Create A Fantastic Looking Wedding (5 Tips From The Pros)

Create A Fantastic Looking Wedding

Weddings are one of the most significant days in lover’s lives. From the engagement photos and making the checklists to selecting vendors and choosing your wedding dress and wedding theme, there are lots of elements that require meticulous planning until you can finally say those two magic words: “I do!”

Planning your wedding may sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming, however, these 5 pro tips can help you plan out a fantastic wedding.


Set A Budget

Weddings are expensive. And just like any other important event, you might find yourself adding additional items to your wedding list as you get closer to the date, which can’t be accommodated with your budget.

Set a budget and stick to it. Aim to never exceed the amount you’ve budgeted from day one. And if you overspend on one item, cut back on something else on your list.

Try to be flexible and prioritize must-have items and big-spend items first, such as wedding dresses in Cape Town, knowing that those need to be paid for as opposed to you wishlist of things that can get cut at any time.

Determine The Square Footage Of The Venue

Create A Fantastic Looking Wedding

This might seem too technical, however, there are a lot of venues that oversell their spaces and claim they can fit in a lot more people that are actually comfortable.

According to Allison Aronne, wedding producer at Fête New York, the general rule of thumb is having at least 10 – 15 square feet per individual for cocktails and 20 - 25  square feet per person for dinner and dancing to allow for a nice size dance floor and bar.

Speaking of venues, your wedding ceremony venue is as important as your reception space. Consider revisiting potential venues during the time and day of the week of your wedding if you can, so you can make sure that there isn’t  major traffic on the street outside, a train that roars by right as your wedding is set to begin or onlookers on the side of the venue which can be super irritating.

Go Pro With The Lights and Music

You will need to invest in lighting with a professional lighting and sound company. Music and lighting have a strong impact, not only how the room will look and sound, but also on how your guests will feel.

Skilled lighting designers will know how to manage the light in the venue to create the right ambiance and a professional DJ will know the right music to play at the right time from energetic and fun to intimate and romantic.

Plan Flowers Early

Flowers Wedding

Flowers are an important aspect of your wedding, so you will need to plan it in advance. Sandra Sigman, owner of Les Fleurs, suggests that you start looking at florists nine months to a year prior to your wedding date.

Sigan also lists some of the top picks for each season:

  • Winter: Amaryllis, ranunculus, jasmine, anemone, and hellebores
  • Fall: foliage, grasses, berries, and dahlias (through October)
  • Summergarden spray rose, lisianthus, dahlias (mid-July), and peonies (through June)
  • Spring: flowering branches, sweet pea, lilac, peonies, freesia, garden roses, and lily of the valley

Aside from rustic table centerpieces and traditional bouquets, couples can always find a way to work in some new floral trends. Recently, things like fruit greenery, oyster shells, succulents, candle-scapes and even incorporating personal items from the groom and bride are seen on weddings which could mean filling heirloom or trophies with florals. 

Book The Best Photographer

Your wedding album is how you will relive those cherished memories of your big day, so you don’t want to underestimate the importance of a skilled photographer. You will need to research carefully and find someone who understands exactly what you want.

From pre-nuptial photography to wedding videography, book the best photographer you can. Not only will your memories be flawless but they might be able to help you with awesome romantic poses that look great too.

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