The Importance of Drying Your Hair After Taking a Bath

The healthiest way to dry your hair is not to air dry it. It is to use a blow dryer. With the right technique, you will have a healthier hair than letting it air dry as most people do.

In order to better understand this, let's dive a bit deeper into hair anatomy. Each strand of your hair is essentially a tube with an inner cortex and a protective outer layer (called a cuticle) held together by delicate proteins.

​According to Dr. Donovan with the Hair Club Medical Group in Toronto, "When the cuticle layer is perfectly intact, then hair is very shiny and doesn’t tend to break".

​When the heat is too much it can damage the cuticle in the hair, thereby trapping the water and causing it to boil on your head. this almost sounds like a case for air-drying, but while the heat from a dryer can cause damage, using the same dryer at the right temperature and distance can actually cause less damage than when you let it air-dry. offers some of the best hair dryers that can be used after a shower.

​The reason when a hair dryer is still better than allowing your hair to air dry is very simple. When hair comes in contact with water, it swells and the longer the swelling goes on, the more pressure it will place on the proteins that keep the hair intact.

​So, what you need to do is to mix a bit of air-drying with a bit of hair drying. Let your hair dry naturally, about 70% dry, then use the hair dryer at the coolest setting to blow the hair dry. Also, ensure the distance is about 6-inches away from your hair at all times and you will have a healthy and gorgeous healthy hair without the heat.

​In order to be able to air dry your hair successfully, here are some fixes for air-drying mistakes a lot of people make.

​While air drying your hair is quite good - you come out of the shower, rub your hair with a towel and you're good to go. The problem is the hair might look frizzy once it's dry and you don't want that to happen to you. We will be looking at how to air dry your hair so it looks amazing.

Are You Making These 4 Curling Iron Mistakes?

If you are passionate about keeping your hair looking its best, then investing in the right products and tools is important. Do you love the look of curly hair? Investing in easy to use curling irons is a great way to keep your hair full and curly. There are a variety of different curling irons on the market, which is why you will need to do a great deal of research before choosing one. Once you have purchased a curling iron, you will need to work on using it correctly. Failing to pay attention to what you are doing can lead to a lot of damage to your hair. Below are some of the most common curling iron mistakes and what needs to be done to avoid them completely.

The Most Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

As a woman your hair is your identity, it’s a symbol of your pride, joy, and beauty. Styling hair dates back to Ancient Greece many years ago and now people simply couldn’t live without it. Braids are one of the oldest hairstyles around and they’re a big part of many cultures from all around the world including Europe, Asia, and Africa. Whilst braiding start out as a social event for women to do each other’s hair and talk, it’s now become a ritual in many women’s life to do their hair every day. Depending on your hair length you will be able to do different things to your hair, braids for long hair are always common as they look beautiful and most of time can keep hair away from your face and body during the hot days of summer. There are also many different styles of braids, from the viking braids to fish plaits, you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas after reading this.

Even if you’re not normally into doing your hair for nights out, a braid is so diverse and wonderful that you can rock a braid look no matter the time of year, where you’re going or even what you’re wearing. Even though the tradition is old, they still hold a firm spot in every trendsetter’s agenda. Every style and pattern you can ever imagine is possible for you to create with your own hands and if that’s not magical then we don’t know what is! Here is a list of 8 styles of braids for long hair.

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