5 Best Nail Treatments to Look Forward to in 2022

Best Nail Treatments

In 2020, many people did not get the chance to have their nails done following the strict national lockdown measures put in place. Even though many trends cropped up, they did not have the chance to flourish.

Fortunately, things are better in 2022 and there are many nail treatments to look forward to. Soon the nail salons will reopen and you'll no longer need to settle for bad nails or complicated DIY-s. Here are some of the best nail treatments in 2022.

1. Pastel Tones

Pastel tones have become very popular as people are quickly shifting from bold nail colours and patterns to minimalistic options. Even though they have a spring feel, pastel nail tones are now appropriate for all seasons. They are subtle, fresh, and cool.

They are the best way to introduce some colour to a manicure or pedicure without being dramatic. Pastel tones will improve your confidence and the appearance of your nails while maintaining a subtle, minimalistic, and low-key mood.

When trying to add some drama with pastel tones, consider using different shades for each nail. Pastels do not need to be boring or predictable. The most popular pastel shades include mint, rose, and lilac.

2. Chic Press-Ons

In 2022, press-ons have come to replace acrylics. While acrylics have been popular for a long time, but they can be too thick and exaggerated and make your fingers seem wider than they are.

Press-ons are strategically sized and they look great without changing the natural look of your fingers.

With press-ons, you can achieve a professional and beautiful look in just three minutes. You do not need to visit a nail salon. With press-ons. Your fingers may seem longer than they are.

There are many press-on brands in the market and most of them are inclusive. They come in different colours, patterns, and designs. If you pick a solid colour, you can use a variety of art styles on it. They are easy to use and they can retain their good looks for up to two weeks.

3. Bedazzled Nails

Bedazzled nails have always been popular, and they are still some of the best nail treatments. Bedazzled nails can be your biggest accessories. You can bedazzle your nails using faux diamonds, beads, crystals, or pearls. Pick an option that matches your style and personality.

Even though these nails may require a lot of effort in maintenance they are worth it. They create your desired vibe and easily stand out. These nails are likely to gain a lot of momentum in 2022. The variety of nail art is quickly increasing and there is a lot to enjoy.

Minimal art has become popular as well. It is perfect when you want a pop without too much drama. There are plenty of lines and shapes to experiment with.

4. Personal Statements

People are constantly looking for ways to express themselves and nail art has become one of the simplest ways to do it.

Personal statements are a trend whose growth is expected to continue in 2022. Hand-lettering and calligraphy on nails are great ways to express yourself and show your style without having to say a word. Many celebrities have already hopped on the trend.

If you want to create personal statements at home, your best option is to use press-on nails and decal stickers. You can also use a fine-tipped brush and nail polish for hand-lettering.

5. Negative Spaces

The negative space trend is popular in 2022. The grow-out is hard to notice and the treatment is generally easy to maintain. With a negative space design, there is a bit of peekaboo on your natural nails.

The trend means that you do not have to visit a salon often. You can extend your visits from every two weeks to every four weeks.

Negative space manicures can be created at home too. Consider cutting a painter's tape into creative templates.

You should be able to paint over them. By leaving the negative space around the nail bed, you ensure that the grow-out effect is a lot like what you would get from a professional.

Once you have applied tape to the nail, apply the base and colour around it, when you are done but the polish is not fully dried yet, lift the tape.

Your nails can help you switch up any look in an instant. When you need a change, dyeing or cutting your hair can seem like too much. Getting a different nail look is much more accessible and practical.

Even though nail trends come and go, there is something to look forward to every year. In 2022, nail enthusiasts can look forward to negative space manicures, personal statements on nails, press-ons, and the preference of pastel tones.

Whether you choose to try out the trends at home or seek the help of a nail artist, you will have options for every month of the

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