Say Goodbye To Yellow Teeth: Remedies For A Whiter Smile

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth

Our teeth play a major role in our confidence. When we are ashamed of our teeth it can hinder our everyday life, making use feel embarrassed to talk or smile. The fact is, naturally our teeth yellow with age, even with good oral hygiene. Luckily, here are ways to slow down or reverse the yellowing process.

Go Natural

The harsh components of whitening products can wear down the enamel (the protective outer layer of the tooth) or cause sensitivity with extended use. Natural alternatives to whitening products may not be able to provide fast results, but overtime can gradually whiten the teeth.

  • Baking soda: The real question is: what is baking soda NOT used for? Even commercial toothpastes commonly list it as an ingredient. The abrasive qualities remove surface level stains from teeth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is used to disinfect wounds, and also disinfects bacteria in the mouth. The inexpensive product also whitens teeth, but should not be used daily. Swishing diluted hydrogen peroxide or brushing with it mixed with baking soda is a cheap alternative to drug-store whitening products.
  • Coconut oil pulling: Oil pulling is a natural oral health practice many people swear by. Swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes possibly removes toxins and bacteria, and some people report a whiter smile. Coconut oil start off as a solid, and can take time to adjust to the texture before it melts into a liquid in the mouth. Also, spit out the oil in the toilet or garbage because it can harden back into a solid and clog sink drains. This is also not intended for everyday use.

And Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Whitening products and professional treatments are expensive; simply being mindful of our teeth can help save both time and money on whitening treatments. Maintaining good oral hygiene and watching what we eat and drink can prevent any further discolouration.

  • Stick to an oral hygiene routine: We are all well aware we should brush our teeth twice a day. Using a mechanical, soft-bristle toothbrush for at least two minutes is the most effective way to brush teeth. Also, failure to floss at least once a day can lead to stains in-between teeth. If you are not already using mouthwash a whitening mouthwash can be the missing piece to seeing the results you want.

  • Avoid coffee, wine, and sodas: It is not always realistic to wean off of your morning coffee or nightly glass of wine for the sake of your teeth. Swishing water after drinking staining beverages can help prevent yellowing. Also, try switching out dark sodas with sparking water.
  • Go for your cleanings: Going for cleanings twice a year isn’t a cash grab for dental offices. There is a good reason behind the recommendation. A dental hygienist can remove tartar, a hardened staining substance on the teeth.  Also, cleanings are followed up by a dentist exam, where they can catch gum disease and provide recommendations for keeping your smile white and healthy.

Professional Whitening

When teeth are stained beyond what at home remedies and products can fix, a professional whitening treatment may be the best option. Experts from Valley Ridge Dental Centre recommend professional whitening only after treatments such as fillings, root canals, and gum therapy are taken care of. Without a healthy foundation there is no point to whitening teeth that have the potential of decaying or falling out.

There are many options out there for tooth whitening, but what is best for you depends on your lifestyle and level of staining. It is always a good idea to consult with your dentist before trying any new treatments. A whiter smile can lead to more confidence in your appearance, but having a healthy mouth is what ultimately matters the most!

How To Achieve A Beautiful White Smile – At Home

Beautiful White Smile

The most important part of looking and feeling your best is your teeth. It is hard to smile and feel confident if your teeth are yellowed from years of abuse and neglect. This is where people turn to teeth whitening products and treatments.

While most of these treatments will whiten your teeth to some degree, it is never going to be as effective as an in-person dentist visit. As noted by this dentist in Woodbridge, while dental visits are a little pricier than an at-home whitening kit, the results will be much more effective in whitening your teeth.

However, not everyone has the luxury of time or money to go in for whitening treatments. If that’s your situation, fear not. Below are some of the best ways to achieve a beautiful white smile – at home.

Whitening Strips

The most common form of at-home whitening solutions are whitening strips. These are usually sold in packs that will last about a week.

Whitening strips require the user to place clear strips on their teeth. These strips have a special bleaching coating. The bleaching solution cleans and removes stains from the surface of the teeth.

One thing to note about these strips is that many of them only clean the front half of your teeth. A cleaning and whitening treatment from a dental office can address issues for all sides of your teeth – not just the front. Recently, whitening trays have come out that clean the entirety of your teeth. These usually come with gels that are sprayed into the tray to cover every inch of your teeth.

Strips also often make your teeth extremely sensitive to cold foods and beverages.

Charcoal Scrub

Since the invention of the charcoal face mask, there has been an emergence of charcoal products to treat a litany of issues. The most recent is a charcoal tooth scrub.

While endorsed by many celebrities and influencers, the charcoal scrubs have gotten a lot of flak among consumers.

The charcoal scrub works by using a very fine powder to rub away at the top layer of teeth. Since your teeth enamel does not grow back, it is very easy to see why this would raise some concerns.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is the safest way to whiten your teeth. By simply swapping out your regular toothpaste for one that has a whitening effect, you can go a long way in restoring the shine of your teeth.

These pastes are usually used in conjunction with another paste or mouthwash to highlight the effects and make the whitening more permanent.

While these toothpastes won’t result in sensitivity or wear down enamel, they also take much longer. It may be weeks before you see the effects. It also will require you to stay committed to finishing the treatment.

Baking Soda

While the aforementioned toothpaste option will most likely contain baking soda, brushing with just baking soda can enhance the possibility of whitening.

Baking soda acts as a mild abrasive. It scrubs away surface stains while the soda creates an alkaline friendly environment in your mouth. These help to prevent and kill the spreading of bacteria, which in turn freshens your breath and removes calcium buildup.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

The bleaching products in whitening strips make your teeth sensitive, but by brushing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide, you can attain the bleaching effect while removing the concern for sensitivity.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural, safe bleaching agent. It also helps kill bacteria in your mouth. While many commercial whiteners use hydrogen peroxide, these concentrations are much higher than you would use. By using a natural remedy, you can prevent the sensitivity that comes with the higher doses of hydrogen peroxide. 

How Long Do Breast Enhancement Pills Take To Work?

Breast enhancement pills

Whether it is because of the perfect, hourglass figure models in the magazines or the social media, in the modern day, more and more women are become self-conscious and insecure about the size of their breasts.

In the journey of chasing different methods to increase the size of one’s breasts, an increasing number of women are considering breast enlargement surgeries, while the other majority choose to go with pills.

As a matter of fact, a large number of women prefer to turn to pills rather than considering breast enlargement surgery as it comes with a high price point and potential risk factors. If you are wondering as to how exactly these pills increase breast size and how long they take to show results, then keep on reading.

Do breast enhancement pills actually work?

In a nutshell, yes, they can actually work. Let us take a look into how exactly it does the work. To a certain degree, the size of a woman’s breast is dependent on the quantity of the female hormone, namely oestrogen, circulated in the body.

When a woman does not have adequate amounts of oestrogen circulating in their body, they would naturally have smaller breast sizes. In other words, increased amount of oestrogen in a woman’s body could potentially show an increase in the size of her breasts. 

The pills have the ability to impact the size of a woman’s breast as they are made up of some herbs, known as phytoestrogens that are known to have impacts similar to the oestrogen hormone.

Through increasing the oestrogen levels in a woman’s body, natural breast enhancement pills are able to enlarge the size of a woman’s breasts. As a result of the increased oestrogen levels, the pills have the potential to naturally stimulate the growth of breast tissues – causing the breasts to augment in size. 

How long will it take to show results?

Generally, for most women, the pills can potentially show results within a few short months. The amount of time a woman needs in order to come across visible changes in their breast size after consuming these pills, varies from person to person.

Some women might notice increase in breast size within the period of only a few weeks, while some women might require a few months or even up to a year for coming across any changes in the sizes of their breasts through consuming these natural pills.

Why does the result vary from person to person?

One of the main reasons as to why the results of consuming the pills vary from person to person is a person’s genes. We are all aware that our genes are responsible for our skin and hair colour. In the same way, genes are also responsible for the size of a woman’s breast. Although it is not necessary that your genes determine the actual size of your breast. Rather, your genes determine the baseline of the size of your breasts. 

For example, let us say that you have a family history of A-cup breast size. In such a case, although not impossible, it is quite unlikely for you to naturally grow your breasts into a C or D cup through pills. To give another example, a woman whose sister and mother are a C cup size is more likely to be able to grow their breast sizes to a C cup size – although your mother’s or sister’s sizes do not guarantee your size, it is simply a possibility.

Another way your genes affect the results you come across by consuming the pills is your body’s ability to process medications. Some people are able to process medicines at a normal rate, whereas some people are extremely slow in processing medicines. This is another reason why the pill’s results are likely to vary from person to person.

When a woman has a normal rate of metabolism, she is expected to come across results within the intended period of time of the pill. However, when a woman has a slow rate of metabolism, she is not expected to show the intended results within the usual amount of time or standard dose.