Important Health Benefits That Your Pet Can Get From CBD Cat Treats

That Your Pet Can Get From CBD Cat Treats

"CBD for Pets". May it be cats, dogs, or other animals, their health is the number one priority of a pet owner. Almost every dog owner is careful to avoid any toxic treats (chocolate is one example), and that includes cat owners as well. Cats are more susceptible to poison because of the many hazards this article has listed. From baits to medicines you might think are harmless and even beneficial, cats, especially those who eat from anything you offer in your hand, are at high risk for poisoning.

Luckily, since the rise of CBD has been progressively studied over the years, many companies have thought to put some of it inside treats for your pets, specifically cat treats. This compound offers many health benefits in whatever form it takes, and CBD-derived cat treats have become another milestone to success for it.

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CBD For Pets - But Wait! What Is CBD?

CBD, a shortcut for the whole word Cannabidiol, is an element found in the family of Cannabis Sativa plants. It is an element that has a low-level of THC in it and doesn't make the user high or euphoric, and nothing less than something addictive. Meanwhile, THC, an acronym that stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is another element together with cannabidiol that is found in hundreds of elements in a cannabis plant, which makes the user euphoric with its high level of psychoactive ingredient.

CBD is also famously known as Cannabidiol. This compound is from the hemp plant, a species under the genus Cannabis Sativa. Now you might think hemp is the same as marijuana (which is also under Cannabis Sativa), but we'll take this time to tell you that hemp and marijuana are not the same, and they have distinct differences.

The most important thing to note is the different compounds these two plants have. While hemp has a substantial number of cannabinoids, it also has plentiful Cannabidiol, especially in its flowers and seeds. In comparison, marijuana has a lot of THC, or called tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the sister compound of cannabidiol and is responsible for getting one high when used (either ingested or smoked).

This in turn has companies removing it entirely from their products. All oils, edibles, and treats meant for cats, dogs, and other pets are now all considered 100% THC-free, and not just because of any law or preference. Tetrahydrocannabinol can cause adverse side-effects to animals, even death.

Some signs of THC toxicity range from moderate, like dilation of pupils, unsteady gait, aggression, and constant hostility, to severe, like copious vomiting, coma, seizures, and ultimately their demise. Many studies have touched upon this, which spurred consumers to demand more evidence from companies in terms of authenticity, like 3rd party lab testing.

Is It Legal To Take Cbd?

The answer is yes; the 2018 Farm Bill has been signed and passed as a law by President Donald Trump last December of 2018. Now that it has become legal, the government imposed a strict rule of CBD that contains 0.3 percent of THC in it and that are extracts from the hemp plant.

Hemp and marijuana are the same but cultivated to grow differently. It is to better know the difference between both plants because the law only covers hemp as the plant to be extracted with cannabidiol. This means that the cultivation and usage of marijuana are still illegal.

Buy Only From Premium Manufacturers

When buying cannabidiol-based products, it is important to know its ingredients. However, people can't just grow their hemp even if it’s for personal consumption. You can find businesses with a simple click here now, that have the license to distribute them. Growing and cultivating hemp plants requires a hemp license from the government. Thus, manufacturers of products with cannabidiol mixed in its ingredients also need to gather license before production.

There is now much business found on the internet that has their websites for consumers to choose from their different products and are even specialized for dogs, cats, horses, and humans and now can be shipped nationwide. Many consumers are now drawn to CBD-based products because of the effects it could offer to their bodies and their lovely pets.

CBD Oil For Cats - Benefits Your Feline Can Experience

Cannabidiol has worked on humans, so why not on pets? There is so little research that it seems CBD’s all the rage without any scientific proof. Although this is the case, according to this site (, it seems testimonies from many users and pet owners anchor this product just fine. With those testimonies along with the few studies, here are some benefits it can bring:

It Is Used For Pain Management

This is the most common reason why many pet owners use Cannabidiol for their pets. Pain management has been the forte of CBD products, as it both blocks messages to pain receptors and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to conditions such as osteoarthritis, IBS, and even wounds.

It Has A Calming Effect

Is your cat having an attitude? Is it sudden, without any reason? It may be feline anxiety, stemming from many different reasons such as a new owner, a new home, a new pet, or sickness. A feline with this condition is often hostile, restless, meows loudly and constantly, and has little to no sleep during the day or night.

Giving them treats will help with this problem, as cannabidiol works with the Endocannabinoid System to send several messages from the receptors to the parts of their brain where anxiety is being stimulated. Cannabidiol will either block any incoming messages in this area of their brain or stimulate the release of serotonin. Serotonin is dubbed as the happy hormone, and when present can help with anxiety and depression in felines.

It Can Increase Appetite

It’s not unusual to see fat cats, especially on YouTube, but felines are finicky eaters by nature. Any pet owner can attest to that. Sometimes, this lack of gusto towards food becomes a problem, especially when they start to lose weight and develop malnutrition. Cannabidiol works in a way that stimulates a part of their brain in charge of hunger, the hypothalamus, so they can feel more hunger and thus eat more as a result.

Is CBD The Right Choice?

Cannabidiol poses no dangerous side-effects to your pets when used. It isn’t capable of dependence, addiction, or toxicity. You can overdose while using this, but since there are no extra effects in giving more, sticking to the dosage is ideal. Cannabidiol is a great choice when your cat has illnesses and other conditions, but it is still up to your discretion as a pet owner.

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