Best Summer Fashion Programs for College Students

Best Summer Fashion Programs for College Students

There are many options to choose from if you are interested in studying for a profession in the fashion industry. Most of the best summer fashion programs are based abroad and if the thought of leaving home for another country scares you, it is best to look for a college nearer to home.

To help you get started on finding the best program, here are 5 of the best summer fashion summer school programs for college students.

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City has the best college summer programs you can choose from. The college has a wide variety of programs that can give you an excellent introduction to the fashion industry.

You can choose from fashion photography or design courses depending on the career trajectory you’re aiming for.

The Fashion Institute of Technology has programs ranging from 3 days up to a full three weeks with on-campus accommodation available.

Being in New York during the duration of the summer program will also expose you to different fashion giants that can be a great source of inspiration.

The summer programs offered by the Fashion Institute of Technology also offers students a unique networking opportunity.

LIM College Summer Fashion Lab

Best Summer Fashion Programs for College Students

LIM College Summer Fashion Lab offers students the basics of how this industry meets business practices. You will enjoy being in this fashion academy that lasts for a week because students choose the specific courses that want to learn.

Therefore, you can only choose the course that sparks your interest to build a career on top of it. The curriculum is shaped to help students see the fashion industry as a viable business opportunity that they can successfully be a part of.

If you are wondering ‘’I can’t miss such a good opportunity but I need an essay written for me for my college’’, don’t worry at all. You can reach out to fashion experts that can help you come up with a great application essay, give you some advice on the writing style and things to write about.

Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design has a variety of summer intensives that are mainly focused on fashion design as well as styling.

The curriculum you will benefit from their Summer Intensive Studies program offers students a great introduction to the fashion industry.

Upon completion, you can include your experience at Parsons on the resume to land one of the fashion summer internships.

The workload you will encounter at this educational institute is not that heavy because classes run from 09h00 to 16h00 with an hour free for lunch. Also, expect some homework to do out of class and the program’s website says students who fail to meet the workload expectations will be asked to leave the program.

Elle Summer Programs

Elle Education is a new entrant in the education field. Elle is a fashion industry giant offering college students a chance to have one of the best careers this business has to offer. Therefore, they have set up summer programs that teach students the fundamentals of this industry.

The programs span across different subsectors such as Fashion Production Management, Product Design and Image Consultancy & Personal Shopping.

You can join the short courses online and receive the Elle & Mindway certificate. The courses focus on equipping you to make your dreams in the fashion industry a reality and be an asset to companies in this sector.

Kent State University Fashion School’s Summer Fashion Academy

Kent State University has a summer program in their Fashion School, where students will get to learn the fundamentals of designing fashionable clothing.

You will also learn how to design clothing accessories using their innovative TechStyleLAB. Students also get a unique opportunity to meet and network with other individuals that share their patterns.

You can also learn the skill of designing fashion concepts using 3D technology and practical knowledge of how to arrange a cumulative fashion show. Throughout the course, students are well-taken care of by the Kent State residence with all meals and supplies paid for.

The bottom line

These summer programs teach students valuable skills that they will use as they continue building a career in this industry.

College students will get a great introduction to the fashion industry and help them see this sector as a viable business. Above that, you will enjoy constructive association with other students that are part of the program.

Who knows? Maybe your future business associate lies ahead one of these college summer fashion programs.

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