5 Bridal Makeup Trends 2019 You Absolutely Must Try

Bridal Makeup Trends

Every bride wants to look absolutely stunning and amazing on her big day with 5 bridal makeup trends 2019

Makeup plays a huge role in the bridal look. While everyone will be looking at the dress you are wearing, your makeup can make or break your look.

Imagine buying a stunning dress, and then looking dull in your face thanks to makeup? Or going extravagant with the makeup? You definitely do not want to look like a caked up doll or a sparkly disco ball.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the beauty trends that will absolutely dominate the bridal scene. From lipstick to a foundation, we’ve got the looks you have to try. It might even be a good idea to try these looks a couple of times before your wedding day.

That way, you know how they look on you, and you can choose a look that is natural, not something over the head for your big day. From celebrity photos to red carpet looks, these are beauty trends that are tailor-made for your wedding day.


Dewy Glowing Skin

​While flat matte look might be suitable for your casual day, you definitely want to look radiant and glow on your big day. Now, we all want a naturally dewy face that glows from within. That might not be possible.

You can achieve dewy skin by drinking more water, use illuminating moisturizer, using sunscreen daily, embracing skin mists, and much more.

​And if you do not achieve natural dewy face on time, do not worry. You can still get that dewy glowing skin. Fair warning: be careful not to turn your face too oily or greasy. The best way to achieve dewy glowing skin is by mixing moisturizer and foundation.

Some artists also want to add a drop of highlighter to the base. And you can even add some essential oils to make your face look like a million dollar.

​Bold Brows

​Thank god we left those pencil-thin brows in history. No more waxing brows and then drawing a pencil-thin line. In the past few years, women have embraced bold brows, and want their brows to look fuller and thicker. You can achieve this naturally in 4 to 8 weeks. If not, you can use a brow enhancer.

​Bold brows that are thick help your eyes pop and frame the entire face. What can you use to achieve this look? Start with a brow pencil and powder, but try not to go overboard with black powders. Instead, use deep brown or deep grey. They look much more natural, and less gothic.

Glitter Eyeliner

​There was a time when glitter eyeliner was something reserved for Halloween and similar holidays. But nowadays, glitter is a popular beauty trend. And when it comes to your big day, you should go with glitter eyeliner instead of shimmery eyelids.

​You want just a touch of glitter. Be careful, too much of it can be overpowering, especially in photos. You want perfect photos, and not photos in which you look like a clown. Using glitter eyeliner is the safest bet for just the perfect amount of shimmer.

Do not use a glitter pot to cover the entire eyelid in sparkles. Professionals like to use a highlighter in the inner corner to make eyes of the model pop. Try this trick as well.

Smokey Eyes

​Classic and timeless, smokey eyes are just a must. The only warning is never go black. A cult favorite for quite some time, what has changed in the world of smokey eyes is the color and shade. Gone are the days of harsh black eyeshadow.

Instead, women nowadays go for more romantic colors, like brown, bronze, and plum. You can even go with something unconventional like pink, purple, or blue smokey eyes.

​Just remember, if you emphasize your eyes, go with more subtle look for your lips. When the eyes are dramatic, the lips should balance the look. Go with nude or subtle pale colors to create balance in your look.

No-makeup Trend

​The last few years, the all-natural look is gaining traction. Remember, Alicia Keys made an album cover and a magazine cover without any makeup. Celebrities are embracing the no-makeup makeup look, and you can try it on your wedding day.

​This is the year of the minimalist brides, and less is definitely more. How can you achieve the look? The best way is by pinpoint concealing and using light and hydrating base. Add a lot of mascara to give yourself a wide-awake look. Just add some smudge proof and long lasting foundation on your lips and cheeks, and you are ready to go.

​You can easily pull this look off if your skin is relatively problem-free.

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