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Best Hot Rollers

"Best Hot Rollers". Hair trends change just as much as clothing and footwear fashion, and that means that you need to know exactly what is in fashion, and how to achieve that look.

 Of course, not everyone has the right type of hair for that particular trend, but in that case, you simply find a different trend to follow! This is what is so great about hairstyles, they can be adapted and changed according to your own hair needs.

If you have long or mid-length hair, you have the ideal hair type for the long, cascading, bouncy curls which are seen adorning catwalks the world over, and of course, on the heads of the rich and famous!

So, how do you know what types of equipment to use for this style? And how do you know that the equipment you choose is any good?

We are going to check out some hot rollers reviews, to find the best hot rollers for you and your hair – you’ll be rocking that new trend in no time!

Top 5 Best Hot Rollers Reviews

Best Hot Rollers

This is a well-known brand in the hair care world, so you get instant peace of mind in your purchase, and the price is quite medium too, so you’re not paying over the odds for quality.

The set includes 20 rollers which are ceramic flocked in type, and they are infused with argon oil, so you get conditioning whilst you style and therefore less frizz as a result.

The rollers heat up within two minutes and there are three different sizes within the box, as well as 12 temperature settings. These are ideal for all hair types.


  • 20 rollers in the set means there are enough included
  • Argon oil fusion for zero frizz
  • Heats up fast, in just 2 minutes
  • Three different sizes within the set
  • 12 different temperature settings
  • Big named brand
  • Sleek appearance


  • The sizes are variable but there isn’t a jumbo sized curler in the set
  • Flocked rollers hold the hair well, but they are sometimes difficult to remove from thicker hair
Best Hot Rollers

A little more expensive than some of the best hot rollers reviews we’re talking about, but definitely worth the slight extra cost for the quality you get!

We know that jumbo rollers are ideal for thicker or longer hair, and are very versatile, and this set focuses mainly on this, with 20 rollers included in the price, in various sizes.

 There are dual ionic ports in the curlers which are designed to emit negative ions, and therefore cuts down on frizz. BaByliss is also a recognised household brand.


  • Big named brand you can trust
  • Jumbo rollers which are very versatile, and ideal for thicker or longer hair styles
  • Dual ionic ports which cut down on frizz
  • 20 rollers included in the price


  • Slightly higher price
  • Jumbo rollers are not the best for shorter hair, or for thinner hair
Best Hot Rollers

Those with shorter hair will find this particular set of rollers fantastic. Again, you get an included set of 12 hair clips, which helps with sectioning, and an included carry bag with grab handle, making this set ideal for travel and on the go usage.

There are 12 curlers included in the set, all of the same size, and they heat up within 3-5 minutes; you will know when the roller is hot enough for use because it turns from pink to purple!


  • Ideal for shorter or thinner hair, because the rollers are smaller and all the same size in the set
  • Comes with 12 clips for sectioning
  • Also comes with a carry case, and the set is quite compact, so overall great for travelling
  • The rollers change colour when they are hot enough for use


  • No varying roller sizes, they are all the same
  • Smaller rollers, so not ideal for long or thick hair
Best Hot Rollers

This particular best hot curler is ideal for those on a budget, because the price is low but the quality is high!

The product uses steam to create heat, and the pack comes with several different styling pieces of equipment, such as clips, a carrying case, and 30 different rollers of varying sizes.

The curls are achieved within 30 seconds, and the whole set is compact for travel usage.


  • 30 rollers of varying sizes included in the set
  • Styling equipment also included, such as pins
  • Ideal for travel, with an included carry case, and compact design
  • Steam heat up, for long-lasting curls
  • Low price


  • Steam does hold curls and waves for a long period of time, but not as long as ceramic heat varieties
  • Not the biggest brand name, and that could be an issue for some
Best Hot Rollers

This is a very cute set, in a aqua green colour and accompanying black travel case with grab handle. There are also 12 clips included, which help you section your hair and hold the rollers in place.

The set includes 1” and 1.2” rollers, with 12 in the set in total. This set uses ionic heat to hold the curl into place much quicker, and also cuts down on frizz in the end result.


  • 12 rollers in two different sizes
  • Ionic heat holds the curl in for a longer amount of time and avoids frizz
  • Includes a black travel case with grab handle, and 12 clips for styling and holding
  • Low price makes this an ideal product for those on a budget


  • Doesn’t include jumbo rollers, so for those with thick or longer hair, this best hot rollers set might not be enough

What Are Hot Rollers?

Best Hot Rollers


The name really gives it away, surely! A hot roller is a traditional hair roller which is pre-heated before use and therefore helps your hair to hold the style for much longer.

The best hot rollers come in a box which is plugged into the mains to produce the heat; when the curlers are in their heating box (which is also used as a storage box), they are warming up, and should be left until they reach optimum heat before being used.

There are various capacities in terms of how many curlers you get in the set, so it’s worth shopping around to find your ideal product.

There should also be heat selection, so you can tailor-make the rollers to your particular hair type; for instance a lower or medium heat is best for fine hair, whereas thicker hair can take a higher temperature.

Benefits Of Using Hot Rollers

Best Hot Rollers

There are countless different types of hair styling tools around, and most state that they are capable of creating curls; is this really the case however?

Yes, a pair of hair straighteners can curl hair, but some people do find it difficult to do, because the actual process of holding the tool and twisting it can be difficult to get used to.

Similarly, curling wands can sometimes be awkward to hold and get used to, and you have to stand there waiting for the curl to form.

The major benefit of using hot rollers is that you don’t have any of this hassle, you simply roll up your hair, secure it, and then wait; you can even go about your business around the house whilst waiting, cutting down on the amount of time it takes you to get ready. Many women do their make up whilst waiting for their hair to set in the rollers!

Hot rollers don’t get to the same high heats as some straightening/curling wands do, so you’re likely to experience less in the way of hair damage, and you can usually tailor-make the heat you do heat the roller up to, by choosing the right amount of warmth for your hair type – finer hair requires less heat, whereas thick or long hair requires a higher heat to create the curl.

Another major benefit of using hot rollers is that they are easy to transport and quick to heat up. Most best hot rollers come in storage/heating boxes which are compact, and often have carry cases included.

The charging plug is often dual voltage (something to look out for), and this means that you can take them with you on your travels, and create different styles, according to your requirements that day. Check out this video for a visual tutorial.

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best Hot Rollers

There are certain things you need to look out for when purchasing the best hot curler set for your hair:

Best Hot Rollers


1. The Finish You Want To Achieve

There are two main types of hot roller out there, namely the ribbed and the flocked. If you want to hold your style for a longer time, flocked will grab onto the hair better, if you want the curler to come out of your hair with ease, ribbed is easier. Fine hair is best combined with a ribbed curler.

2. Type Of Heating

 Sponge rollers use steam and these heat up the fastest, where as ceramic infused rollers take a little longer, but they use far-infrared heat which cuts down on frizz and also emits negative ions.

This type of heated curler is ideal for hair which is already damaged. You could also go for wax core rollers which are perfect for hair which is difficult to heat, because the wax inside the roller holds the heat in for a longer time.

3. The Size Of Roller

 Sets tend to come in two types, namely a set with all the same sized curlers, or a set with different sizes. It depends how versatile you want to be.

4. Price

 Be sure to shop around, as there are countless products on the market, and something for every budget.

General Tips When Using Hot Rollers

It’s really about the type of equipment you use here, but the way you prepare your hair, and the way you use the rollers is also the key.

Always make sure that your hair is totally dry before you attempt to curl it in this way; you might think that using them damp and letting them dry on the curler will set in the curl, but the opposite actually happens, as well as opening up your hair to potential heat damage.

Moisture is not a curl’s best friend, and if there is any moisture in your hair at all, the curl is simply going to fall out after a short amount of time.

  1. Dry your hair completely – We just mentioned this, and this is your first step if you are washing your hair first. Of course, curls often stay better in hair which has not just been washed, so perhaps use this style on day old unwanted hair for better results.
  2. Prepare your hair – This is especially important for anyone with fine hair, because heat damage is a very real thing!

How To Curl Fine Hair With Hot Rollers

We’ll dedicate a whole section to those of you with fine hair, because this is often the hardest type of hair to curl successfully.

  • Use a low to medium heat setting to avoid damage
  • Use smaller rollers and set them into smaller sections
  • Wrap the hair around the roller horizontally, as this will help to give you more volume
  • Once you’ve wrapped the hair around the rollers, spray over a texturizing spray to the roots
  • Leave your hair for around 15 to 20 minutes
  • Gently remove the rollers, without pulling too much
  • Brush through gently

How To Curl Thick Hair, Long Hair With Hot Rollers

Jumbo sized rollers are always best for thicker hair, because this will give you much more volume and holds your curls much better than thinner curlers, which will simply give you minimal style. Thicker hair can also get away with a much more subtle wave, whilst still look fantastic.

  • Use a medium heat when curling thicker hair, a low heat probably won’t do the job
  • Dot the rollers around the head – thicker hair doesn’t need too many sets in
  • Roll horizontally for more volume and secure according to instructions for the particular product
  • Thicker hair will need the curlers to be left in for longer, and around 30 minutes is recommended; do some housework or read a book whilst you wait!
  • Remove them gently
  • Tousle the hair with a brush gently, to avoid brushing the curl out completely
  • A quick dusting of hairspray will help the curls to stay in

In the case of longer hair styles, again, stay away from smaller rollers and go for the jumbo version. The best way to apply them is to roll from the bottom up at least two times, making sure you roll away from your face to give you the best look possible.

How To Achieve Sleek Looking Waves, Rather Than Curls

If you want waves, rather than a full head of curls, you need to invest in large, jumbo curlers in particular.

  • Wrap your hair in larger sections around the rollers
  • Wrap vertically, rather than horizontally·
  • Leave for the right amount of time, according to your hair type
  • When you remove the curlers, run your straighteners over the very ends, to stop them kinking outwards, but don’t pull down too hard otherwise you risk ruining the wave
  • If you want a really shiny look, add a little hair oil – sparingly!
  • If the waves begin to drop after a few hours, simply tousle with your hands and spray a little hairspray and your style will be revived!

In Conclusion

The products in our hot rollers reviews are all fantastic in their own right, and they all serve a purpose for either all hair types, or for a particular style.

If you have thick or long hair, it’s definitely best to go for the Infiniti Pro option, and we are naming this our winner simply because this type of roller is much more versatile, and because the big named brand really gives you peace of mind for your purpose.

If you have short or thin hair however, the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set 12 Base is the best choice for you, and therefore our runner up for the title of best hot rollers set.

Happy styling!

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any more reviews on the "best hot rollers", then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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