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5 Dos and Don’ts for Men Going Through a Divorce

Marriage dissolution is not the easiest time in life: besides splitting up with a person you loved, you still have to meet them in court, defend your position in front of a judge, and be ready for them to decide the terms of your break-up.  But if you are going through a divorce as a […]

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How To Style Your Beard For Each Occasion

Since time immemorial, beards have been a symbol of a man’s overall masculinity.As though they’re like lions themselves, men grow beards as though they’re the animal kings’ luxurious manes. In history, beards represented power and had been present among the world’s greatest warriors, lords, philosophers, and scientists. From Socrates to Charles Darwin, from Guan Yu […]

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Top 4 Tips And Tricks For The Most Fabulous Beard

Beards have had their ups and downs, but it would seem that they have come to stay this time around. People with beards are often thought of as manlier, more serious, but also more intimidating in some cases. So, to avoid looking like a rabid forest man looking to start a killing spree with a wooden […]

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Men’s Jewellery: All about Getting It Right

Jewelry has been the ultimate form of self-expression for men and women. The fashion trends have been constantly evolving from the beginning of civilization. There have been various stages that the relationship between men and jewelry has gone through, throughout history. The historic paintings and other artworks are proof of that.In today’s world where everyone is […]

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7 Grooming Tips to Charm Your Date

“Grooming Tips to Charm Your Date”. You have finally landed a date with a girl or guy you have been making moves on, or with a sugar mommy or daddy with whom you connected on one of the best Sugar Baby Websites.Either way, you for sure want to impress them, right? Well, you need to […]

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