DIY Sex Toys & Improvised Pleasure Thingamajigs

Ladies & gentlemen, it is time for love! Now, we are quite familiar with the fact that DIY sex toys can sound a little uncomfortable considering where you have to put them but you’d be surprised just how innovative people get to get off.

So bear with us! Not everyone has a sex store in the vicinity yet everyone has the desire to relieve tension and have some pure’n’naughty masturbation fun. So without further ado, here are some of the most ingenious ways you can make sex toys.

5 Best Looking Book Writers Of All Time

Looking Book Writers

Readers are fond of checking out the most popular books in the library. However, we all have at times had different interests other than the book itself. The authors of these literary works have also won the interest of people.

Although this is not a fashion industry, there are those book writers who are good looking and have added some bit of attraction to themselves and not only because of their books. Ideally, professional essay writers and other types of writers are also known for their good looks and not just their writings. Here are 5 best looking book writers throughout history.

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