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Effects Of Blue Light On Our Skin

Table of Contents What is Blue Light?Effects of Blue LightPrevention What is Blue Light?The term blue light refers to the blue wavelength. It’s more eco friendly, and has seen a recent boost in usage with the rise of touchscreen electronics. This type of light has the most power among the visible light spectrum to affect […]

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Antioxidants You Need For Sensitive Skin

For many years, beauty companies have been on the search for the most appropriate cruelty free skincare product for sensitive skin, thanks to antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural health substances that limit the production of free radicals responsible for damaging the skin. While some are designed to protect the skin against UV light and pollutants that damage […]

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Korean Skincare & Beauty Products

Your skin is your body’s largest armor against the outside world. Without healthy and well-maintained skin, your body will be susceptible to not only skin-related conditions, but also illnesses within other body systems. While skincare is thought of as being prioritized due only to aesthetic reasons, there are other countless reasons why you should take care […]

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CBD Oil For Acne: What You Should Know

“CBD Oil for Acne”. Acne is a condition that causes irritation and discomfort to all those who suffer from it. It is a common condition and many of us have gone through it at some point in life.  Acne can appear mostly during puberty or because of some internal factors; hormonal disbalance, too much sebum, […]

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Pros and Cons of Skin Whitening Creams

Skin whitening creams can be a boon for your beauty as they can lead to fairer, healthier- and almost flawless-looking skin in several days up to a couple of weeks.  As an added bonus, skin lightening products also happen to lighten up facial hair. But these products have their share of downsides too, such as […]

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