to learn how to take care of your hair! There are different hairstyles and types, usually according to your genetics or environment.

For African-American women, they may face one common problem: VERY thick hair. While thick hair is beautiful, especially when styled well, it's also a bit complicated to keep it away from tangles. This is where the "best hooded dryer for African American hair" comes along.

But what exactly can a hooded hair dryer do, and what should you invest in? Read on as we will show you how to purchase the best hooded dryer for African American hair.

Top 5 Best Hooded Dryer For African American Hair

Based on my research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are my top five choices on the best hooded hair dryer for African American hair:

best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

The awesome thing about Pibbs 514 is its make. It's a high-quality Italian made dryer, so you are definitely assured quick drying time without the hassle.

It has a 1,100W motor that's CE certified, as well as a stand to easily move around in. The stand is fully adjustable and comes with wheels, so I can easily move and store it if needed.

As for the dryer head itself, I love that it has a temperature control dial and timer so I can easily tweak the settings according to how I want to dry my hair.

No need to wait for my hair to dry before I style it. It's VERY powerful and can dry the thickest of hair in less than half and hour.

With a quiet yet efficient motor that's known to last for years, it's definitely worth the investment.



  • Efficient drying time
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy assembly
  • TOO powerful- You may need to use a hairnet
best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

Gold 'N Hot Elite offers the professional hair dryer with a sleek design. Unlike most salon hair dryers that have a long hair dryer body, this has a small pod-like construction that will still cover your hair for drying. I love how the design is small yet powerful and fit for any hairstyle.

It has an ionic generator with a power switch and four styling settings, so you can choose however you want the hair dryer to do. It does the simple job of drying your hair quickly, perfect for long and curly hair. It's lightweight (compared to other dryers) and is the basic hooded dryer at an affordable price.



  • Does the basic job of drying hair efficiently
  • Cute design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It's not as durable as other hairdryers.
  • Not sufficiently supported by stand
best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

The Ovente professional Ionic Hair Dryer comes with everything you need in a hooded dryer without the hefty price tag. I appreciate that it comes with a timer and thermostat, as well as dual heating elements so it can dry hair efficiently and as quick as possible. It also has the stable and strong stand for you to roll it to easily move or store.

The hood dryer itself is amazing, as it also has a multi-bladed fan. You won't need to worry about it incurring too much heat and damaging your hair. It's also easy to set up and use, may you be a beginner or professional hairstylist.

All in all, it's a great buy and at an average price. It's durable and can do the job effectively, making it worth the purchase.



  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good price
  • Large enough to fit rollers
  • Styles hair nicely
  • Loud motor
best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

Tourmaline Tools is one of the more affordable options to choose from when looking for a hooded dryer, but don't be fooled by its price!

It may be cheap for a hair dryer, but it comes with all the features you need without the hefty price tag. I love its purple design with transparent windows so I can look around and use my phone while using it.

The visor is adjustable and can fit in the largest of rollers! As for the stand, I like that it has locks for stability and removable legs to easily store it when needed.

The performance is great, with a pre-moisture system with the latest technology. It isn't only a dryer, but like a hair spa treatment as well. You can also choose between four heat options in two speeds, making it dry but leaving your hair shiny and soft.

I would recommend this hair dryer for those on a budget. But you won't scrimp on quality with this one!



  • Fits ANY hairstyle
  • Nice design with adjustability
  • Good heating options
  • Pre-moisture system
  • Affordable price
  • Takes a bit long to dry hair
best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

The PEBCO may be on the more expensive side, but once you see its professional features, you'll realize why!

It does the basic job with a very powerful 2,500-watt power and adjustable settings for time and temperature for faster drying time without compromising your hairstyle.

It also has an opening hood to easily put your head inside, as well as an adjustable height for the stand that comes with wheels for portability.

With ionic features and quiet motor, it's worth the investment. I would recommend this for those who have the budget, because you won't be sorry!



  • Easy to adjust settings
  • Dries faster than usual
  • Quiet motor
  • A bit expensive

What Is A Hooded Hair Dryer?

best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

You have probably used a blow dryer at least once in your lifetime. These blow dryers are great in drying your hair quickly when you are in a hurry, or if you need to style your hair efficiently, without wet or stubborn hair ruining your routine.

But with African American hair, though thick and luscious, it is a bit difficult to style. It can take a few hours to style hair properly! That's where a hooded hair dryer comes to the rescue.

You've probably seen a hooded hair dryer at least once in the salon. These are the types of blow dryers that you put on top of your head, covering your hair and a part of your head, hence the term hooded.

These hooded hair dryers have dryers all around the hood, so you will be able to simply sit back and relax as it dries your hair at optimum temperatures.

They also come with a stand so you won't be holding on to it, and you can also easily move it around, so you can stand or walk around, adjusting the dryer easily.

Benefits Of Using A Hooded Hair Dryer

Best Hooded Hair Dryer For African American Hair

You have "regular" hair dryers, so why bother making a huge investment and getting a hooded hair dryer? It seems too much!

Contrary to what you may think, a hooded hair dryer for African American hair has a lot of benefits you can reap, more so than simply using a blow dryer! Here are the advantages that owning a hooded hair drew can give you:


When you condition your hair under heat, it will be able to fully hydrate and strengthen your hair even better than using a blow dryer or air drying it.

That's because of the increased temperature focused all around your hair. With heightened temperature, you have better conditioner absorption.

Drying Time

We all know that hooded dryers dry your hair quickly and efficiently. Like mentioned, many have adjustable heat settings so you can dry according to your preference and be able to immediately style your hair after minutes of getting out of the shower.


Drying your hair won't be such a hassle anymore, as you will be able to lessen the effort of constantly moving the blow dryer around your hair.

All you need to do is to sit back and relax or to run errands on your mobile device while the hooded hair dryer does the job, and in quicker time.


Hooded hair dryers are usually found in salons. So when you own one and begin practicing or perfecting how you use and style hair with it, you'll be able to have the professional style, as if you went to the salon.


These hooded hair dryers may seem out of budget, but are definitely worth the investment, as it saves you time and money from salon treatments and styling. You have the versatility on how you can style your hair, having it YOUR way!

How To Purchase The Best Hooded Dryer For African American Hair?

Surprisingly to many, you'll be able to own your hooded hair dryer without the need to go back to salons.

But the question is: How can you choose the best hooded hair dryer for African American hair? It will take research, especially on a big hair tool like this.

best hooded hair dryer for African American hair

To help you out, here are some tips and factors to consider when choosing the best hooded dryer for African American hair:

1. Size

There are different sizes you can choose from, depending on the size of your head and length of your hair.

Look for hair dryers with a nice size that isn't too big or heavy to hassle yourself, but big enough to fit your hair.

2. Heat

This is a very important factor, as the heat and power of the motor found in hooded hair dryers is a huge factor on how it will dry your hair efficiently.

I recommend that you choose a hooded dryer that offers adjustable heat settings that can go over 1,000 watts. That way, you have ultimate power!

3. Stand

Like mentioned, hooded hair dryers come with a stand so you can easily move around or adjust the height as needed.

I would choose one that has an adjustable height lever for you to easily get the ideal height for comfort.

4. Portability

If you're on the go but need something light to bring, then a softer bonnet dryer is easier to take to other places. If you plan on keeping it at home, then a normal hooded hair dryer is fine.

5. Interior

What's inside your hooded hair dryer is important, especially if you plan on using chemicals on your hair for styling before you use it.

Ants-Staining coat inside the hooded hair dryer is essential, so as not to damage or create stains around it after styling and drying hair.

6. Durability

The parts should be made out of strong materials and machinery so as to last for years to come! Searching up on reputable brand names and customer reviews will help be the judge of that.

You can find many customer reviews from trusted sources near you, or in online shops and blogs.

In Conclusion

Are you planning on investing in better hair products and tools for your thick African American hair?

Show off your beauty and lessen the thickness or tangles with a hooded hair dryer. With the best hooded dryer for African American hair, you'll be able to get the hair you want to look even more beautiful than ever.

Out of all the hooded hair dryers tested, I chose the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri as the best. Why? Because of its quality and strength.

It provides the efficient performance that everyone needs for their hair, from curly to straight hair. It dries hair quickly without it getting too hot, and its intensity with comfort and quickness makes it a nice investment.

It's as if you're paying for countless salon treatments! You might be hesitant about the prices of hood hair dryers, but once you invest in one, you'll see that it will pay back.

Hopefully, this article on the best hooded hair dryer for African American hair helped you become more knowledgeable with what you need.

You can purchase any of these tools in reputable online shops, or in local stores near you. So what are you waiting for?

Start styling your hair better with the best hooded dryer for African American hair!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more questions or reviews about the "best hooded dryer for African American hair", then comment down below. We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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