Convenient Online Booking for Escape Rooms in Edmonton

Convenient Online Booking in Edmonton

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, most people are trying to reduce the time they spend outdoors to avoid getting infected by strangers. They are also interested in safe entertainment options where they do not have to spend their time with people they do not know.

This makes playing escape games at the escapehour facility in Edmonton, Alberta one of the most popular and safe options for both tourists and local residents in Edmonton, since they can choose their team members. Most people are playing the escape games with their family members, relatives and friends with whom they are already spending time.

Another convenient feature of the escapehour locker room is that groups can conveniently book the escape game they are interested in at a convenient time from the convenience of their home or office. After the booking is confirmed, the customers have to arrive at the facility at the time specified, and can start playing the game after all the rules are explained to them.

The escape rooms in Edmonton are closed on Monday, and usually have fewer bookings on weekdays. Since people are usually free on weekends, many of the time slots are booked well in advance. So those who want a specific time slot should check availability, and book at least a few days earlier to avoid being disappointed.

Since people have different interests, Escape Hour offers escape rooms with different themes like Bank heist based on bank robbery, Five elements, Five lives, movie Matrix and Senators quest. Though the complexity and subject differs, each quest room is intricately decorated according to the game theme, paying great attention to detail so that it is an immersive experience for the players.

The team members have to work together to search the escape room, to find clues, solve puzzles and get other details, so that they can escape from the room withing the allowed time of one hour.

Based on reviews, ratings on the travel website TripAdvisor, in both Edmonton and Calgary are most enjoyable and top rated escape rooms in 2020. In Edmonton the escape room is also the top rated entertainment facility in the fun and games category. Most of the customers have complimented Escape Hour on the excellent room design, story, narrative which made playing the escape game, a very enjoyable experience for them.

They have also praised the game masters who have monitored and helped them while playing the escape game, providing assistance if required, so that they had a good time.

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