5 Steps For Amazing Box Braids With Human Hair

Box Braids With Human Hair

What should you do if you love box braids but your hair is not long enough? There are two popular options for your choice. In most of the cases, I prefer to wear box braids with human hair as it makes my hair entirely smoother and easier to create different styles.

As you have to pay a higher amount to own the human hair than the synthetic hair, you should learn to create your most suitable style as well as keep it in good condition.


Five Steps for Amazing Box Braids With Human Hair

The following are our suggested five simple yet useful steps to create your beautiful braids by combining with human hair:


Purchase The Exact Hair Type

Purchase The Exact Hair Type

Before buying the human hair, you should determine the braided hairstyle kind you want. One of the most popular human hair is the virgin Indian Remy bulk hair. Many people, including me, prefer to use this hair type as it could make different braided hairstyles.

Otherwise, to achieve your right look, please be acutely aware that the slightly curlier or coarser hair will bend and grip better. So, it is easier for you to hold and handle the hair style for a long time.


Prepare Both Natural And Extensions Hair Sets

The next step is to deep condition the natural locks after washing the hair. Before braiding, it may help you much to have the smoother hair. If this step is not stressed enough, all smaller braids will not be on the right track.

In fact, we will accurately miss those conditioning cycles when our hair typically plaits away after several weeks. So, please do not skimp on this deep conditioner.

Besides, you should rinse or wash the extensions of human hair well beforehand. By following the package directions of conditioning and shampooing, you should gently pull all strands apart as well as into several bundles of about one inch thick as your hair dries.

Such action will help your hair extensions dry easier and faster. Then, all you have to do later is to grab the exact extension hair amount.

You can blow or do air dry both your natural and extensions hair. But remember to use the heat-protecting product or serum beforehand if you choose the blow drying. And do not forget our primary goal of having the beautiful box braids with human hair.

To achieve it, we should try to make our hair be in the healthiest condition before heading into our braiding process. So, the strands of the human hair may withstand the applicable stress, grow, and pull while we rock our braid look.


Separate Dry Human Hair Into Individual Sections

Thirdly, we have to create about three broad sections of human hair by parting it between two ears. Then, you need to separate dry hair from the forehead to the nape or the crown. Remember to secure these individual sections after parting with the large covered clips or elastic bands.

Now, divide our locks into smaller parts which are roughly 0.25 to 1.25-inch wide beginning at the neck nape. This division will assist you to prevent confusion and tangling. By this way, each section will turn out a braid.

You can adjust the size of your braids in this step. The micro braids require the smaller parts, but the bigger braids need the larger ones.


Let Your Hair Extensions Attached To The Braid

box braids with human: Let Your Hair Extensions Attached To The Braid

Via: Perfectlocks.com

This fourth step is also important as it decides how natural our box braids with human hair looks. You should work for the single braid at one time. And pinch off sufficient extension hair in matching the section size of the natural hair which you will be braiding.

Please do not grab much because this might make our braids uneven and bulky. However, getting too little human hair will properly lead to spindly braids.

Next, fold your extension hair located near the head top like the candy cane. Now, you have three inches hair hanging down right on its short end. You should hook the hair extensions over the section top of your hair to braid while holding the hair close and taut to your scalp.

After folding successfully, you will have three hair parts lined up next to each other. Of which, your hair extensions section with the shortest length is on your left, and the longer part of the hair extensions is on your right. The middle is your natural hair. You should pull them tightly but do not use much force.

Because too tight pulling can cause pain, and bring the natural hair section to your left while move your shorter extension part toward the middle. The correct action is to pull your longer extensions part to your middle position, and your shorter section to your right.

Now, you should continue crisscrossing all three hair sections until all natural hair is interwoven. Then, you do it for a few strokes until your extension hair part is tight and secure.


Create Your Favorite Box Braids Style

For tree and micro braids, you can use one slip knot to keep and secure your braid. Do not forget to let the extension hair ends fall a bit loose, although it is not required. For other hairstyle kinds, keep braiding when you reach to the extension end of your hair. After that, we can style, trim, and curl our braids for whatever way we like.

As a matter of fact, minis, crochets, freestyles, Goddesses, individuals, trees, boxes, etc. are some of your popular choices. You can even choose many other gorgeous ways for yourself to wear the braids with human hair, and we would like to suggest to you several exquisite styles as follows:

#1 - Elegant Bun Hairstyle

Elegant Bun Hairstyle

I love the versatile way which box braids bring to my face with the sock bun. To do this style, only twist your hair into the elegant bun to get ready to go out with the formal look. This hair style will shine up your appearance by adding the orange or red lip.

 #2 - Tiny and Long Box Braids

Tiny and Long Box Braids

We have to affirm that the long tiny box braids are indeed cute. You can allow the gorgeous hair extension to fall gently on one of your sides while presenting your beautiful cheek on another side.

#3 - Luscious Braids

Luscious Braids

It is the funky style for your box braids with human hair. Also, you do not need to do anything every morning except a little moisture spray. I even add the gold beads in my long luscious braids.

#4 - Unique Sculptural Hairstyle

Unique Sculptural Hairstyle

If you want to style the box braids in the medium size, this way is an entirely new and unique. We can own a big twist on the top with a bun following. It is somehow fantastic, isn’t it?

 #5 - Side Part Box Braids

Side Part Box Braids

This simple style only has you whipped your hair to only one side while maintains the long braids in the super sexy way. Trying this style of box braids with human hair may make your hair look like a cocoon. Also, you can give them a short break from the hardcore maintenance.


In short, not all braids types demand the exact kind of your extension hair. But they all need the steady, securely, and quickly attached extensions.

If you consider doing your box braids with human hair extensions or want to learn to braid others’ hair, we hope this article is useful to you. Have you ever tried to box braids hairstyle before? If yes, please share your true story with us.

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