How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

Your body goes through so many cycles during a lifetime. In my early 20’s I remember having gorgeous, lusciously long locks. My skin was blemish free and dewy without the help of moisturizers or makeup and my eyes were always bright and sparking.

But somewhere between then and my 30’s things started to change.

​It took effort to maintain healthy looking skin and little bags started forming under my eyes. Suddenly I could actually see the subtle signs of aging and it was disconcerting to say the least.

​Perhaps the biggest pain in the butt has been those pesky under eye circles.

​I’ve never been one to wear much makeup so you can imagine my horror when I had to start hiding my dark under circles with concealer.

​And while the makeup could mask the circles it didn’t do much to camouflage the puffiness, which is why I started to get creative with my skin care approach.

​I’ve always been a big fan of DIY skin care. It’s almost always more affordable than salon treatments and I find it comforting to know exactly what is being absorbed into my body.

Being a super sleuth online I’ve discovered a whole host of homemade hacks to brighten up my eyes, but there’s one in particular I could not live without — my eye brightening coffee mask.

While I may not be able to take kudos for coming up with the idea of this mask in general, I feel confident that I have perfected it over the years.

But before I dive into how to make this coffee mask, let’s talk about why you are going to want to try this awesome face mask.

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