CBD Oils: Uses, Health Benefits & Risks – All You Need To Know

CBD Oils

Cannabidiol, or commonly known as CBD, is gaining more and more popularity in recent months, and that could also be because of its availability in high-street health shops. Previously CBD oil was viewed as an option for the seriously ill, but not CBD oil is getting famous with its promises of providing relief from a lot of things such as pain, depression, and anxiety.

But what exactly is CBD oil, what are its benefits and are there any associated risks? CBD is one of the hundred chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. It is a naturally occurring substance that can be extracted and then with another carrier oil, like hemp seed or coconut, to produce the CBD oil.

CBD does not make one high, unlike THC, and is linked with many health benefits. It is being used for a lot of purposes and there some risk factors as well that you have to keep in mind before you decide to use it. Click here if you want more information on CBD oils. Here are some things that everyone needs to know about CBD oil.



CBD Oils: Uses, Health Benefits & Risks – All You Need To Know 1

There are many ways CBD oil is being used by people all over the world. It is believed that CBD oil has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which help people with their chronic pain that occurs due to injuries or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Patients who have sclerosis and fibromyalgia have reported positive effects of using the CBD oil. Another use of CBD oil is to treat the withdrawal symptoms from drugs such as opiates and nicotine. CBD oil might be able to help with psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, and other related conditions.

​Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits

Here are few notable health benefits of CBD oil.

​Pain Relief

CBD provides relief in pain. Whether you have a backache or a headache, a massage with CBD oil can make it go away without any side effects. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce the stiffness in muscles, and you will feel much better.


Seizures happen because of dramatic fluctuation of the electrical activity in our brain. CBD has anti-seizure properties, and recently science has confirmed this link. People who have tested CBD oil have noticed a drop in the frequency of their seizure.


CBD is not only useful in the treatment of physiological symptoms but can also be used for therapy of mental health conditions that include anxiety. It is being debated if CBD should be prescribed to people who have anxiety and depression. Anxiety can often cause sleep problems such as insomnia and CBD oil hot tea can help with that as well.


Some studies have been hopeful about CBD’s role in fighting cancer. CBD has antitumor effects, and that can be helpful to patients in case of tumor cells in cancer and leukemia. CBD can also stop the cancer cells from spreading in cervical cancer.

Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

A rarely discussed health benefit that CBD oil has is how it helps in reducing risks of developing diabetes. In a study published doctors explored the effect CBD had, and the results were quite successful.


CBD Risks

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CBD oil has some cons too.


Although CBD oil helps in pain relief and insomnia, it can have the opposite effects too. If you take higher dose than necessary, you can feel sleepy. People who take CBD oil for some issue, when their sleep cycles are perfectly fine, can feel sleepy while doing everyday chores. That is why make sure not to drive a vehicle when you take your dose of CBD oil.

Side Effects

Some people have reported a change in their appetite because of CBD oil. There are other side effects as well that people have reported such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and dizziness.

Liver Issues

Continues use of CBD oil can cause the liver enzymes to stop producing, and that can be problematic. Liver enzymes are what help in the absorption of chemicals in our liver. So before you start to use CBD oil, ask your doctor.

​The next time you will use CBD oil, you will be well informed. Also, always check with your doctor before you try out anything.

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