The Best Wave Brush: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Wave Brush

When you want to end up with the best wavy hair, you need the right tools .In this case, you have to get yourself the best wave brush. Having such a brush is important for personal grooming and still enforcing the different waves on your head.

For many people who have used the wave brushes, they will end up looking their best. The problem could be when it comes to choosing the right model from the many models available on the market.

You simply have to make sure that you get to do it right, thanks to this buying guide. You will now choose the "best wave brush" based on the features that differentiate it from the others.

Top 5 Best Wave Brush Reviews

The Best Wave Brush: Our Top 5 Picks 4

This brush is able to stand up to the quality standards as expected of it. It is something that you will love the next time you get this model for yourself.

Many people who have used it agree that it helps with making the short and low-cut hair look even better. You can now have a chance to make your shorter hair look all great.

The Torino pro has the ability to get you the natural wavy hair you want without the hassle. It has the unique curved design to easily detangle and straighten your hair for defined waves. You won't need any other brush or comb after this because of its versatility and smooth feel!

The soft boar bristles are very comfortable and feels like a massage every stroke. It helps spread the natural oils of your scalp throughout your hair lubricating the shaft and naturally moisturizing it without the use of chemicals.


  • Comfortable grip and soft bristles
  • Naturally moisturizes and encourages spreading of natural oils around hair
  • Unique curved design


  • A bit more expensive than other wave brushes
Kingston Grooming- Professional Quality, 100% Natural Wooden Dual Boar Hair Bristle Beard and Hair Brush for Men. Solid Beechwood and Engraved Contour Design with Travel Case

By the time you get to use this model, you will not have to get yourself any other type of brush. It is made of the highest quality that is important for ensuring you get to end up with a great look.

Being 100 percent boar hair, it is one of the finest grades of brush you can get for yourself today. There are no fillers or nylon when you get to buy this model. Such a construction is great to provide the best performance for the brush.

There is the great contour design that is all important for providing the maximum contact with the head. It should be able to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand so that you have an easy time with straightening the hair. The bristles are made to the right stiffness. They are neither too hard or too soft.


  • It offers medium bristle stiffness
  • The contoured design offers great usability
  • Made of high quality materials


  • The bristles tend to fall out more often
Rimix Brazilian Bamboo Striped Curved Wave Brush(Soft/Med) 100% Boar Bristle SUMMER 16 LIMITED EDITION

This model comes from a company known for making the best hair products and now the brushes. This is one of a kind brush as it is made with 100 percent Brazilian Bamboo.

The use of such a material should make the model environmentally friendly and still great for use for a long time to come. The extra-long medium and soft bristles are perfect for those looking to obtain waves such as 360 waves, 540 waves, and the 720 waves.

You will always love playing around with this best wave brush as it is great for the lightweight and longer brush sessions. You will not feel as if it is scratching your scalp causing a lot of pain.

Using the right technique, you should be able to get the perfect and deepened wave patterns. You can now buy the model knowing that your waves will be developed easily without having to work so hard on them. Many people who have used can agree it helped them get a better look.


  • It is curved for a perfect palm fit
  • It comes made of Brazilian bamboo known for durability
  • It offers great performance for longer brush sessions


  • The bristles tends to fall out easily
The Best Wave Brush: Our Top 5 Picks 5

You can now easily get your wave if you know the right type of wave brush to buy for yourself. There is no doubt that sometimes you might want to choose the cheapest option, but does it get the job done?

You can avoid all the disappointments and get this model for yourself today. With its bristles, it will not take a lot of brushing just to look good for yourself.

What makes the 360 Gold Mixed Boar Bristle Crown Brush the ideal brush for waves is the fact that it has the extra long mixed Boar bristles with a 13-row reinforced medium Boar bristles for deep and defined waves.

I love its Onyx black finish that doesn't only look amazing, but I love the grip and smoothness when I use it. It saves you a lot of time when brushing because of its strong bristles, achieving the waves you want without wasting your effort.


  • Made out of quality Boar bristles for the deep and defined waves
  • Gets you desired results without too much work
  • Beautiful Onyx black finish
  • Easy and comfortable to grip for brushing


  • Bristles might be too hard for some
The Best Wave Brush: Our Top 5 Picks 6

There is no doubt that you will be intrigued to choose a wave brush provided that it can deliver the best performance. Well, that is what you get when it comes to opting for this type of model.

It should be able to offer the best performance and still comfort whenever it comes to using it more often. You can now be sure that your personal styling just got easier. With a few simple brushes, you should be good to go and have a great hair day.

What makes this brush unique is that you have more control of the brush without the use of a handle. Just like what Crown Quality Products promises, you have the quality brush fit for royalty.

It comes with the mix of long and medium boar bristles to create the defined waves you want. The outer area of the brush is made out of high gloss Onyx Black for beauty and comfort when using it.


  • Quality Boar bristles for beautiful results
  • High gloss Onyx Black hand finish
  • More control and compact size


  • Not for those who want a handle
  • No carrying bag included

Types Of Wave Brushes

Best Wave Brush: Types Of Wave Brushes


  • Round brush – the wave brush can easily come as a round brush that helps with smoothing that volumizing hair to make it look thin and straight. It could be perfect when you have longer hair and still have to keep it look great.
  • Paddle brush – this brush would be large, flat and wide as their design. These wave brushes are often versatile and a must have for someone looking to maintain a great look. The brush is great for keeping the waves looking all great and also keep the hair frizz-free.
  • Vented brush –the wave brush can also come as vented to help with letting the air pass through it. Such type of brush is great for those with a short hairstyle and it can help with speeding up the drying time of the hair. It should leave you with nice waves all the time.
  • Double-sided brush – this brush is great when it comes to having more than one type of bristle in the same brush. You can find them coming in various combinations. You simply have to choose the best combination that will get you loving that you ever got the brush. You will be switching from one side to another without changing the brush.

How To Choose The Best Brush For Waves

How To Choose The Best Brush For Waves

1. The Type Of Bristles

The type of bristles will determine the application of your wave brush. Not all the bristles types are great for the waves. You need to find one with soft or medium bristles.

The extra firm bristles will not always be great for working on the wavy hair. Take the time to check out the comfort of using the different types of bristles first before deciding on which one would be best to use for the wavy hair.

2. The Shape Of The Brush

The shape of the brush will often dictate the usability of the brush. You can expect to find all types of brushes that you want on the market. Each will have a different shape, so you have to decide which one looks and works great.

Choosing a model that fits in the palm easily is always a great idea for most people. This means that you get to enjoy the brush each time you use it on the head. If the brush is contoured, it helps with conforming to your head shape, so that the brushing is also easier.

3. The User Feedback

This is the most important part you should always consider when it comes to picking the best wave brush. It is supposed to be the guidance from what other people feel about the product.

These reviews could be the best way to avoid making mistakes that other people might have made in the past. You can now opt for the right product after learning that it is great for offering the best service.

4. The Durability

It is without a doubt that no one would want to choose a brush that breaks its bristles after using it for a few rounds. If you do not want to spend a lot of money replacing the brushes each time, you can now opt for a durable model.

You can be sure that most of the time you will get the model that works so long as you do a proper research. Consider the materials used to make the brush to determine its durability.

5. The Price

Every person who is looking to buy the best wave brush would have a budget in mind. Most of the time, the budget would be limited to what the user wants in a brush.

Most of the wave brushes are not expensive, so you do not have to worry so much about spending on them. You need to keep in mind the features and not just the pricing. It can be unfortunate to have a cheaper model and it does not perform as expected.

6. Where To Buy

Now that you know more about the various things to consider when buying the best wave brush, you now have to buy one for yourself.

You will have to consider the authorized dealers of the brand that you want so as not to end up with the worst product. You can always opt for online shops where you get to buy the right brush from the many models presented to you.

  • The video below shows you some tips for using wave brushes


Torino Pro Wave Brush #370 By Brush King - Medium Soft Curve Wave Brush a type of brush that seems to stand out from the rest easily.

The brush is at a reasonable price, meaning that you will get to enjoy it even more as you do not have to spend a lot. The ability of having two types of bristles in one brush makes it even better, giving you more control as to how to create the deep and defined waves you want to achieve.

As you can see, choosing the "best wave brush" should not be hard at all. You simply have to follow this guide and make that easy decision. Always leave comments below of what you think of the wave brushes.

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