Treatment Of Breast Cancer In Germany

Treatment Of Breast Cancer In Germany

Treatment of breast cancer in Germany

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor originating from the epithelium of the mammary gland. Risk factors for the development of this pathology are early menarche, absence of labor, abortion, late menopause, smoking, alcohol, diabetes mellitus, obesity or an increased body mass index, low physical activity.

Diagnostics of the disease

Early diagnostics of breast cancer is the key to the successful treatment. The guaranteed result of the disease detection gives an annual preventive examination by a mammologist or oncologist, mammography (especially for women over 40) and ultrasound of the mammary glands.

One of the important elements of diagnostics is the determination of a gene mutation. In 3-10% of breast cancer patients, the development of the disease is associated with the presence of mutations in the genes BRCA1, BRCA2, CHEK, NBS1, and tP53. This test is important in determining further treatment tactics and the possible outcome.

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Symptoms of breast cancer

Sometimes the first manifestation of breast cancer may be discharge from the nipple. Most often is serous or bloody, but such discharge can also occur in benign diseases of the ducts of the mammary gland.

With more advanced processes, clinical symptoms are much brighter:

  • Symptom of diffuse swelling of the breast tissue, or a symptom of "lemon peel".
  • Changes in the central part of areola, swelling and flattening of the nipple (symptom of Krause).
  • Various types of organ deformation.
  • Skin retraction noticeable by eye at the site of the tumor (symptom of "ubiquitization").
  • Ulceration of the skin over the tumor.
  • Retraction and fixation of the nipple.
  • Presence of conglomerate of dense, motionless, often "hammered" lymph nodes in the axillary region.

Classification of breast cancer

The tumor process begins mostly in the ducts of different sizes, mostly the small ones. Much less often, the process begins in the epithelium of the lobules, giving origin to lobular breast cancer.

Thus, in terms of morphology, breast cancer is represented by three large groups:

  1. Non-infiltrating tumors:
  • Intraductal cancer.
  • Lobular cancer.
  1. Infiltrating tumors:
  • Infiltrating ductal carcinoma.
  • Infiltrating ductal carcinoma with a predominance of the intraductal component.
  • Infiltrating lobular cancer.
  • Mucous cancer.
  • Medullary cancer.
  • Papillary cancer.
  • Tubular cancer.
  • Adenocystic cancer.
  • Secretory (juvenile) cancer.
  • Apocrine cancer.
  • Cancer with metaplasia (squamous, spindle, chondroid, osteoid, mixed types).
  1. Others.

Breast cancer treatment

Treatment of breast cancer in Germany begins immediately after the diagnosis making. There are currently many treatment options for breast cancer. The choice of a particular method depends on the stage of the cancer, its spreading to distant organs, type of cancer, etc. The main methods for treating breast cancer are: surgical treatment, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. For more information follow the link treatment of breast cancer in Germany.

Surgical treatment of breast cancer is the most common method and, as a rule, is combined with radiotherapy (radiation) or chemotherapy that is used before or after surgery.

Surgical operations for breast cancer are divided into organ-conserving surgery (removal of only the part of the breast in which the tumor is located) and mastectomy (complete removal of the breast in which the cancer has developed).

Surgical removal of the mammary gland, as a rule, is combined with the removal of lymph nodes in the axillary region (cancer is located in this area very often). A cosmetic defect that develops as a result of removal of the mammary gland can be corrected by means of the reconstructive surgery (silicone implants, etc.).

Radiation therapy is a method of treating breast cancer, which is usually performed after surgery to remove the tumor. The main goal of radiotherapy is to destroy cancer cells that were not removed during surgery.

Chemotherapy is a method of treating breast cancer, which allows to kill rapidly multiplying cancer cells, or slow down their reproduction. Chemotherapy as an independent treatment method is not effective in the fight against breast cancer, but in combination with surgical treatment and radiotherapy it demonstrates very good results.

As a rule, chemotherapy involves taking several drugs at the same time. The choice of a drug depends on many factors and is determined by the attending physician.

Add Regalness to Your Home with Antique Mirrors

Regalness to Your Home with Antique Mirrors

Modern-day home décor experts are curious to find some classic ways to enhance the appeal of the living spaces. Homeowners are also interested in adding the best elements to their premises to achieve an authentic and contemporary look. Well, the market is loaded with unlimited traditional and modern design elements. However, none of them can beat the impact of antique mirrors.

Antique Vintage Mirror for Your Living Room

Living rooms are the most important part of every home; families spend most of their time in this area. Moreover, guests also observe the overall appeal of your house by sitting in the living room. Hence, it is an ideal place to add antique mirrors. You can easily find a stunning collection of antique mirror frames in the market.

 These creative décor elements add more luxury and elegance to your house. At the same time, the traditional finish of antique mirrors can enhance the overall ambiance of the space. It can also complement the design brilliance while capturing the attention of your guests.

Antique Mirrors for Makeup

Antique Mirrors

In the modern age, the makeup design ideas are inspired by a mixture of contemporary and conventional designs. Experts reveal that an exclusive antique mirror is the best item for every modern and traditional home décor. The minimalistic designs can easily blend with today’s interior décor ideas. Moreover, they add a sense of extravagance and luxury to the premises. With all such amazing benefits, it is definitely good to add an antique mirror to your bathroom. They work like most sophisticated yet innovative design elements for every home.

Antique Vanity Mirrors

When homeowners are interested in adding luxury to the premises without investing too much amount, they make use of the design flexibility of furniture. It is possible to find antique mirrors with creative frames that can add more versatility to the premises. They look appealing to all modern-day art lovers. You can easily find several unique and sensational design ideas for vanity mirrors. They can resonate with the existing home décor while creating a stunning appeal with sophistication. They can be attached to the dressers; however, some people dedicate them to a special portion on the walls.

DIY Antique Mirror Frame Ideas

Antique Mirrors

Photo by

It is not always necessary to spend a huge amount of antique mirrors. If you are creative enough to handle art and craft projects at home; DIY tricks can help you better. It is possible to design elegant and impressive antique mirror frames for your house by using some simple ideas. Moreover, you may not need to invest more on the accessories; some basic elements at home can be used to complete the project.

If you are curious to learn some DIY antique mirrors for home improvement frame ideas, it is good to go through the details below:

  • Starburst Antique Mirror Frame:

Here is a simple but elegant design idea for the mirror frame. Get a plain round mirror and thin contractor shims. Spare some time to paint all the shims with a golden color and then assemble them together to create a sun-like shape. This budget-friendly idea can help you add a pop to your living room or bathroom.

  • Fancy Antique Mirror Frame:

For those who want to achieve a fancy look, here is another amazing idea to decorate your central mirror. Just get a handful of metallic decorative skewers and numbers of tiny mirrors. Prefer to get these tiny mirrors with variable dimensions. You can create a wall collage around the central mirror by adding the tiny mirrors all around.

  • Seashell Antique Mirror Frame:

In case if you want to add some natural elements to the interior décor, we advise you to create an antique mirror frame by using seashells. It is an affordable and practical solution for all DIY mirror projects. Prefer to use multi-colored seashells along with starfish and glue them together. It will introduce a feel of summer to your living room with a unique appeal.

  • Pebble Mosaic Mirror Frame:

Another good idea is to use tiny pebbles to add a special ornamental impact in the room. You can find tiny pebbles of different colors and glue them together to create an antique mirror frame. The antique mirror for home improvement looks more practical and innovative.


No matter whether you are planning to decorate your new home or it is undergoing a home improvement project. Antique mirrors can create the best appeal in the premises. Prefer to choose some of the most attractive shapes and frame design ideas depending upon your existing décor. Antique mirrors can add more beauty to any area with their elegant finish. You can install them at the entrance point of the house, in the living room, bedroom or in the bathrooms as well.

A Complete Guide To Choose, Buy, And Wear Women’s Toupees

Guide To Choose Wear Women's Toupees

Women are absolutely in love with their hair and want it to look gorgeous and flawless always. It breaks their heart when they have hair loss or have to get rid of their hair due to some disease or unforeseen circumstances.

Earlier, this was a nightmare since the wigs available in the market were of cheap quality, and it never looked natural. But with science and technology progressing, companies are keeping in mind the criteria of women while they choose a wig and therefore bringing in different variety of wigs which looks just like natural hair and in varied density, sizes and texture. All you need to know is how to select the perfect wig which suits your need perfectly.

Here is a manual for you to choose, buy and wear the women’s toupees correctly:

Choosing the Right Women’s Toupee

You have first to know how many types of wigs are available in the market.

Full lace wigs are made up of mesh material which is of superior quality, and therefore it beats the traditional caps. It has laces all around it thus making it one of the most expensive wigs available. No machine is being used in the production process, and every hair is attached to the cap by hand.

With the lace being very thin, it ensures comfort, and you can do any styling you want with the wig, be it a high ponytail or a bun and your hair will look just as natural. All these factors make this wig a costly one but worth the money.

360 frontal wig is one of the types of women’s toupees available in the market which have a crown area on the top of the head and mesh material runs across the hairline. The lace is being crafter with individual hair being attached to it using hands; therefore, it is impossible to discriminate it from the natural hairline. It should be your first choice if you want something which will look realistic and will be within your budget.

Lace front wigs deal with laces only at the front portion instead of the entire hairline. It comes with a standard cap and meshes material in front, which makes the laces at the front look natural. But the back will not be realistic, and you should avoid styling with high ponytails.

Now when you know the types of wigs available, the materials it comes with, and what purpose it solves, it will be natural for you to choose your model.

Buying the Toupee

Understand your need. Ask yourself whether you want a trendy look or go with a traditional look. Note down what are the stylings you may want to do with your hair. Decide accordingly.

Make an informed decision regarding the length of your wig, the density, texture and cutting you want to depend on whether you want to make a partition or keep your hair strands open most of the time.

Make sure you measure your head right. If it is wrong, either the wig will be too loose and it will often fall from your head or will be too tight that will not fit.

Settle for a wig which is easy for you to maintain. In the long run, you will not like something which is of high maintenance, gets tangled easily and does not look good.

Wearing the Women’s Toupee

Hold the wig in the correct position and cut the lace accordingly, keeping in focus the hairline.

You want to have a realistic look with your wig. Pluck out some hair from hairline because often wigs have equal density all across the hairline which does not look natural. This process will help your hair look just as real but be aware of overdoing it.

If you wish, you can wear a wig cap under the lace, and new hair strand or can make cornrows.

Move on to the process of actually wearing the wig. If your wig comes with clips, start attaching them to your head. Ensure whether it lies in symmetry and is maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

The last step is for you to decide whether you want to glue the wig together, sew it or tape it!

How CBD Can Help With Your Beauty Regime

CBD Your Beauty Regime

CBD-based products are taking the entire world by storm. Ranging from fitness and health to beauty products, it continuously garners attention from users because of its reported positive results.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the over 80 different compounds present in a hemp plant. Talks about how it changed the lives of many people’s health created a buzz in one industry-the beauty industry.

Top experts in the beauty industry started to take notice of the amazing significance of CBD in health. Thus, they wanted to explore if the same results were even possible when infusing CBD in skincare products. Fortunately, it did deliver amazing results to users. Right now, more CBD products are made with the intent to make it the latest craze in the beauty industry.

If you’re one of the many people who is considering switching your current beauty products to CBD-infused products, like bath bombs with CBD, then read on below to find useful information on how it helps with your beauty regime:

1. As a Facial Cleanser

CBD Your Beauty Regime

Cleansers are essential in any skincare routine. Washing your face twice a day removes the deep-seated dirt and other substances that got stuck on your skin’s surface, thus, leaving your skin clean.

Whether you use cream or foam cleansers, CBD mixed facial cleansers are making it to the top shelves of every beauty shop. Combined with other essential extracts, it cleanses your pores, so your skin feels clean and perfectly ready for the next steps in your beauty routine.

In using facial cleansers, you typically place your desired amount into your palm, lather it, and massage on your skin. You thoroughly rinse afterward.

2. As a Face Mask

The lack of sleep, even for a day, has noticeable effects on your face in the morning. Pores may appear enlarged and wrinkles may become more visible. For some people, sleep deprivation is a normal part of their day. Thus, to reduce and hide the visible effects of not getting enough rest, they use face masks.

Right now, most face masks in the market boast instant results. They give the skin its natural glow after one use, so your face looks like well-rested even if it’s not. If you’re sleep-deprived, try putting on a face mask in the morning, especially one infused with CBD. The calming effect of CBD is what makes the skin look energized after applying a mask, so you get an instant youthful glow. Moreover, if used long-term, it makes your pores less visible.

Don’t wait for your skin to tell you it needs care before doing something. Include face masks with CBD to your beauty regime twice or thrice a week for at least 20 minutes. But before buying, know what things to consider when choosing CBD face masks.

3. As a Face Oil and Beauty Serum

Oils and serums are best to use together for skincare because they work hand-in-hand. In particular, CBD oils are perfect for moisturizing, while CBD serums are powerful products known for repairing the skin.

If you apply CBD oil on your face, the oil seeps into the skin. As a result, the skin receives intense hydration. On the other hand, using a CBD serum adds extra benefits to your skin. It eases any skin inflammation if you’re experiencing breakouts, repairs your skin, and helps fight skin aging.

Each drop of CBD serum and oil is packed with a hydrating punch that can provide entire-day hydration and skin repair benefits. Therefore, don’t forget to treat your skin by using CBD face oil and serum twice a day or as directed.

4. As a Face Cream

Face creams are beneficial for skincare. From how it helps acne to ways it reduces discoloration, a face cream is a must-have in every skincare regime. When choosing a face cream, consider one with CBD. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s an effective treatment for acne and breakouts. It also reduces the production of sebum and gives your skin an even tone.

People usually use a face cream twice a day; once in the morning and once before bedtime. If you want to have flawless and glowing skin, use a CBD face cream regularly.

5. As a Body Soap

Body soaps get rid of dirt, oil, sweat, and odor after a shower, but they tend to make your skin dry. To get the most out of your body cleansing, try using a CBD body soap. CBD has omega-3 and omega-6 that promote skin health and reduces inflammation, not only on the face but on the rest of your skin as well. A CBD body bar ensures you get all the cleansing benefits after a shower while also retaining your skin’s natural moisture, which is an essential factor for good body soap.  

Thankfully, this CBD body soap can easily be purchased in any health food store, so remember to get one the next time you drop by.

6. As a Body Lotion and Sunscreen

Body lotions aim to prevent dryness on the skin after bathing. They also treat any roughness or skin irritations, so they’re useful for skincare. On the other hand, sunscreen helps by blocking the harmful rays from the sun.

CBD is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals. If your skin looks damaged because you work in the field, this is one of the reasons you need CBD in your beauty regime. It can be challenging to maintain healthy skin when you’re always exposed to the harmful rays that can burn you.

If most times you work outside, carry a CBD lotion or sunscreen in your bag, so you can re-apply anytime you need protection. 

7. As an Eye Serum

Dark circles and heavy bags under the eyes can lead people to believe you’re tired. It may give out a bad impression on some situations, like if you have a job interview or an important meeting. In these situations, you can trust an eye serum to transform your overall look.

Basically, the purpose of an eye serum is to get rid of these under eye problems and ease crease on the outer corner, thus giving your eyes more lit. It also hides any signs of insufficient sleep. Using a CBD eye serum, which has anti-aging properties, help minimize the fine lines around the eyes, while also treating eye puffiness and dark circles.

You should absolutely consider using an eye serum if, even for just a couple of hours less sleep, your eye area easily becomes puffed.

Final Thoughts

After years of hearing about CBD as a treatment for chronic conditions, it turns out it isn’t only effective for medicinal use. Many people have sworn to its outstanding benefits in improving the skin’s overall condition as part of a beauty regime.

If you are considering trying it out, read reviews, or ask friends on what specific brand they use. Some CBD beauty products are expensive. With so many beauty companies offering CBD skincare products, you must know what brand really works, so you get what you paid for.​

4 Easy Tips To Manage Stress When Moving To A New House

Manage Stress When Moving To A New House

Moving can be an exciting time in a person’s life. More often than not, you’re moving to a new house because you’re getting married, your family is growing, or you were offered a better career. Moving can usually mean that you’re about to experience a major change in your life. However, before you can enjoy all of these changes, you need to successfully move from one location to another first.

With the number of tasks you’ll have to accomplish when moving, it’s no wonder why this task is very stressful. Regardless if you compared several movers NYC and picked the best moving company NYC, expect that you can still experience several roadblocks when moving. The weather might suddenly change, or a family member might become sick on moving day.

For your upcoming move to be convenient and time-saving, effectively manage stress by following these tips:

1. Use time to your advantage

Manage Stress When Moving To A New House

You’ll have to accomplish a lot of tasks when moving. For starters, you need to clean your old house, decide what items to bring or dispose, and properly pack your prized valuables. You’ll also have to unload all of your moving boxes and decorate your new house so everyone can feel comfortable living in it.

If you don’t want to be pressured in doing all of these tasks, start working on these tasks as early as possible. After you’ve decided when and where you’re going to move, slowly accomplish tasks day by day.

If your moving day is already scheduled, go through every nook and cranny of your old house and assess which items are still useful and which ones should be thrown.

Working as early as possible allows you to track your progress and accomplish tasks that require urgency. Completing tasks ahead of time can help you ward off stress as you won’t have to run in circles, trying to figure out what tasks are still incomplete.

2. Stay organized

You’ll have a lot of things on your plate when moving. Aside from accomplishing some of the most essential tasks when moving, you also have to make sure that all of the necessary documents for the purchase or lease of your new house are already prepared.

You also have to label all of your moving boxes and indicate which items are placed inside to make the unloading process easier and convenient.

If you want to stay on track when moving, always maintain organization. When you stay organized when moving, it’ll be easy for you to determine where a specific item is placed the moment you need them.

This will save you a lot of time and effort from opening several moving boxes just to locate an item.

3. Have a good night’s sleep

Manage Stress When Moving To A New House

Sleep is your body’s outlet to recharge and renew any lost energy. Sleeping for at least eight hours every night can repair damaged muscles, improve your energy levels, and boost your mood. Sleeping can also increase your bodily functions, allowing you to move and think fast.

Regardless of how busy you are in moving, never lose sleep because of it. Instead of pulling an all-nighter to pack all of your clothes, spend at least two hours every day for the task. The same should also be followed for other tasks necessary when moving.

Making small changes to your daily routine is a great way of making the most out of your time when preparing for a move. This will help you accomplish a variety of tasks during the day without the need to compromise your health.

4. Ask for help

Aside from the professional moving company you’ll hire, it’s totally acceptable to ask help from your friends and family when moving. These people will understand how stressful moving is, and they will be ready to lend a helping hand.

Depending on who will volunteer to help you move, you can let your friends and family assist in cleaning your old house, or pack your valuables. If you’re too busy during moving day, you can also ask them to look after your kids and pets.

Think Positive

Instead of disregarding stress when moving, embrace the idea that stress will always be present in a move. But instead of using it as a reason to delay your progress, use it as a motivation to think out of the box.

Don’t focus on how stress can adversely affect your move; look at it as an opportunity for you to get creative and make the entire moving experience more fun and memorable!