Can You Go on HCG Diet Without the HCG Dose?

Can You Go on HCG Diet Without the HCG Dose? 1

There are people who want to try HCG diet but are skeptical about taking the HCG hormone. There are some HCG diet followers who believe that they can lose weight only by following the low- calorie diet and there’s no need to take any additional hormone. Most people stay away from the hormone thinking that it can create health hazards. In this article, we bust the myth surrounding HCG hormone and the diet.


Why HCG Take Hormone?

HCG Diet

Fat Metabolism 

One of the most important functions of the HCG hormone during the diet is to metabolize body fat at a faster pace. When you consume less than required calorie, your body will naturally start metabolizing the stored fat but the rate of metabolism without the hormone will be much slower as compared to the metabolism rate gained by taking the HCG hormone.

 When you leave the function of fat metabolism on the natural body cycle your muscles may start breaking down. The HCG hormone targets only the excessive fat and saves you from any muscle loss. A slower metabolism means you’ll have a lesser amount of energy to do your daily activities.

​Hunger Pangs 

When the minimum calorie requirement of body is about 2000-calories and you are consuming only 500-800 calories per day, it is natural to feel hungry all the time. When you are constantly feeling hungry, do you think you can continue your diet for more than 2 days? 

The HCG hormone helps reduce hunger dramatically and this is the reason the HCG dieters stay on such a low-calorie intake for three to six weeks. It might seem a trivial thing but you should not take this very lightly. Feeling of hunger pangs is the most crucial thing that creates a difference between the successful completion and the unsuccessful attempts of dieting.

​Feeling Fatigued​

​Feeling Fatigued​

As discussed above, the rate of fat metabolism is very slow without the HCG hormone. This means your body will not be getting enough amount of energy to do your daily tasks. You’ll feel tired till your body adapts to the new diet regime. And this transition period can last throughout the dieting-phase. 

You cannot afford to feel fatigued, tired, starved and miserable when on a diet. It can kill your motivation and affect your health too. Thus, not taking the HCG hormone dose while following a low-calorie diet, can affect your daily life.

​Muscle Mass Reduction

When you go on such a low-calorie diet without the HCG supplement, you leave your body with the risk of losing the muscles. The body starts breaking muscles in addition to the fat cells to fulfill the requirement of nutrition and energy needs of the body.

When your body gets the prescribed amount of HCG hormones you do not need to worry about muscle mass reduction. The hormone specifically targets the abnormal fat storage of the body and protects the muscles. In fact, if you are willing, you can build some good muscles during your HCG diet.

The male dieters have specifically reported that they were able to build muscles during their HCG diet. The main reason behind the muscle growth can be credited to the testosterone, the male hormone responsible for muscles growth. HCG hormone is found very helpful in increasing the testosterone level and this is the reason it is used in fertility treatment for males.

​The health risk

One of the most common concerns of people wishing to skip the HCG hormone dose is the health risk it may cause. You should note that HCG is a natural hormone and it has no proven health risks. But, if you try to go for the HCG diet without the HCG hormone you might get serious health risks.

The HCG diet of 500-calories a day is an extremely low level of calorie intake and so it can pose serious health risks to the body. The HCG hormone works as a safety shield to save your body from risks of such low level of calorie intake. It helps the body metabolism to transition smoothly from a normal (or more than normal) level of food intake to the extremely low level of food intake.

So, never attempt to go on an HCG diet without the HCG hormone dose. Go to HCG Triumph is the official site from where you can order your HCG drop and gain all the important information about HCG diet.

​HCG Hormone is Safe and there isn’t a Reason to go on the Diet Without it

​HCG Hormone

​Concluding the whole article we can simply say that HCG hormone is entirely safe and there isn’t a valid reason to support the notion that it is not necessary to take the hormone during the diet.

It must be clear to you by now, but, we’ll take the chance to tell you again that if you wish to go on the HCG diet for losing weight, do it with the prescribed doses of HCG hormone. If you are not convinced to take the HCG dose due to any reason, look for any other diet option but don’t put yourself at risk by going on such a low-calorie diet without the HCG hormone.

You can rest assured about your safety if buy the product from a licensed pharmacies and authorized manufacturer. To make yourself double sure about your safety, you can start your HCG diet under the supervision of experts.

The HCG experts will not only help you follow the HCG diet protocols but will also be able to educate you about each and every aspect of the HCG diet plan. You can also read blogs written by experts. Visiting forums will also help you understand about the diet from a user’s perspective.

​We suggest you jump into the HCG or any other diet wagon only after gaining enough knowledge. You landed up on this page with a particular doubt in your mind. Hope you are leaving with some convincing answers! Good luck with your diet.

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