Importance Of Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type

Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type

Tips for "choosing Flat Irons according to your hair type". There’s one simple mistake women make when choosing flat irons: buying any flat iron they come across without paying attention to their hair type. This turns into a big issue, ruining the hair of many women in the long run.

You might have a thick hair. Your hair might be thick but long. Someone’s hair is thick but short. Flat iron manufacturers have studied all the types of hair and come out with flat irons that can style any type of hair under the sun.

A flat iron that is best for thick hair would not be good for fine hair. If you walk into the market and start buying any flat iron you come across, you are doing a disservice to your hair, and that decision will follow you for a long time.

To have a long lasting, quality hair, you need to be vigilant when buying flat irons. You have to study your hair type, study flat irons, and then get to know which flat iron will suite your hair type before making the final decision to buy.

Why Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type

Well, you might not see it to be that important, but I can tell you that choosing a flat iron according to the type of your hair makes all the difference between a beautiful, well-styled, and quality hair on one hand and bad hair on the other.

These are the importance of choosing a flat iron according to the type of your hair.

Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type

1. Well styled hair

A well-styled hair doesn’t come by magic. You can have the best hair and the latest flat iron but if the flat iron doesn’t match your hair style, you will be styling in name but over the course of time, you will encounter the true effects of those decisions.

Choosing a flat iron according to your hair type helps you style your hair with ease and it equally gives you the opportunity to maintain your styled hair over a certain desired period.

2. Long term upkeep of hair

Every woman’s secret of being beautiful has a story to tell about their hair. Curling it, creating waves, and styling your hair all depends on having a good flat iron. So what makes a good flat iron? Well, it’s not about the flat iron with the shiniest material or the one with the most beautiful finishes.

3. Keeps your hair healthy

A healthy hair is one that is free from frizz, stays fresh, devoid of odor, and all kinds of unwanted particles. You can’t have such a hair if all you do is walk into a shop and start buying a flat iron.

You need to understand your hair type and then choose the flat iron that will go with your hair type. The only way to keep your hair healthy for a long time and equally increase your confidence is to choose flat irons according to the type of hair you have.

4. Maintains your hair’s natural beauty and texture

Maintains your hair’s natural beauty and texture

Every woman has a natural texture apart from the texture and styles we get from using the hair straighteners. This kind of natural texture and style is sometimes very beautiful than the ones we get using flat irons.

Every woman would, in a way, want to keep this natural beauty. You can’t do that if you buy flat irons anyhow. The best way to keep the natural beauty and texture of your hair is to buy flat irons according to you hair type.

5. Maintains your natural beauty

The biggest part of what makes women beautiful is their hair. If you are a woman, you might have already learned that just your hair style alone can do or undo your beauty.

So what is the secret the women that keep their beauty all the time? A lot of them will tell you that they keep their hair beauty all the time in order to keep their entire beauty.

Their secret is not far-fetched. Their secret lies in using flat irons according to their hair style. Such women do not just buy flat irons anyhow, they make sure that they study and understand their hair style and then buy flat irons that suite such hair styles.

So if you want to be part of these beautiful women, if you don’t want to be viewed as an ugly duckling, then you need to choose flat irons according to your hair style.

How to Choose a Flat Iron

First, determine your needs. Do you have fine or damaged hair? Thick, coarse or curly? What styles are you looking to achieve?

Will you only use your flat iron to straighten your hair? Will you be using it to create curls? Or would you like the freedom to create multiple styles?

Now, let's take a closer look at the features best suited to your hair type and desired style.


High heat means faster, more effective straightening, but not all hair types need the hottest irons.

To reduce damage to your hair, consider an iron that offers adjustable heat settings, then style on the lowest heat setting that gets you the results you want.

We recommend:

  • Coarse, curly or thick hair: 350-400°
  • Healthy or medium textured hair: 300-380°
  • Fine, chemically treated hair or damaged hair: 300° or less

Select the Right Plates

Hair straightener plates are made from a variety of materials, and while there is no right or wrong choice, some will be better suited to your hair type and needs.

  • 1 wide plates: Good for most hair lengths. They are easier to create versatile looks, from straight to curly.
  • 2 wide plates: best for long hair to create straight, smooth styles. They reduce the number of passes needed to smooth thick, coarse hair.
  • Mini: Great for short hair, bangs, or to fix flyaways in a pinch.
  • Extra long plates: Good for long hair to create smooth or curly styles. They allow larger sections of hair to pass through at a time.


Choosing Flat Irons According To Your Hair Type

The next time you make a decision to buy a flat iron, you have to sit down and have a study of your hair. Know whether you have thick hair, soft hair, or long hair.

Try to identify the flat irons that will be good for your kind of hair before you make the final decision to buy.

Don’t overlook the importance of "choosing Flat Irons according to your hair type", because it determines the health, the beauty, the natural texture, and the long lasting of your entire hair.

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