3 Beard Care Tips Every Man Should Be Aware Of

3 Beard Care Tips Every Man

When it comes to grooming a beard, there are several things that you need to keep in mind since it’s quite different than taking care of your hair. Beard follicles are a lot different than the ones on your hair and so they require different care products, but they also require different actions than your hair.

Instead of using regular shampoo, you need to use a beard shampoo, and instead of using hair styling products, you should be using beard styling products. But there are some lesser known things about taking care of your beard, so let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Brush your beard regularly, and avoid hair drying it too often

When you want to achieve that straight beard look that makes you look manly but neat, you should really be using a brush more than anything. Yes, beard styling products are an option, but both that and hair drying can really mess up your beard hair in the long run. Your beard hair is already very hard and brittle, and hair drying it can accelerate the deterioration of your beard follicles. This is why you need a beard brush that you should use ever morning and evening, or even during the day.

  • Use appropriate beard products, like beard shampoo and beard oil

Taking care of your beard is much more than simply washing it out from time to time. Not only do you need to know what you’re putting on your beard, but you need to make sure that it’s made specifically for beard hairs. Use appropriate shampoo products specifically made for your beard, and then use beard oil to keep the beard soft and the skin underneath it hydrated. Not to mention that your beard will smell absolutely amazing.

  • Use a straight razor instead of an electric trimmer to pull off beard lines

Everyone loves a sharp beard line. But in order to not completely annihilate your beard hair, you should really use a razor to get those lines rather than an electric trimmer. Trimmers completely destroy the hair ends and while the hairs are growing out, they might grow in different directions.

Not to mention that they can break apart more easily when using a trimmer. A straight razor will allow you to keep the ends of your hair follicles straight and make them grow out more healthy, not to mention you’ll be able to pull off some much more amazing beard lines and look like a guy from one of those Free Online Porn Games.

Now that you have a bit more knowledge about proper beard grooming, it’s time to go out there and do your beard right. A beard can make you look really manly so that women will want you more than ever like they do in Free Adult Games. However, you need to take care of that beard for it to have such an amazing effect.

Cheap And Straightforward: Jogging Is The Easiest Way To Get In Shape

Jogging Is The Easiest Way To Get In Shape

As most of us are doing desk jobs, we must help our bodies stay in good shape, but sometimes it's easier said than done. While it's essential to strengthen your body, it's even more important to lose excess weight, and that is the reason why you should start jogging. While it might not sound too appealing to you, you'll see that this is the simplest and cheapest way to get in shape.

The equipment is cheap

For jogging, you don't need anything but a decent pair of running shoes. When we say "decent," we mean it. You don't have to buy the most expensive ones, as you are not trying to set a world record. Find the ones that comfortable for you, but do purchase running shoes, as your feet and especially your toes will be grateful to you. You don't need anything else, as any shorts and a t-shirt will do.

It's easy to track your progress

In the era of smartphones, there are so many apps that will track your progress while running, but we recommend Map My Fitness. It's accurate and will show you the distance you have covered, your average speed, and, most importantly, the number of calories you've burned. You'll feel motivated while knowing what the effects of your jogging are.

Slower is better

One of the best things about jogging is not only that you can go slow, but that it's recommended! For example, one hour of slower jogging is much better than half an hour of hard running. Remember - running hard will benefit your strength, but only long-distance running will make you lose those pounds.

What you will find out is that running can be fun as Sex Games since you don't feel the pressure. You can set your pace that you feel comfortable with, and if you are close to goal and have something left in the tank, you can speed up. What we have learned is that it's much better to start slowly and then quickly pick up the pace, leaving enough energy for the finish.

Also, remember that you are not competing with anyone. It doesn't matter that someone is going twice as fast, as they won't win any medals for it. You are the only one in your race.

The results are coming fast

You might not believe it, but after two or three sessions, you will see that your conditioning is much better. You will be able to run for longer and even faster, and without changing much of your eating habits, you will see that you are losing weight.

One of the frequently asked questions is should you run in the morning or in the evening, but the is answer is - whenever you feel like. While most Hollywood stars will tell you they start their day by jogging for an hour, sometimes as early as 5 AM, it might not be perfect for you. Maybe you would instead enjoy Best Sex Games when you wake up and leave that activity from when you get back home from work.

One of the benefits of jogging in the evening is that it might help you if you a struggling with late snacks. When you are running late, after you've done it, you probably won't be able to even think about food, and even if you do, you will probably skip it knowing that you've just worked hard and you don't want to ruin that. Plus, you might be so tired that the bed would feel like a better option than a snack anyway!

Start now!

While we prefer jogging outside, you can do the same in the gym if you want to, especially during the cold days of winter. Hour of running four or five times per week should be your goal, but of course, you don't need to do it from the start.

Remember that any pace you set will benefit your body as XXX Games do! Some people like to jog with someone, but this is mostly solo activity, which has its benefits. You don't need anyone to get in shape, and when your jogging alone, you can do it whenever you want it and change the pace based on how you feel.

When your body is in great shape, your mind will be too, and that will motivate you to continue doing good things to yourself. So, there is no excuse - start now!

What Type Of Collagen Is Best For My Nails?

Best For My Nails

If you want to feel good and look great, then you have to take care of yourself. When it comes to self-care, you have to consider different aspects of your life, including the little details. One of these is the health of your nails.

Your nails are one of the most visible parts of your body. If you find anything unusual in its growth or appearance, then these are signs that you either need more collagen or there's something serious going on in your body.

As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen. When this occurs, then your nails might lack the collagen it needs, and you might observe the following:

  • Slow nail growth rate
  • Discoloration
  • Brittleness

If you see these signs, then you might want to make sure your nails are in their healthiest state. Apart from aging, there are other factors that could decrease the levels of collagen that you can find within your body, such as:

  • Smoking - Nicotine reduces the production and synthesis of collagen. It also increases collagen breakdown, which then leads to premature aging.
  • High-sugar Diet - When you have too much sugar in your body, it binds with collagen in a process called glycation. If this happens, it ends up producing AGEs or advanced glycation end products. These AGEs are harmful to the proteins in the body. These reduce collagen and destroys elastin.

  • Ultraviolet Rays - When you’re exposed to UV radiation, it breaks down collagen at a much higher and faster rate.

If you’re wondering what you can do, perhaps you need to increase your collagen intake as soon as possible. However, before you do that, you might be asking what type of collagen is best for your nails.

To make things easier for you, check out the different kinds of collagen:

What Are The Types Of Collagen?

What Type Of Collagen

If you dissect the human body, you’ll discover that collagen is the richest protein that you can find. Out of the 16 variants of collagen found in the body, the majority are classified either under types I, II or III.

1. Type I Collagen

Type I collagen is the most dominant type of collagen. This type of collagen is a very versatile and essential protein that plays a significant role in your physical well-being.

It’s also an important part in the structure of the following parts of the body:

  • Nails
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Organs
  • Bones
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments

When the production rate of Type I collagen in the body slows down, you need to find an alternative source. One of the best sources is marine collagen, which is taken from parts of the fish that are usually thrown away, like the skin and scales.

The collagen extracted is made into different types. For the body to absorb the collagen,

marine collagen peptides are broken down into smaller particles. This process is called hydrolysis.

When you have smaller fragments, you get marine collagen in various forms, like capsules, powders, supplements, creams, and many more.

If you want to get the maximum benefits, make sure that the marine collagen product that you are using comes from fish. Some use other marine organisms that have bigger peptides as sources.

2. Type II Collagen

This type of collagen is an essential part of the cartilage and other tissues. It plays a vital role in the cartilage’s elasticity and tensile strength.

As you grow older, your cartilage weakens due to deterioration. Also, the collagen in your cartilages and joints deplete because of normal wear. When these happen, any injury to the cartilage will have a slower healing time. It also increases the risks of experiencing arthritis and joint pains, as well as other connective tissue conditions.

If you want to increase the Type II Collagen in your body, then you can get more collagen from chicken or bovine sources. Since both collagen sources come in different forms, you can find the type that’s most applicable to your condition.

Bovine collagen also contains a kind of Type I Collagen, so this is also good for the nails, hair, and skin.

3. Type III Collagen

If you’re looking for Type III Collagen in the human body, you can find it in parts that have elastic properties, including the following:

  • Skin
  • Muscles
  • Intestinal Walls
  • Lungs
  • Blood Vessels

You can also find it in the bones, tendons, joints, and other connective tissues. There’s also a trace of collagen inside the teeth, particularly the dentin, which is one of the primary dental tissues.

If you want to improve the elasticity of your skin and to heal some gut-related conditions, then you need more Type III Collagen in your life.

There are several sources of Type III collagen, including those coming from bovine and porcine (pig) sources.

Choose The Right Collagen For Your Nails

When you lack collagen, it manifests in different types of conditions that can affect your physical and physiological wellness. Before it's too late, you can find ways to increase the collagen in your body.

If your main concern involves your nails, then the best thing that you can do is to look for a Type I collagen source that can help you. As Type I collagen comes in various byproducts, choose the one that you’ll be most comfortable with. If you want the powder form, you can easily add it to your food or beverage. If you opt for the pill or tablet version, then you can take it according to the recommended dosage. 

There are also products out there that contain different types of collagen. If you want to make sure that you meet your collagen requirements, then this is another excellent option for you!


Apart from the collagen intake that you can get from varying sources, your body also needs all the right nutrients that can aid in collagen formation. ‘

Make sure you increase the level of the following in your system:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Proline
  • Copper
  • Anthocyanidin

How to Plan a Picture-Perfect Proposal: A Checklist for the Clueless Future Groom

How to Plan a Picture-Perfect Proposal

Bending the knee and proposing marriage to one’s lady love is one of the most significant events a man can experience in his life. Making an event of the occasion makes it that much more memorable, but most grooms-to-be don’t have the faintest idea of how to put one together. Fear not; we can help. Create a memorable proposal by following our checklist:

Loop Her Family into It

While it isn’t necessary to ask your prospective fiancée’s parents for permission or blessing to marry their daughter, cluing her family into the proceedings is a sweet gesture that will surely be appreciated. It’ll be especially meaningful if your lady happens to have a close relationship with them; she wouldn’t want her family to be left out of the happy occasion either.

You can choose to simply inform them of your intent to take your relationship with their daughter to the next level, or include them as useful resources in the proposal planning. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to get to know the people who brought the love of your life into the world—and possibly discover more about her in the process.

Acquire the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the centrepiece of the proposal, and you should devote a respectable amount of time to hunting down the perfect one. Jewellers recommend purchasing the engagement ring at least three months before you plan to propose, but it’s a good idea to start looking around at least six months before then.

You may be asking, “why though?” Shopping for an engagement ring can be a more complicated process than you’ve been led to believe. There’s the pre-made versus custom debate, choosing between a traditional diamond or another centre gemstone, and picking a material for the ring band, among several other factors to consider. Perhaps your beloved has been dropping hints about an alternative engagement ring and now you have to locate a trustworthy retailer for sapphire engagement rings in New Zealand. Buying an engagement ring is a lot like love in a way; it can take a while before you find The One. Wouldn’t you want to give yourself enough time to?

Find a Photogenic Location for the Proposal

Holding the proposal at a gorgeous location is the final step towards ensuring that your event will truly be picture-perfect. You can add a layer of meaning to the occasion if you pop the question at a place that is significant to your relationship—perhaps the place where you first met, or had your first date in.

After putting so much effort into making sure that the affair will be nothing less than absolutely flawless, it’s perfectly natural to want to commemorate the event. Consider hiring a photographer and/or videographer to document the occasion professionally. You can also enlist the help of your friends and family to take pictures or shoot video.

Work Out What You Want to Say

It’s not necessary for you to write a script out, but you wouldn’t want to get caught tongue-tied or choked up either. Take a moment to gather your thoughts a couple of weeks before the proposal, and consider composing an outline. Read this to yourself at least once a day before the big day arrives. This way, even if you become overwhelmed by emotion, you can still pop the question successfully.

The most important thing to remember here is to keep it short and sweet, but to speak from your heart. Try not to rush the speech, and make sure that you breathe!

Even after meticulously planning out every element to make sure that your proposal goes off without a single hitch, something might still go wrong at the very last minute. It’s always prudent to have a contingency plan for unexpected situations, but don’t stress if things still go pear-shaped despite your best efforts! Sometimes all you can do is let go and let God, as they say. Take a deep breath and remember that your proposal is supposed to be a celebration, no matter what goes wrong in the meantime.

Lifestyle Choices That Affect Hair Growth

Lifestyle Choices That Affect Hair Growth

The health of your hair also depends on your lifestyle. Ignoring its health may affect yourself in the long run for it says many things about your personality and how you live your life. Lifeless and dull hair may be due to a lack of nutrients consumption. Hairfall may also from the same but can also due to harsh hair products you are using. Smoke, dirt, and pollution are also the cause of it.

According to an interview done by Byrdie to Ainah Tan, a board-certified dermatologist, she noted that a healthy hair shedding is approximately 100 to 150 hairs a day and grows about half-inch per month. If you are not experiencing the same, then you have a problem. Aside from serious health issues, your lifestyle choice is a culprit to hair loss and slow hair growth. Maybe it's time to check where you are having trouble with. Below is the list of lifestyle that affects the hair regrowth:

Using Shampoos with Harsh Chemicals

Shampoos are used to clean hair and scalp. However, there are shampoos that contain harsh chemicals that damage your hair and strip its sebum making it frizzy and weak. According to Independent, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and fragrance are the four harmful ingredients you should avoid in your hair products.

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoke is pollution and is one of the many factors of hair loss. According to the New York Times, scientists have long speculated cigarette smoke may accelerate hair loss and early greying. If this is the case, smokers are immune to it and may have a hard time regrowing their hair.

Eating Less Protein

Protein is a vital nutrient your body needs in order for it to be strong, build muscle, and regrow. According to Bustle, the signs your hair needs protein are:

  • Brittle
  • Stringy
  • Limpy
  • Sticky

These signs can result in hair loss and weakness of hair. If you can't consume enough protein, or if you need more protein specifically for your hair, there are protein treatments you can avail from your salon. There are also hair treatments that contain protein which may be useful and effective.

Stress and Lack of Sleep

Our hair is very reactivated to any changes occurring inside the body. When we are stress, our hair also comes out stress. Stress attacks our immune system which compromises the hair. Hair loss is its result, which in medicine is called Telogen Effluvium. It automatically forces the hair follicles to collapse and break down. Likewise, lack of sleep prevents the body from absorbing many nutrients it can absorb. If the body is weak, the hair is also weak.

Hair Salon Treatment

Let's be real, though salons are a big help in making your crowning glory glorifies, there are hair treatments that can cause hair fall and slow hair growth. It is because some of these treatments are too much for your hair. It can be too much heat, the hair products have harsh chemicals or too much treatment. Before availing hair salon treatment, ask the salon if what treatment is best for your hair condition. Let them explain the process and what products will they be using before starting.


The rate of your hair growth depends upon your lifestyle of choice or some serious ailment. But if you think you're normal but still get slow hair growth and lots of hair fall, it must be your lifestyle. Changing it can change your body which eventually changes the look of your hair. There are many people suffering from hair problems without realizing that the real culprit is by how they take care of their bodies and their hair.