Catch The Best Bridal Makeup Artist From UrbanClap

It was the wedding season going on and one of my best friends was going to get married. Muskan has always been one of my best friends with whom I shared everything possible. She was so adorable and very pretty. Since it was my best friend’s wedding day, I indulged myself in every possible preparation. I was helping her and her family arrange everything necessary for the wedding. I also designed a beautiful Bridal dress and bridal jewelry for her. But that was not enough, we required someone to adore her and make her look more beautiful. For that, we needed to have one of the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi.

​Since she was eldest sibling in her small nuclear family, all her relatives were present there to shower the blessings over her and her groom. She was very happy and so was her family. Everyone was busy preparing the things for her D-day. Since I was managing her bridal attire and bridal makeup; I was supposed to arrange one among the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi. She was so much concerned about her looks and wanted to look beautiful and charming in each and every possible ceremony.

​I respected her wishes, after all, it was her marriage and she had full right to ask for anything; she felt was good enough to make her happy. To bring her the best bridal makeup artist, I indeed made a lot of efforts but all went to vain. The bridal makeup artists whom I went to were not good enough to bring the charisma to her beauty. I was too much confused and was unable to get someone perfect for her D-day. Even I went to the artists whom their relatives suggested, but they too were not having any good portfolio. Few of them asked for the amount which was much higher than the normal prices despite their work portfolio was pathetic. I was already restless as Muskan’s wedding was just a week away and I already had wasted a lot of time.

Importance Of Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type


There’s one simple mistake women make when choosing flat irons: buying any flat iron they come across without paying attention to their hair type. This turns into a big issue, ruining the hair of many women in the long run.

You might have a thick hair. Your hair might be thick but long. Someone’s hair is thick but short. Flat iron manufacturers have studied all the types of hair and come out with flat irons that can style any type of hair under the sun. A flat iron that is best for thick hair would not be good for fine hair. If you walk into the market and start buying any flat iron you come across, you are doing a disservice to your hair, and that decision will follow you for a long time.

To have a long lasting, quality hair, you need to be vigilant when buying flat irons. You have to study your hair type, study flat irons, and then get to know which flat iron will suite your hair type before making the final decision to buy.

The Best Blue Black Hair Dye: 2017 Reviews & Top Picks


If you’re looking for a hair color that’s trendy but also luxurious and classy, blue black is the way to go! This article will help you find the best blue black hair dye for your hair type!

Blue black is an amazing hair color; you can have an illusion of dark, natural hair. But when your hair catches the light, a blue shimmer will surely be a head-turner and a surprise!

Also included in this article are product reviews of favorite blue, black hair dyes. So, what are you waiting for? Read on for more tips and information about dying your hair blue black!

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