Top 6 Best Jet Black Hair Dye 2020 – Reviews & Tops Picks

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

Planning to change your hair color again? Or dying your hair for the first time? Find the "best jet black hair dye" for both men and women with the help of this guide!

This article will give you some important and helpful tips and tricks in finding the right hair dye, dyeing your hair black, and keeping it that way, longer!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out more!


Top 6 Best Jet Black Hair Dye Reviews

Here are some of the most favorite jet black hair dyes available in the market today. You can use these reviews to explore your choices.

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​First on the list is this Jet Black Hair Dye from Just for Men. Use it with your shampoo for an easy and fast way to achieve a natural no-gray-hair look. It colors your hair effectively, permanently, completely covering the grays.

It looks natural because it maintains the variations of your hair’s natural color and specifically targets gray portions. It is easy to apply, non-drip, and only takes minutes to take effect.

This formulation contains Vitamin E, protein, aloe, and chamomile for hair nourishment. It also makes your hair look thicker and healthier after every application. It is ammonia free and causes zero hair damage.

It also conditions to keep your hair smooth and easy to manage.


  • Made in the USA
  • Targets gray hair for a natural look
  • Lather-in application
  • Fast effect
  • Gentle and ammonia free


  • Can cause allergic reactions which although rarely, can be severe
  • Fades quickly on some hair types

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​Looking for a cruelty-free or vegan option? The Henna Guys’ color is the way to go! It contains no ingredients that use harsh chemicals or pesticides, making it safe and reliable.

Made in India, this dye mixes indigo powder and henna for a long-lasting color. Henna is also natural-looking on the hair, and you don’t need to reapply too often since the color stays vibrant and bright.

A small amount of the product also goes a long way, and one bag can be used for up to three applications.


  • Small product amount works well
  • 100% Natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free
  • No Chemicals, Pesticides, or Metallic Salts
  • Leaves a long-lasting bright color


  • Does not come with any applicators or tools
  • Can be difficult to apply if you’re a beginner

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​The third is this Color system that comes from a line of twelve moisture-rich, ammonia and sulfate-free hair colors. It has natural ingredients like soy protein to replenish lost proteins and for strengthening your hair.

It also has organic glycerin to lock in moisture, flax seed oil for volume and shine, and certified organic shea butter for moisturizing, shiny, and healthy hair. Shea butter also helps with reviving damaged hair by working from the roots to the tips.

These natural ingredients combine to promote a hair vibrancy, reduce damage, hydrate, and give your hair a brilliant shine.


  • Ammonia-Free and Sulfate-free making it more gentle than most boxed brands
  • Easy DIY application
  • Decently sized Elixir, conditioner, and shampoo which you can use after dying
  • Leaves hair soft and moisturized
  • Includes complete step by step, easy to follow instructions


  • A bit hard to squeeze the product out of the bottle
  • Bleeds like any other hair coloring system

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​An innovative and new semi-permanent hair color from Adore, this Jet Black hair color has no alcohol, peroxides, or ammonia.

It deposits color onto your hair for a natural look. It also has ingredients meant to leave your hair healthy and shiny, while also helping it recover from previous damage.

This exclusive formula from Adore gives you a mix of ingredients perfectly blended to improve your hair’s shine, softness, and smoothness. It also offers rich colors.


  • Smells great
  • Alcohol, ammonia, and peroxide-free
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny


  • Does not work very great on stubborn gray hair
  • Fades quickly

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​For an indulgent hair color but minimal damage, choose Clairol Jet Black Hair Color. It comes from a series of gentle colors for a rich, natural effect.

It also moisturizes and revitalizes your hair by adding up to 45% more shine. The collection includes fifteen color shades that you can intermix for any shade that you want.

It helps blend gray hair and is enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, aloe vera, and jojoba oil.


  • Blends out gray hair
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable Price
  • Makes hair soft, silky, shiny and easy to manage


  • Can cause drying of hair in some users
  • Fades almost immediately

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

​Last but not least is the Jet Black Hair Coloring Kit from Splat’s Rebellious Colors collection. Aside from being easy to apply, this coloring kit also forms a protective shield to cover your hair for a long-lasting color.

This hair color contains a unique, micro-pigment formula for a long-lasting vivid hair color. It does not only color your hair but also conditions it. It comes with easy to follow instructions.

The kit comes with a complete set including the hair color, peroxide, lightening bleach, and gloves. It is also gluten-free and vegan!


  • Easy to apply
  • Colors evenly
  • Gluten Free and vegan
  • Can be used for tie-dye projects
  • Can be mixed with other Splat colors


  • Can stain skin and clothes

What To Look For In The Best Jet Black Hair Dye

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

To start off, here are the things you should consider first before heading to the supply store to buy hair dye or having your hair colored professionally.

1. Hair Dye Color

Obviously, the first thing you have to decide on is what color or shade you want your hair to be. There are tons of shades of black to choose from, so it could be hard.

When dying your hair black, it’s easy enough to get jet black, but more natural-looking shades have a hint of brown and are warmer. Try matching the color you want with the current shade of your hair.

For example, if you have honey blonde hair, a warmer shade will look better and ash blonde will give a better result with jet black. (Learn more about this in following sections!)

To make sure that jet black looks good on you, you can try uploading your picture and editing your hair color.

Many apps are currently available to do that online, but you can also use an editing software if you already have one installed on your computer.

​2. Quality Ingredients

The quality of hair dyes depends on the ingredients they use. Natural hair dyes are most people’s go-to choice. These provide many benefits that keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Some dyes even come with special treatments or conditioners that you can use after dying, which is also great.

Look for moisturizing ingredients like natural oils to prevent dryness and dullness of hair. Citrus or other fruit extracts also help keep your hair color bright and vibrant.

​3. Application

Lastly, look for easy to apply hair dyes, especially if you intend to do the process all by yourself at home.

Many hair dying products come with all the tools you’ll need such as a squirt bottle or a brush. These are very handy if this is your first time to dye your hair and have no available tools at home.

Make sure you also read and understand the instructions correctly before actually doing the first step. This will prevent you from getting unwanted results or ruining your hair.

Choose a hair dye that comes with or has simple, informative, and easy to follow instructions.

Finding The Right Black Hair Dye

Best Jet Black Hair Dye


Black hair dyes are either permanent, semi or demi permanent. Demi permanent dyes have peroxides while semi permanent ones don’t. The best decision depends on your current hair color.

1. Blondes

Demi permanent (peroxide-based) dyes are the best options for hair that is naturally blonde, bleached blonde or dark blonde. Peroxide-free dyes can give good results initially but can change color after a few washes.

The color can turn dull at first, then become gray or blue if put over bleached blonde hair, or a muddy green color over natural or gold blondes. This is due to semi direct dye pigments.

If you have bleach blonde hair and want to go black, you probably need a filler color first. To avoid complications and fading or gray and blue hair, seek a professional for this process.

For natural blondes, black hair color is very high maintenance. Natural root colors may begin to show after three or four weeks. Demi permanent dyes will fade, but not as much to return to the natural color.

Getting tired of the high maintenance and returning to your natural hair color will be very inconvenient and expensive. So, think this through before going for it.

2. Brown or Darker Hair

Naturally light or dark brown hair is the ideal color for black hair dying. The best type of dye for you are the peroxide-free semi permanent direct dyes.

These dyes cause very minimally to no damage because they are also ammonia-free. However, you should never use these dyes with peroxide developer.

They don’t penetrate your hair as much as peroxide based dyes but only work on the surface. Because of this, the color tends to bleed a lot when you wash your hair.

Tips and Tricks When Dying your Hair

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

Here are some tips to remember that many people found very helpful when dying your hair.

1. The right developer is the key.

Hair professionals usually advise against using box dyes because of the developer. Developers are crucial in the hair dying process because they determine how much change your hair will undergo.

Developer comes in different “volumes” or strengths. A 10 volume developer is the most gentle and only deposits dye on your hair’s surface. A 20 volume developer changes your hair color about one to two shades.

A 30 volume developer makes your hair about three to four shades darker or lighter. When dying at home, never use a developer stronger than this.

Box dyes are not recommended since they come with the dye and developer, but the developer typically comes only in 20 volume. So, no matter what color is shown in the packaging, your hair can only change a shade or two.

If you have a blonde hair, you might get a dark brown instead of jet black. What you should do instead is buying the developer and dye separately. This way, you can adjust and get the desired developer strength for your dream hair color.

Dyes sold in beauty shops or supply stores are also often of professional quality, giving you a richer and longer lasting color.

2. Skin stain removal hack.

Stains left along your ears, hairline, neck or hands can be super annoying. To remove them, just mix whitening fluoride toothpaste and a tablespoon of olive oil to remove dye stains from your skin.

Use a cotton ball to apply and rub the mixture on your skin. This is cheaper and more gentle than makeup removing wipes you can buy from the store.

3. Buy extra product.

Especially if you have at least shoulder-length hair or hair that’s very thick, buy at least twice as much coloring product. Get double of everything to save yourself time and embarrassment of going back to buy more with half-dyed hair.

4. Steer clear of metal tools.

When dying your hair, never use metal anything. Whether that’s a mixing bowl, spoon, or hair clips, hair dyes can react and oxidize upon contact. This can change the color or worse, severely damage your hair.

In some instances, the reaction can even cause hair to break off! So, opt to use plastic stuff when coloring.

5. Never dye your lashes or brows by yourself.

Instead of doing this at home, get a professional appointment. Our eyes are very precious, and there is a high risk of the chemicals damaging them.

6. Don’t use white pillow cases or towels after dying your hair.

Especially if you used a semi-permanent peroxide-free dye, the color tends to bleed and wash off. So, use dark colored or old towels when drying off your hair. Also, don’t sleep with wet hair as this will increase bleeding.

Most dyes stop washing off after around 4 or 5 washes so that it might be a hassle, but you don’t really have to do it for long.

7. Think hard before deciding to use permanent black hair dye.

The best permanent jet black hair dye is the most difficult to change or remove. Although possible, the process can severely damage your hair, and you will have very limited options.

Ask yourself first if you’re ready for a long-time commitment to black hair. However, if you want to explore other hair colors in the near future, opt for demi or semi permanent black dyes.

8. Choose dyes with oil and plant ingredients.

If you’re dying your hair at home, there’s a high chance you could end up damaging your hair with a strong developer or permanent color.

So, consider dyes that are plant-based or oil powered. These protect your hair and its color, keeping it moisturized and vibrant for longer. Some brands even use organic and natural ingredients.

Caring For Dyed Or Colored Hair

Best Jet Black Hair Dye

In addition to these, here are some caring tips to protect colored hair and keep the color from fading.

1. Use non-sulfate moisturizing hair products

Non-sulfate shampoos and protein-rich moisturizing conditioners work wonders to maintain colored and treated hair. Protein treatments can also be used as more powerful alternatives to conditioner.

Use treatments more frequently for permanently colored or high-lift colored hair.

2. Use Warm or Cold Water for Washing

Hot water makes any hair color leach or bleeds faster. During cold days when you really need a hot bath or shower, just wash your hair after with colder water.

3. Don’t wash your hair too often

When you have colored hair, using a dry shampoo instead of washing regularly can help retain the color. This also makes your hair easier to style, and pin as well as maintains a good voluminous look.

4. Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioners keep your hair as healthy and moisturized as possible. Without proper moisture, black hair can look extremely dull and not shiny.

Some conditioners are also color-depositing, which helps keep your hair color vibrant.

5. Styling

With colored hair, especially jet black hair, split ends and damage will stand out more. So, keep your hair well-cut. Also, avoid styling with heat or using curling or straightening irons as dyed hair is more prone to damage.


To conclude, the "best jet black hair dye" among those listed here is the Shea Moisture Jet Black Hair Color System! It is ammonia-free and sulfate-free, easy to apply, and leaves hair soft and moisturized.

For more questions regarding hair dyes and hair colors, leave me a message in the comments section below! I’ll try to give you an answer as soon as I can to the best of my abilities. Good luck!

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