Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast – 5 Possible Reasons As To

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast

"Why does my hair grow so fast" when I do not want it to be?

I have voiced out this question many times to my stylist – but mostly to myself – whenever I stare at the mirror and realize that I need to get a trim only after a couple of months to maintain my new bob. I am not frustrated about the pampering that usually comes with a haircut when I visit my favorite salon, but penciling it in my jam-packed calendar is not pleasurable at all.

This recurring circumstance became my cue to begin researching about the probable reasons that may cause the hair to grow quickly. Though some of the ideas I am going to share may get a little scientific, I will try to make things easily understandable that you will be able to recount all of them to another friend by the end of this article.

What Are Solar Nails: 4 Interesting Things To Know

What Are Solar Nails

Embellishing the fingernails with different colored polishes and arts has been a necessity for women who cannot stand the sight of their bare cuticles. And yet, here I am, saying ‘Pass!’ every time a friend invites me to go to the salon to get our nails painted with gel or acrylic.

My reason is quite uncomplicated. I do not want to deal with chipped polish as much as you probably do; that’s why I just skip from opting for it whenever I visit my manicurist.

​Naked nail plates give me the shudders still, mind you, but I found an alternative to paints when I heard about what are solar nails. The simplest thing we can say about it is originally a brand of acrylic nails, and has several interesting aspects – four, to be exact – that may attract you into changing your loyalty soon.


The Best Acrylic Nail Kit: The Ultimate Guide

Best Acrylic Nail Kit

"Best Acrylic Nail Kit". Fashion is ever-changing, and that includes clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, and of course, nails too. Have you ever felt good when your nails are short, bitten, and chipped? Of course not! Nails are as much of a fashion statement as a new outfit, and many people choose to match their nails with what they are wearing!

For that reason, you need to have fantastic nails to show off during your nights out, and for your daily shopping trips! You can either head to a salon and pay for your new nails, or you can do it yourself, with an at home best acrylic nail kit. Nail extensions are expensive if you venture out to a salon all the time.

These kits basically give you everything you need in order to learn how to elongate and strengthen your nails in the comfort of your home, without having to pay out for expensive salon nails. The cost of the kit is also lower compared to regular trips to your salon!

How do you know what you need, how to find it, and what to do with it unless you research?

How To Remove Eyelash Glue In 2 Ways With No Pain

How To Remove Eyelash Glue

"How To Remove Eyelash Glue?". After feeling like a goddess all day with your false lashes emphasizing the beauty of your eyes, have you ever dreaded coming home, knowing that you may need to bite your tongue to endure the pain of unsticking it?

We may have had thoughts similar to this a lot of times and perhaps even complained about it to someone, but we cannot stop, can we? After all, beauty is pain according to many, and a bit of it in exchange for having long and gorgeous eyelashes seems worth the hassle.

​The thing is, getting rid of the falsies does not and should not be painful. There are ways in which you can detach them from your real lashes every day without getting hurt, and we have written about "how to remove eyelash glue" in detail down below.

How To Get Rid Of Sideburns – 3 Tips For Girls


The difference between men and women is highly noticeable when it comes to dealing with facial hair. While the guys let it all grow out, you may be in constant vigilance for new hair removal techniques you can adopt. If you have taken care of the brows and the moustache on your own, your eyes are perhaps set on knowing how to get rid of sideburns.

Removing long or messy hair on both sides of the face is not a common practice for many ladies. In case it becomes the central focus of your date or it hinders you from getting one at all, though, it has to go.

There is no reason for you to be ashamed of asking your hairstylist to shave them off. But if it really bothers you, feel free to check out these tips that are easy to follow at home.