Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Best Professional Hair Clippers

A good quality pair of hair clippers is an important part of your beauty kit. From slight adjustments to hair, to full on shaving episodes, the "best professional hair clippers" will serve you well, and will cover a whole host of possibilities.

This piece of equipment should last you a considerable length of time, so it means getting the decision right from the get go.

Professional hair stylists all have a good quality pair of hair clippers in their styling kit, and this covers not only male styling needs, but women’s too – A short female hair style can be finished off perfectly by a slight buzz cut on the neck line, especially for those who have a lower hairline than is considered normal.

Basically, the best professional hair clippers on the market will turn a mediocre styling effort into a top quality styling effort, but you need to make sure you’re getting quality and cost effectiveness from the start.

But with this explanation in mind, what exactly are hair clippers? How do you know you’re getting quality when you make a purchase? What should you look for?

Let’s explore this in more detail, to help you make a fully informed decision.

Best Professional Hair Clipper Reviews

Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide 6

This is a very highly rated set of hair clippers, and one which is ideal for mobile or static hair stylists alike. What makes this set stand out is that they can be either cordless or corded, and that gives you flexibility in your styling and for travel.

The clippers also come with a set of different attachments, as well as being ultra-durable at the same time.


  • Made of high quality and strong stainless steel
  • Cutting strength and closeness from 0.7 to 3mm
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the back of the blade having a closed section
  • Charges up in 45 minutes and has 75 minutes of battery time
  • Indicator light tells you when the blade needs oiling
  • Lightweight design which is ideal for travel
  • Blades remove easily


  • High price, which is probably best suited to professional stylists, rather than home users
Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide 7

This is a big named brand in the hair styling world, which gives you peace of mind.

The price isn’t as high as some of the other hair clippers on the market, which is always a bonus, and it is a very powerful machine, with a rotary motor, which is known to give excellent results.


  • Lower price than some other clippers of the same standard
  • Powerful and cordless
  • Rotary motor
  • Has a run time of one hour, without a break
  • Blades detach and clean easily
  • You can charge the battery away from the clipper


  • Doesn’t have a huge amount of attachment included for the price
Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide 8

We know that Panasonic is a big named brand, but it is also an affordable one too, which makes this particular hair clipper ideal for home users, as well as professional.

The product comes with a European plug, so it is not suitable for use in the US unless you purchase a separate attachment. You can choose whether you use the machine either with the cord or without, and it charges up fast, in just one hour.


  • Affordable price
  • Big named brand gives confidence in your purchase
  • Gives 50 minutes of use before the clipper will need charging again
  • Charges up in one hour to full capacity
  • Ideal for home users, as well as professionals too
  • Lightweight, at just 1.2lb


  • Comes with a European plug, so will need an adapter for use in the US. The clipper does have dual voltage however, so you can use it if you do purchase the plug adapter
Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide 9

Wahl is the name that most professionals will go to when they need to purchase any styling equipment, and the company are known for their high quality clippers.

These are certainly some of the best professional hair clippers out there for that very reason. The price isn’t as high as you might think, and whether home users or stylist, this is a great go-to choice.


  • Ergonomic design which is ideal for professional and prolonged use
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet motor
  • The motor has a chip inside it which automatically detects hair types
  • Several attachment and accessories included in the price


  • Some users state that the machine is so lightweight that they can’t ‘feel’ it in their hands enough, to be able to style as they would like. This is however a very picky negative, and most do state that this is a top quality product.
Best Professional Hair Clippers 2023: The Ultimate Guide 5

This particular hair clipper is an ideal product for home use, rather than professional use, although it could also be sufficient for a stylist too. The perk is that the price is low, in fact it is the lowest priced product on our list.

There are several attachments included in the bundle, and it is a very durable bundle too.


  • Strong machine which means it will last the test of time
  • The motor is strong and can work well on thick hair and wet hair alike
  • Several detachable blades included, as well as a blade guard, oil, grease, cleaning brush
  • Easy to use
  • Low price


  • Ideal for new stylists, rather than extremely experienced ones

What Are Hair Clippers?

Best Professional Hair Clippers

Hair clippers can also be known as hair shavers, and are used to close crop the hair, or to finish off a style which needs tidying up slightly; something which can’t be done with a pair of hair shears in the regular way.

The shaved head look will always be popular amongst men, and obviously, a pair of hair clippers is what helps you achieve that look.

For women, as we mentioned, this piece of equipment can also be used because it finishes off shorter hair styles, and also comes in very handy with the recent trend of shaved hair on one side of the head, or for tidying up low hair lines.

Put simply, hair clippers are a very flexible piece of equipment. For families, a good quality pair of hair clippers can save a fortune on haircuts for children also!

Investing in the best quality at a good price can, therefore, be a real multi-use item to have around the house, whether for personal use, or for professional use. If you make the right decision, you shouldn’t have to replace your hair clippers for a considerable length of time.

Professional stylists will need to choose a clipper which is light and comfortable to hold for extended lengths of time, so this is something you need to look into carefully.

Home users can afford to be a little less choosy, but a lightweight clipper is always better than a heavy one, in terms of styling properly.

Best Professional Hair Clippers Buying Guide

Best Professional Hair Clippers

When looking for a guide to buying hair clippers, you need to check out a few different areas, to make sure you get the best type of equipment for your needs.

For instance, do you want to cut children’s hair? Are you using it professionally? Is it for a man? Is it for a woman? Is it for both? Is it for different types of hair?

If so, you need to find the best set of hair clippers for your needs. These particular areas are really what you need to pay close attention to, to help you find the right product for your requirements and your budget.


Also, when choosing an item to purchase you need it to be within your budget. The good news is that there is a large range of scope here, so there is a product for every budget.

It’s always worth checking reviews before making a decision however, as some of the cheaper products are cheap for a reason! Having said that, the more expensive products are probably best left for the professionals, and these will generally have more extras too.

Is it good for home use or professional use also?

Speaking of professionals, is the product suggested for professional use mainly, or it is a good all-rounder product?

If you have never used a pair of hair clippers in the past, going for a complicated to use set is not going to be the best way forward. Again, reviews will give you the information you need here.


The more lightweight the hair clippers, the easier they will be to use. If a set of hair clippers is lightweight then they can be manoeuvred with ease, giving you more control over the cutting, and allowing you to turn corners and create precision designs with ease.

If a set of hair clippers is heavy then it will be too difficult to move and you will end up with a less than desirable end product to your cutting.

Number of settings/closeness of shave

Every set of hair clippers will have several numbers, i.e. a set of closeness settings for the shave; having said that, some clippers will have more settings than others, and typically these are for professional use ahead of personal.

Cordless or with a cord?

Cordless hair clippers are ideal for travel, or for those who want to clip or shave their hair when there isn’t a power outlet handy.

On the other hand, corded hair clippers isn’t a bad suggestion, because these usually have long cords and swivel attachments, and are often a little cheaper than the chargeable cordless versions.

The most common type of hair clipper these days is a chargeable clipper, i.e. you plug it into the mains and let it charge for a set amount of time, usually an hour or so, and then use it cord-free until the battery runs out, which can be anything from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the product.

Does it have extra attachments?

Finally, do the set of clippers you’re looking at have extra attachments? Aside from the regular clipper or shaving attachment, you may also find that some higher quality clippers have extras which can allow you to create certain designs, and this is ideal for those who have teenagers, wanting something a little more fashionable!

Again, the most expensive products will usually have more attachments included, but this isn’t the case 100% of the time.

To Sum It All Up …

These five products are certainly some of the best professional hair clippers out there, but some are also perfect for home use too. If you’re a professional stylist and you’re looking for the best product, it would have to be the Wahl Professional Stirling Li Pro Clipper.

This is mainly because of the brand name, but also the proven quality. This particular clipper is ergonomically designed, and that means that it is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, which is certainly something a professional stylist would need to do!

For home users however, the lower cost product is probably best, and that means opting for the Panasonic ER-1611-K Professional Hair Clipper. This product comes with everything you need included, and as we mentioned, it is the cheapest product we have reviewed. Despite the cost, it has high quality reviews.

Overall, a good quality pair of professional hair clippers is an investment, and it is a piece of equipment which will last the test of time – if you do your research and opt for the best product for you.

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