5 Choose the Best Self-Tanning Product for You

Best Self-Tanning Product

The sun is not always present to give your skin a rich tan every new week. Fortunately, there are self-tan products which give you the opportunity to maintain your preferred tan for as long as you want. It is a faster way to get a tan over waiting on the sun to shine upon you mercifully.

You need to consider various factors to get your tan just right especially if you are new to self-tanning. A nice tan is the product of choosing the best self-tanning products. But how do you know a tanning product is the best for you?

Hopefully this article will provide you with the know-how to get the self-tanner that’s right for you.

How long before you get your tan?

Instant gratification is the thrill in self-tanning. If a lotion does not offer this, then what's the point. How long do you wait for the tanning lotion to blend with your skin? What's the depth of the color on different days after application?

Also, find out how long it takes to dry after application. The specific time you need the tan will assist you to buy the right amount of product.

Study the ingredients

Some tanning lotions have nourishing ingredients while some have ingredients you should think twice about before purchasing the product. Does it have sunscreen?

Always take time to read the ingredients the tanning lotion is made of. Sunscreen in your tanning lotion offers much required protect to your skin against harmful cancer causing sunrays.

You do not want to use a tanning lotion with skin lightening side effect. These ingredients will affect your natural skin tone causing unevenness.

Vitamin E, copper, moisturizer, and aloe vera are some nourishing ingredients good tanning lotions have. Look out for ingredients which may trigger allergy reactions.

Above all, avoid tanning lotions with so many chemicals. These may weaken and cause damage to your skin after a long period of using them.

Your skin type

The type of your complexion and level of oiliness or dryness of skin determines your choice of skin tanner. This still goes back to the ingredients.

Dry skin types need self-tanning lotions with moisturizer. Tanning lotions without moisture tend to leave the skin dry. You can choose to get a self-tanning moisturizer to get a tanned skin glow.

Research if the tanner you want radiates your skin tone to give it a uniform glow.

What do the reviews say about the fragrance?

It is good to read reviews as part of your research about the self-tanner. The reviewers have firsthand experience using the product. You will likely find the descriptions about how long it lasts after application, the pleasantness of its fragrance, unpleasantness of smell, or lack of a scent.

The type of tanner vs what you want

Some sunless tanners give you a dark tan, some tan you lightly. You can read the effects of the tan to choose one which will fully satisfy your needs. Gels dry quickly and do not feel like you have an extra layer of skin.

Sunless tanners are awesome. You get to have the best-looking skin without the risk of the sun damaging your skin. Plus, it has never been so easy to self-tan. There are various products to choose from depending on your needs from self-tanning gloves, towels, lotions, moisturizers, gels, and sprays.

Just remember what you want from a self-tanning product, and find the best one for you.

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any other questions or tips on how to choose the best self-tanning product for you, then comment down below! We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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