What Kind Of Hair To Use For Box Braids? All You Need To Know

What kind of hair to use for box braids

"What kind of hair to use for box braids?". Do you find that your hair becomes far too easily damaged in the winter cold? Are you sick of having to wash and style it tirelessly every morning? If you’re nodding your head, and I imagine most of you are, then why not consider box braids?

Box braiding has countless benefits to hair health, whilst also meaning you have much less of a hair routine in the mornings. It doesn't even cost so much, as quoted by Cost Freak. So, if you’re interested, and you want to get on board with this box braiding business, the next question is, what kind of hair should you be using? And, how do you do it?


What Toner To Use For Orange Hair? The Best Guide

What Toner To Use For Orange Hair

Platinum or silver hair is all the rage this year, and for a good reason – it definitely adds edge to your look and effectively turns heads. However, there's a problem of keeping it from turning into that dreaded brassy shade.

And some, judged by the hair and beauty forum and site SOS queries, have unfortunately stumbled into this pitfall. When your hair does turn brassy during the bleaching process, you would want to know what toner to use for orange hair?

10 Incredible Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Eyelashes

Olive Oil For Eyelashes

It is common to find people looking for any possible way to look more beautiful. You would be happy to know that olive oil for eyelashes could be the next big thing that you get for yourself. For long and dark rich eyelashes, you might want to consider using the olive oil from today.

The best part is that the olive oil formula makes it as natural as possible. If you are scared of using some chemical enhancers for your eyelashes, then it is possible that you can always choose the olive oil for your eyelashes to grow better.

Now that you know what the olive oil can do for your eyelashes, the chances are that you would be thinking more about the benefits of olive oil. Below, we get to check out some of the benefits you can expect with the olive oil for the eyelashes.